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Name: Melissa
Gender: Female
Hometown: Tucson/AZ
Member since: Sun Apr 16, 2017, 01:26 PM
Number of posts: 15,930

Journal Archives

I am literally still in the highest per capita county for Covid in the worst state in the country

2 weeks ago I posted about an emergency trip to Florida to help my dad who had to be hospitalized for excruciating back pain. After 4 days at Mayo Clinic pain under control and after a week in a terrible rehab center in Jacksonville Beach he is now in a much better rehab center in his home town in Columbia County. Below is the top story in the paper of his small rural town.

Hoping to have him out of rehab by Friday and on a plane back to my home in AZ by Sunday, but time will tell.

Meantime Iíve ripped into two rehab employees that pulled down their mask to talk to dad. They were both unvaccinated. I forcefully, but pretty calmly told them I donít want them to kill my dad. They looked surprised that I said anything. I spewed facts, told them all the Fox assholes were vaccinated and thought their audience was stupid et al.

I wonít ride in the elevator in my hotel with anyone. Less than 10 percent outside the facility are masked. I was relieved that out of my many, many relatives my two favorite uncles were vaccinated so I visited them but still wore my mask. No restaurants, loaded up on a single trip to grocery store.

Cross your fingers for me, Iím living in a Petrie dish of equal parts covid and stupidity.


Wow, now this is a must watch short ad linking Joe McCarthy to Kevin McCarthy


Edited to ad link directly to video ( I think)


Forced to swim in Florida's Covid infested waters for a couple of weeks, cross your fingers.

Iím fully on board the shun and shame covidiots train. These covidiot murderers need to feel the consequences of their actions. Ideally before they die or kill someone. So Iím all in on shun and shame. Last week I shun and shamed my brother after his being unvaccinated resulted in me having to fly to Florida from AZ to care for my Dad who needed hospitalization and now this week in rehab. My brother is in easy driving distance, but since he isnít vaccinated not letting him anywhere near my dad.

This meant I left a wonderful health compromised husband for what will wind up being 2+ weeks and risking covid and then bringing it home to my husband. Iím considering quarantining at a hotel when I return to be super safe. I would likely have come anyway initially to make the major decisions for his care, but could have left after a week and leave brother to handle rehab.

Last week when this began and I made immediate plans to fly the next day, he called to ask what he could do. I told him Ďget your fucking shot if you ever want to see him again or go to his funeralí. Idiot said he would consider it.
Once I made it to Jacksonville (24hr delay due to weather in Dallas) he texted ĎI hope you get some restí. I replied ĎI can live without rest Iím concerned about getting Covid because so many idiots in Florida wonít get vaccinated and Iíll take it home and kill my husbandí. The next day he got the vaccinated.

So there are now soon to be two less covidiots on the loose in Florida (my holier than though Bible quoting (as long as it doesnít restrict him from something he wants to do) hypocritical evangelical brother took his 2nd ex-wife soon to become 4th wife after his divorce to 3rd wife becomes final) with him for shots he is still 5 weeks away from being as protected as possible so no help with this current situation. Sorry for the run on sentence, I was on a rant.

I also shamed a nurse into getting his shot. While with dad in the hospital for 4 days he had one particularly wonderful nurse. Extremely caring, professional, and efficient. He anticipated needs and took care of them before I even realized Dad needed something. I asked if he was vaccinated and he said not yet. He wasnít against the vaccine, just hadnít done it yet. He thought he may have even had covid earlier. I spoke to him like he was my son and highlighted all the new issues with the Delta Variant. I managed to be patient with him, but firm. Later that day he came in and proudly showed me the bandaid on his arm. During his lunch break he got vaccinate.

So now up to getting 3 Floridians on their way to not dying or killing someone but damn it has come at a high personal cost. Iíll be her another week or so and will keep pushing for more.

Only one in 10 or 15 people are wearing masks in hotel, drugstore or grocery store. I wear mine everywhere and only going out when essential. No restaurants, luckily my hotel room is like an efficiency apartment.

Joke all you want but Rudy...


Sometimes your wish comes true.

A day or so ago we pulled into a Pharmacy drive through. Below is the hate that we saw plastered on the vehicle in front of us. His license plate was even ANTIDEM. I told my husband I hope this asshole is here for a COVID test and not a prescription pick up.

A couple minutes later we saw him put his test kit in the COVID test box. I wanted to yell Ďwhy are you getting a COVID test, itís a hoax asshole! Husband reminded me the asshole likely had guns. That and the fact his window was rolled up convinced me to not yell.

Before the maskholes, vaxholes and trumpidiots I would never have wished illness on anyone.

Have you ever seen an eagle blink?

Thank you, kind DUer

Thank you for the heart. It really gave me a wonderful, happy feeling 💖. Hope you have a good day tomorrow!

This clip says it all about American 'Freedoms'

Iím sorry I couldnít make the video show up directly in the post. I think itís worth the bother to click on it.


Thank you 💕

Thank you for the hearts! They make me feel wonderful!

Here is how to contact Publix regarding Publix heiress' funding of the Jan 6 coup/ insurrection



With the help of far-right shock jock Alex Jones, a Trump-supporting heiress to the Publix fortune helped fund a January 6 rally in Washington, D.C., at which the president encouraged his supporters to walk to the Capitol and "fight like hell" in support of his made-up claims of election fraud, according to new reporting by the Wall Street Journal.

Sources told the newspaper that Julie Jenkins Fancelli, whose father founded Publix, contacted Jones and offered to help bankroll a pro-Trump event in D.C. on January 6. According to the Journal, Fancelli contributed about $300,000 of the total $500,000 cost of the rally on the Ellipse in President's Park behind the White ....

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