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Post removed [View all] Post removed May 2018 OP
Why post crap like this? Botany May 2018 #1
Why attack me? Cary May 2018 #3
To make DU look less relevant . bahrbearian May 2018 #8
I agree. It is this type of posting that the other side uses against us. bitterross May 2018 #56
Grab a mirror and take a good look. nt Xipe Totec May 2018 #2
I hit a nerve, apparrently. Cary May 2018 #6
I wasn't aware of it because I don't have much to do with Facebook The Velveteen Ocelot May 2018 #4
Where is this happening? n/t leftstreet May 2018 #5
Repent, all ye opponents of Hillary! BeyondGeography May 2018 #7
Isn't pope Francis supposed to approve saint hood? dembotoz May 2018 #9
Practically everyone here voted for her in the GE BeyondGeography May 2018 #40
Yes we all fell into line and worked and voted for her dembotoz May 2018 #60
I wasn't used. I preferred Bernie in the primary in 2016, voted Hillary. Autumn May 2018 #10
Same here. I wasn't used. I had legitimate, considered reasons The Velveteen Ocelot May 2018 #14
I'm smart enough to know when I'm being fed bullshit so social media means nothing. Autumn May 2018 #15
100% agree with you. safeinOhio May 2018 #16
2016 rests on the backs of two campaigns, Donald Trump and Hillary Clintons. Autumn May 2018 #19
You can't change the facts to fit a preferred R B Garr May 2018 #20
Reality is Hillary won the popular vote and Trump won the EC. Thats reality Autumn May 2018 #24
Despite coordinated attacks against her. You know what was R B Garr May 2018 #30
In a heartbeat is right... you SHOULD be proud! Also, in voting for Hillary InAbLuEsTaTe May 2018 #48
WTF? pangaia May 2018 #11
Where is the option-I wasn't asked to do this ornotna May 2018 #12
Don't take offense, but I find you choice of choices offensive Tom Rinaldo May 2018 #13
That wasn't my question. Cary May 2018 #21
I don't understand why this is controversial. I opted for Hillary fairly early, but I will Squinch May 2018 #50
The OP is divisive BS. PufPuf23 May 2018 #17
I disagree Cary May 2018 #25
So is good spelling. PufPuf23 May 2018 #31
Why are you so defensive? Cary May 2018 #33
You inadvertently (I think) coined a new, quite perfect word. rzemanfl May 2018 #57
It was inadvertent. Feel free to use with my blessing. Cary May 2018 #59
There is no criticism of Sanders in the OP. There is acknowledgment of the fact - proven Squinch May 2018 #49
This is the question/issue of our time. R B Garr May 2018 #18
I thinks so too Cary May 2018 #32
And the responses are interesting and discouraging. This will happen again, and the same people Squinch May 2018 #42
This is my 1st post here. Raysawesome34 May 2018 #22
How do you come to label me a centrist? Cary May 2018 #29
Who are "all you centrists?" Who are you speaking to here? Squinch May 2018 #43
Your first post is full of contradictions and complete fallacies. R B Garr May 2018 #45
For amusement purposes, I just went back to a few primary threads ismnotwasm May 2018 #23
It doesn't take much Cary May 2018 #26
Well, all I can say is that HA Goodman didn't influence my opinion The Velveteen Ocelot May 2018 #28
Good for you! ismnotwasm May 2018 #37
RT was a very respected source here for a while there. Squinch May 2018 #46
Many of us saw from the beginning that Sanders' candidacy was being weaponized by the right stevenleser May 2018 #27
But what do we do going forward? Cary May 2018 #35
I know I fact check everything now ismnotwasm May 2018 #39
False info, divide and conquer, smears, fake protests are all status quo - its expected. aikoaiko May 2018 #34
Thank you for addressing the issue Cary May 2018 #36
You're welcome. aikoaiko May 2018 #52
I was never anti Sanders Cary May 2018 #54
It's been 19 months since the election - at some point, we're going to have to close the book on it Midwestern Democrat May 2018 #38
Yeah, let's not discuss things that are in the news. Cary May 2018 #44
As a Clinton supporter, I have no idea what you're talking about. brooklynite May 2018 #41
What does being a Hillary Clinton supporter have to do with it? Cary May 2018 #47
Post removed Post removed May 2018 #51
What do you see as weaknesses? ismnotwasm May 2018 #53
Is your narrative relevant to my question? Cary May 2018 #58
This post violates the D/U TOS. sarcasmo May 2018 #55
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