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Celerity's Journal
Celerity's Journal
December 31, 2022

Happy New Year to all!

December 31, 2022

Aged like milk 😭


Cristiano Ronaldo’s comments from 2015 go viral again following Al-Nassr move. Ronaldo will almost certainly see out his career in the Saudi Arabian Pro League. The Portuguese footballer never wanted that to happen, though.

An interview that Ronaldo gave on the Jonathan Ross Show back in 2015 has gone viral following his transfer. Ronaldo stated that his intention was to finish his career at the ‘top level’ and said he didn’t want to finish in a country like USA or Qatar or in a city like Dubai.

Ross asked Ronaldo: “When you start moving on from this level of your career, would you go and play for an LA team or a team elsewhere?” “In my mind, I want to finish at the top level. I want to finish with dignity at a good club,” Ronaldo replied. “That doesn’t mean to go to a place like USA, Qatar or Dubai is not good, but I don’t see myself…”

Ross then interjected: “You wouldn’t want that for you…”

Ronaldo quickly replied: “No.”
December 29, 2022

Arguably the greatest football player ever, Brazil icon Pele has passed away. The news was confirmed

on social media by his daughter.

Rest in peace ❤️


Pelé in Stockholm, June 1958, for the World Cup

December 28, 2022

Everyone Relax: Hooters Is Not Shutting Down Because Of Millennial Disinterest In Boobs


Viral news Twitter account @DailyLoud likely knew it had a hit tweet on its hands when it posted the devastating news that "Hooters is shutting down and "rebranding" after new study shows that millennials "aren’t that into boobs."

The confluence of Millennials are killing… and boobs is a perfect mixture to go viral on the app. In fact, they probably knew it would go viral because Complex posted the same exact thing five years ago.

As you may have guessed by this point, the big Hooters news of the day is a hoax. The restaurant is not closing down and rebranding because Millennials don't like boobs (though the viral headline did generate some great suggestions for a Hooters rebrand).

The story, as it originally appeared in 2017, used Pornhub research to claim that Millennial audiences were less enthused about breasts, suggesting this correlates Hooters' recent struggles. In both Complex and Business Insider's articles, the writers seem to jokingly say Hooters' business model is struggling because Millennials are not into boobs, but they don't go into the myriad other reasons Hooters could struggle to attract new customers, such as many people not wanting to eat dinner with an erection.

December 28, 2022

Right-Wing Extremists Will Hate This New Government Spending

The omnibus bill included new spending for two programs that conservatives are sure to hate.


In one of their final moves before they relinquish control of the U.S. House, Democratic lawmakers made sure to do something Republicans almost certainly never would: significantly expand the federal government’s resources to prosecute Jan. 6 rioters and counter domestic extremism.

Those two goals were codified in the 4,000-plus page, $1.7 trillion year-end spending legislation, known as the omnibus bill, which President Joe Biden is set to sign after its passage by both chambers of Congress.

It specifies that federal U.S. attorneys will get a $2.63 billion overall budget, an increase of $212 million—or 9 percent—from fiscal year 2022, in order to “further support prosecutions related to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and domestic terrorism cases,” according to a House Democratic fact sheet.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, meanwhile, will get an $11.3 billion budget for the coming year. That’s an increase of $570 million, or 5 percent, from last year, which House Democrats say is “for efforts to investigate extremist violence and domestic terrorism.” The figure is also a 5 percent increase from what Biden had asked for in his own 2023 budget request to Congress.

December 28, 2022

Netanyahu government to make West Bank settlements a top priority

Source: AP Newswire via The Independent (UK)

Benjamin Netanyahu’s incoming hardline Israeli government has put West Bank settlement expansion at the top of its priority list, vowing to legalise dozens of illegally built outposts as part of its coalition deal with ultranationalist allies.

The coalition agreements, released a day before the government is to be sworn into office on Thursday, also included contentious judicial reforms, as well as generous stipends for ultra-Orthodox men who prefer to study instead of work.

The package laid the groundwork for what is expected to be a stormy beginning for the country’s most religious and right-wing government in history, potentially putting it at odds with large parts of the Israeli public, rankling Israel’s closest allies and escalating tensions with the Palestinians.

“What worries me the most is that these agreements change the democratic structure of what we know of as the state of Israel,” said Tomer Naor, chief legal officer of the Movement for Quality Government in Israel, a watchdog group. “One day we’ll all wake up and Mr Netanyahu is not going to be prime minister, but some of these changes will be irreversible.”

Read more: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/netanyahu-israel-west-bank-palestinians-b2252556.html

December 25, 2022

OAN's Christmas message: The 'brainworms' of the Enlightenment, such as the ideas that slavery was

always inherently bad and that women had rights that were not dependent on men granting them, led the world to the destructiveness of liberal ideology that is crushing us today. Oh, and Buttiegieg, aided by Bernie Sanders (wtf, lol), is forcing ungodly gay lifestyles down Christian Americans' throats.

Then ended it up by quoting Greek Pyrrhonist philosopher Sextus Empiricus (2nd century AD):

'The millstones of the gods grind slowly, but they grind fine.'

(which is polytheistic, not christian, lol)

seriously, what the fuckery?????

December 25, 2022

China's COVID-19 surge raises odds of new coronavirus mutant (37 million infections in one day)


Could the COVID-19 surge in China unleash a new coronavirus mutant on the world? Scientists don’t know but worry that might happen. It could be similar to omicron variants circulating there now. It could be a combination of strains. Or something entirely different, they say.

“China has a population that is very large and there’s limited immunity. And that seems to be the setting in which we may see an explosion of a new variant,” said Dr. Stuart Campbell Ray, an infectious disease expert at Johns Hopkins University.

Every new infection offers a chance for the coronavirus to mutate, and the virus is spreading rapidly in China. The country of 1.4 billion has largely abandoned its “zero COVID” policy. Though overall reported vaccination rates are high, booster levels are lower, especially among older people. Domestic vaccines have proven less effective against serious infection than Western-made messenger RNA versions. Many were given more than a year ago, meaning immunity has waned.

The result? Fertile ground for the virus to change. “When we’ve seen big waves of infection, it’s often followed by new variants being generated,” Ray said. Dr. Shan-Lu Liu, who studies viruses at Ohio State University, said many existing omicron variants have been detected in China, including BF.7, which is extremely adept at evading immunity and is believed to be driving the current surge.


China's COVID surge infected 37 million people in one day


December 25, 2022

Baseball, power and war - 2022's key words

Was 2022 defined by conflict, power cuts ... or a viral word game? That's what language experts around the world have been trying to decide as they nominate their words of the year.



Meaning: War. The Japanese character is pronounced differently - as "sen" or "ikusa" - depending on the word and context in which it is used

Nominated by: Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation, public poll

Why? One of the biggest news events this year was the conflict in Ukraine, but the choice also reflects tensions with North Korea as well as sporting competitions like the World Cup and Winter Olympics

Meaning: War (Russia)

Nominated by: An independent panel, headed by a Russian professor based in the US

Why? The panel's choice has special significance as the Russian government still does not call its war a war, calling it instead a "special military operation"

Meaning: Shrinkflation, when items get smaller even as price stays the same

Nominated by: The Norwegian Language Council

Why? Inflation has stretched consumers around the world, with high energy and food prices. Shrinkflation is one way retailers have responded

Meaning: The act or practice of grossly misleading someone, especially for a personal advantage. Its origins come from a 30s play where a man tries to trick his wife into believing she is insane

Nominated by: Merriam-Webster

Why? The US dictionary maker says gaslighting is a "word for our time", pointing to how the decades-old term sits with more modern forms of deception, such as fake news or deepfakery


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