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Sun Nov 18, 2018, 11:54 AM Nov 2018

What's everybody's favorite Thanksgiving food? [View all]

I love stuffing because I only get it about 2-3 times a year and always between Thanksgiving and New Years Day

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Mash potato
3 (6%)
0 (0%)
2 (4%)
2 (4%)
sweet potato
2 (4%)
31 (58%)
pumpkin pie
5 (9%)
vegetable dish
0 (0%)
other meat
1 (2%)
other (name it)
7 (13%)
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Love combos of some of the above renegade000 Nov 2018 #1
To me turkey is the star. My youngest sister cooks the absolutely best turkey. nt Blue_true Nov 2018 #3
Mashed potatoes and vinegar underpants Nov 2018 #8
Or sour cream and horseradish dameatball Nov 2018 #9
A splash of malt vinegar works on roasted Codeine Nov 2018 #32
I just had that on my fries the other night eleny Nov 2018 #48
I love fries with vinegar on them. smirkymonkey Nov 2018 #53
That's fascinating. How do you fix them?!? catbyte Nov 2018 #79
I douse potatoes in ACV before making potato salad sarah FAILIN Nov 2018 #120
Rutabaga!! old guy Nov 2018 #2
I used to hate those as a kid, still do. But very impressive Veg nutrition wise. nt Blue_true Nov 2018 #4
I never tried rutabagas until I finally grew some in the garden. Not bad. dameatball Nov 2018 #10
I love rutabagas! GoCubsGo Nov 2018 #20
My mother used to make mashed rutabaga... llmart Nov 2018 #38
Mashed is the way we have them also. old guy Nov 2018 #40
I love raw rutabaga Kaleva Nov 2018 #51
I don't have a favorite Thanksgiving food since it's just another day for me. elocs Nov 2018 #5
Wild Wild Rice shanny Nov 2018 #6
Vodka and peanut butter in the shed underpants Nov 2018 #7
What, no gravy...... Little Star Nov 2018 #11
There used to be a Loonie Tunes character who always said that! Poiuyt Nov 2018 #24
It's a dangerous choice rpannier Nov 2018 #78
Tofurkey! MountCleaners Nov 2018 #12
Ever try Field Roast's Celebration Roast? JudyM Nov 2018 #17
Yeah, that's good too MountCleaners Nov 2018 #29
That's good. My go-to: hickory smoked tofurkey slices ... JudyM Nov 2018 #37
Oh hell yeah. Codeine Nov 2018 #46
The Tofurkey stuffing is kinda meh. Codeine Nov 2018 #25
Maybe I'll do that, too MountCleaners Nov 2018 #64
sweet potato pie. JHan Nov 2018 #13
Gravy. sagesnow Nov 2018 #14
Green bean casserole Joe941 Nov 2018 #15
This is a good choice! jcgoldie Nov 2018 #22
Field Roast's Celebration Roast JudyM Nov 2018 #16
Those are so good I eat them year-round. Codeine Nov 2018 #26
Never had Trader Joe's, will look for that! The Gardein roast is good too. JudyM Nov 2018 #31
Just give me the damn bowl of stuffing and leave me alone. GoCubsGo Nov 2018 #18
i make a good cornbread stuffing. Maybe I should try your menu. demigoddess Nov 2018 #42
Stuffing!!!! logosoco Nov 2018 #19
Isn't sweet potatoes and yams pretty much redundant? jcgoldie Nov 2018 #21
Sweet potatoes and yams aren't the same. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2018 #34
My in laws call sweet potato yams LeftInTX Nov 2018 #143
We're having baby back ribs with sweet potato pie and green bean casserole. panader0 Nov 2018 #23
Miso maple sweet potatoes. Codeine Nov 2018 #27
Bacon wrapped turkey Armymedic88 Nov 2018 #28
Real wild rice. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2018 #30
Turnips empedocles Nov 2018 #33
Stuffing of course Freddie Nov 2018 #35
HAS to be Hellmann's! No substitutes! Totally Tunsie Nov 2018 #43
Totally agree with that! smirkymonkey Nov 2018 #54
Miracle Whip is like plastic marshmallow mayonnaise. It's NASTY! Totally Tunsie Nov 2018 #62
And none of that "diet" or "low fat" crap Freddie Nov 2018 #56
All emulsified egg is disgusting Drahthaardogs Nov 2018 #59
Duke's mayo unc70 Nov 2018 #71
I've just recently heard of Duke's, but haven't seen or tried it yet. Totally Tunsie Nov 2018 #75
Dukes!! Dave in VA Nov 2018 #87
Hellmanns is pretty good. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #86
Agreed on the Kraft also. Totally Tunsie Nov 2018 #90
1/4 Cajun. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #107
"Laissez le bon temps rollez." Totally Tunsie Nov 2018 #111
Kraft mayo is awful Freddie Nov 2018 #112
Cornbread dressing with d_r Nov 2018 #36
Turkey gravy on dressing, mashed potatoes, and turkey resting Ilsa Nov 2018 #39
Almost all of the above + GRAVY!!! - NO GIBLETS!! 2naSalit Nov 2018 #41
I don't particularly care for turkey NastyRiffraff Nov 2018 #44
Dressing! shanti Nov 2018 #45
freeze some d_r Nov 2018 #69
Macaroni and cheese. qwlauren35 Nov 2018 #47
Nope...white as snow, and I'll eat mac and cheese anytime! Totally Tunsie Nov 2018 #65
Not just. Mac & Cheese irisblue Nov 2018 #72
Stuffing with gravy - yum! Equinox Moon Nov 2018 #49
Stuffing baked inside the turkey eleny Nov 2018 #50
Absolutely baked inside. It's perfectly safe when cooked correctly and makes all the Totally Tunsie Nov 2018 #68
Lol! They probably think you put in the giblets eleny Nov 2018 #100
They wouldn't accept the giblets either. Guess they think the mushrooms are part of Totally Tunsie Nov 2018 #109
The crust?! eleny Nov 2018 #114
The kid will never know how many mushrooms he ate in his life. Totally Tunsie Nov 2018 #119
My kids ate some spring rolls once a while back. Codeine Nov 2018 #123
My husband doesn't get the point of mushrooms eleny Nov 2018 #139
We have a friend who hates onions. Codeine Nov 2018 #121
Steamed Blue Crabs! JoeOtterbein Nov 2018 #52
Mashed potatoes hands down! smirkymonkey Nov 2018 #55
Yes to basic mashed potatoes Freddie Nov 2018 #57
Yes! I do refried mashed potatoes as well! smirkymonkey Nov 2018 #73
I do that with leftover roast potatoes. Codeine Nov 2018 #124
Mushy stuffing is the worst. Codeine Nov 2018 #66
Yes, definitely! nt Raine Nov 2018 #137
My Greene Beanie Cassarole...... ProudMNDemocrat Nov 2018 #58
Cranberries. Doreen Nov 2018 #60
Why do people buy the canned? Codeine Nov 2018 #67
I know...right? Simple as can be. Totally Tunsie Nov 2018 #70
I know! It's so easy and good! smirkymonkey Nov 2018 #74
I actually like the canned glob 912gdm Nov 2018 #98
I also love just plain mashed butternut squash with a little butter and smirkymonkey Nov 2018 #76
Voted for Cranberries myself... Dave in VA Nov 2018 #96
like listening to Christmas music, it seems stuffing belongs to one season Demovictory9 Nov 2018 #61
Collards JustAnotherGen Nov 2018 #63
I went with pumpkin pie rpannier Nov 2018 #77
oh noes , they are asking me to choose!!!!! all of it . AllaN01Bear Nov 2018 #80
Scalloped Oysters, yum!... WePurrsevere Nov 2018 #81
I went with stuffing, but my absolute favorite was my late dad's turkey. catbyte Nov 2018 #82
That's what my Grandma did Freddie Nov 2018 #116
My grandmother's homemade bread. Cartoonist Nov 2018 #83
Craig's Thanksgiving Dinner jberryhill Nov 2018 #84
Ummmmm ? LOL Totally Tunsie Nov 2018 #94
thats so vile I am tempted to buy one as a gag gift... 912gdm Nov 2018 #99
. Squinch Nov 2018 #135
America ain't the Home of the Brave for nothing, kiddo jberryhill Nov 2018 #136
Either the potato salad or the chocolate pie. NightWatcher Nov 2018 #85
The sandwich you make the day after with all the leftovers NotASurfer Nov 2018 #88
I put leftovers and make a pie potato, stuffing cranberry turkey the whole thing FloridaBlues Nov 2018 #126
Oysters on the half shell. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #89
Best meal I was ever served: Filet mignon, steamed Brussels sprouts, oyster on a half shell chaser. Iggo Nov 2018 #93
Filet mignon. (n/t) Iggo Nov 2018 #91
I prefer red meat over Turkey too on Thanksgiving. nt Quixote1818 Nov 2018 #117
Way less work. Way better payoff. Iggo Nov 2018 #122
Well made Mac 'n Cheese HopeAgain Nov 2018 #92
Thanksgiving is the best holiday. Totally Tunsie Nov 2018 #95
Yup shanti Nov 2018 #118
2 Xanax & a glass of water. VOX Nov 2018 #97
Pecan pie. NurseJackie Nov 2018 #101
What kind of list is this???!!!!! Afromania Nov 2018 #102
Mashed Potatoes PoorMonger Nov 2018 #103
Honestly though. PoorMonger Nov 2018 #104
Stuffing with gravy on it. Ohiogal Nov 2018 #105
Green Bean Casserole bitterross Nov 2018 #106
Mincemeat pie! lastlib Nov 2018 #108
There is a mincemeat in a jar that you can make a really nice pie from. I don't remember Squinch Nov 2018 #134
Cranberry orange relish--mmmm! Liberty Belle Nov 2018 #110
Cabbage rolls Runningdawg Nov 2018 #113
Jalapeno Poppers nt Quixote1818 Nov 2018 #115
Anything cooked by someone else. LibDemAlways Nov 2018 #125
My mom's gravy. She used to add a bit of chicken bouillon to it. It was applegrove Nov 2018 #127
Acorn Squash GP6971 Nov 2018 #128
Leftovers! struggle4progress Nov 2018 #129
Wild Turkey Sneederbunk Nov 2018 #130
Corn Pudding. Golden Raisin Nov 2018 #131
I make a lentil, mushroomy shepherd's pie. femmedem Nov 2018 #132
Plum pudding with hard sauce, mulled wine. Squinch Nov 2018 #133
Special K Loaf Tiggeroshii Nov 2018 #138
All the pies. Glimmer of Hope Nov 2018 #140
Turkey and stuffng!!!! Adrahil Nov 2018 #141
Nobody picked Brussels Sprouts? brooklynite Nov 2018 #142
Thanksgiving isn't complete without them Codeine Nov 2018 #148
You left off macaroni and cheese! ecstatic Nov 2018 #144
Alka-Seltzer LeftInTX Nov 2018 #145
Just remember.... Bantamfancier Nov 2018 #146
once when we were much younger, we cooked one of the bags into the turkey gopiscrap Nov 2018 #147
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