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Member since: Sat Feb 22, 2020, 12:55 PM
Number of posts: 5,873

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YouTube's Science Scam Crisis


What's your favorite movie ending that's wrapped up in a bow?

For my movie dollar it doesn't get much better than the original "The Karate Kid". Daniel goes from risking further injury and a humiliating defeat to getting the trophy, the respect of his adversary, the girl, and a nod from his sensei in the span of 30 seconds (I timed it).

Does that ever really happen?

Status of TRACED Act?

The TRACED Act, signed into law in December 2019, requires the FCC to implement caller ID authentication. This is accomplished via the SHAKEN/STIR system. This doesn't prevent one from blocking their phone number, but from spoofing a different number. The only valid uses cases appear to be from law enforcement, but if caller ID spoofing is still possible outside of law enforcement it represents a serious emerging risk. That risk is the ease in which AI can synthesize an individual's voice convincingly. This combination of technologies could be used to defraud somebody very effectively.

So, is caller ID spoofing still technically possible in 2023? Are we ready to meet this threat?

I'm still waiting for Trump to peel off the mask

...and reveal himself as Andy Kaufman playing an elaborate joke on the world, 40 years in the making.

That would be something!

Of course, I just spoiled it. Sorry Andy.

This one simple unasked question would STUN Donald Trump

Kaitlan did fine, but she stuck to obvious questions that have been asked before and had scripted answers in the MAGA playbook.

I have a new question.

Let's say for the sake of discussion I grant that Team Biden bent or even broke some rules to win the 2020 election. This is actually an astounding feat when you consider the number of Republicans and independents involved in the election process as well as the level of automation, redundancy, and transparency involved. Yet somehow every smoking gun was concealed from Fox News, who failed to conclusively break what would have been the biggest story is US political history. They also outfoxed and outmaneuvered the incumbent Team Trump at every turn, who had all the same opportunities to play dirty and more.

So, the question is: shouldn't I vote for Biden considering he found more ways to succeed and produce results in this complicated political arena than Trump?

Choose! Choose the form of the destructor!

If you only have three options, which do you choose?

Big MAGA Half-Pound* Burger Recipe

This one should be a real crowd pleaser, especially at those awkward right-leaning family get-togethers!

- 2 pounds of 'Murican beef (non-free-range/non-grass-fed/non-woke)
- Cheese (also 'Murican!)
- Rolls (plain, none of those hippy poppy seeds)
- Red onions
- Wood chips for smoking (hickory, none of that Mexican-sounding mesquite)

1) Start by getting all your ingredients together
2) Get distracted by other non-priority issues long enough that the beef expires
3) Bleach the meat and put it under UV light
4) Start the chips smoking
5) Form 6-8 patties
6) Grill the patties
7) You might want to grill them a bit longer, add the cheese
8) Build the burgers up starting with the top layer and trickling down to the bottom
9) Chow time!

* Final weight might be less than 8 ounces due to processing

So I was perusing composting bins on Amazon

I think 40 gallons or so would be all I need. There are two that seem to fit the bill:


$62, not too bad.

Here is a seemingly similar one:


It is a bit more spendy at $1765 (or pay $147.08/month for a brisk 12 months).

This isn't an obvious mistake, there are a whole bunch of these over $1000.

So, what's up with that Amazon? Do you dispatch gnomes to my garden every night to rotate and fill it for me?

They they them blah blah they they the left blah blah they they deep state blah blah they they them!

That used to be what Fox sounded like to me when I channel surfed by. I no longer even have that channel.

I can serve up that conspiratorial hash and word salad for Tucker Carlson money. Fox, call me!

Heaven's Gate: The Cult of Cults

Anybody watching this on CNN? The finale is tomorrow, and we all know how it ends tragically.

The bit about castration was new to me. Wow.

It really wasn't a coercive situation where recruits were leveraged or brainwashed into accepting their beliefs. If anything, the opposite was true. Their numbers dwindled since their start in the 70's and they were not aggressively recruiting. They thinned their ranks down to the true believers.

The death of TI was very impactful. DO assumed full totalitarian control of the group, and he seemed to slowly go off the rails without her stabilizing influence.
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