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Name: Melissa
Gender: Female
Hometown: Tucson/AZ
Member since: Sun Apr 16, 2017, 01:26 PM
Number of posts: 15,930

Journal Archives

Would the J6 committee solicit public, shocking, testimony without confirmation? I say no.

Engel had previously testified to the J6 committee. While we donít know everything he said, I donít believe the committee would have Cassidy Hutchinson testify about the attacking the Secret Service Agent without confirmation. Her testimony without that incident was still overwhelmingly powerful.


Pat Cipollone looks like a coward to me leaving the preservation of our democracy solely

on shoulders of 25 yr old staffer. From her reports, he tried to stymie TFG at every juncture. He needs to step up and confirm her testimony. Iím not suggesting she wasnít believable, but he has left her out to fight the monsters alone.

Cassidy Hutchinson, aide to Mark Meadows, will testify tomorrow per report


Here's my guess for tomorrow's hearing...he testified privately a few days ago before J6

UPDATE: Cassidy Hutchinson, aide to Mark Meadows, will testify tomorrow

Alex Holder


Shouldn't Amnesty International et al put the US on a violation watch list now?

Reproductive rights are human rights which the supreme court just denied to 165 million women.

Legitimate Go Fund Me link for Lady Ruby and Shay right here!

Understanding Lady Ruby and Shaye settled with OAN, hopefully for a lot of money, I still wanted to make a small personal donation in appreciation to them. While they also have a case against morally and soon to be financially bankrupt Rudy, I donít think they will ever collect a penny from him. They deserve a comfortable and safe life after what Dumpster and Rudy did to them and the danger they will remain in the rest of their lives. And Ďsafeí will take a whole lot of money.

Edited to clarify there is a fund for Ruby and a separate one for Shaye

Ruby: https://gofund.me/e99aa54a

Shaye: https://www.gofundme.com/f/ydvf5-a-fresh-start?qid=905ab3ff8d956b2c757788a9037611fe

This DUer needs a hand. I don't think his request got enough attention.

Because his request came while we were all obsessed (rightfully so) with the J6 hearing I am reposting. I was able to use the PayPal info he posted to safely and easily make a small donation.

If you arenít in a position to contribute would you be kind enough to kick it to make sure it gets seen by a good percent of our community.

Thank you!


I'll never hear this from my dad again.

Dad passed last August after 92 years of a good life and I spent 3 weeks with him right before he passed. He was ready with no regrets so Iím not sad so much as feeling a bit lost since Iíll never hear his reply when I call and say like I always did ĎHey Pop, itís your favorite daughterí and he would say ĎHey Janet (my sisterís name!) how are you?í with twinkle and a smile in his voice.

Why is Navarro worried about paying for his retirement?

He says he canít take $1M out of his retirement savings to pay for a lawyer. Someone needs to tell him prison is free for criminals.
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