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28. I've been wondering if the pro police groups aren't forcing this one term to stereotype
Fri Jun 12, 2020, 07:49 PM
Jun 2020

anyone against police brutality.

Almost everyone I've talked to aren't interesting in "defunding" or abolishing the police. We all seem to be interesting in reforming those departments who have constantly had problems dealing with minorities or others not of the right class.

Great toons! Hard-hitting, graphic, TRUE. CaliforniaPeggy Jun 2020 #1
Great! Maxheader Jun 2020 #2
Yay! Toons! planetc Jun 2020 #3
k&R kentuck Jun 2020 #4
There's another significance to June 14th FakeNoose Jun 2020 #5
I'm not on any social media, but soldierant Jun 2020 #37
Yep - it'll drive Voldemort nuts FakeNoose Jun 2020 #39
Thank you for the cartoons Gothmog Jun 2020 #6
Thanks for the Friday TOONS steventh Jun 2020 #7
Defund and Disband Inspector Generals. Good one. oasis Jun 2020 #8
K & R...nt Wounded Bear Jun 2020 #9
Some great ones today. K&R SoonerPride Jun 2020 #10
ABF -- Always Be Filming. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 2020 #11
Kicktoons Hekate Jun 2020 #12
As a lifetime fan of Dr. Seuss I really like the "I AM BLM" panel... abqtommy Jun 2020 #13
Kick-ass set! Thanks! TheBlackAdder Jun 2020 #14
Thank you! 2naSalit Jun 2020 #15
Thank you. murielm99 Jun 2020 #16
Trump is a cartoonist's dream, isn't he? SergeStorms Jun 2020 #17
From what I've seen, they'll enjoy finally having some time to breathe JHB Jun 2020 #24
A cartoon for everything... SergeStorms Jun 2020 #35
Thanks, JHB! K&R crickets Jun 2020 #18
K&R smirkymonkey Jun 2020 #19
I know the order you present these toons is totally random... but I always look at the last ones for erronis Jun 2020 #20
You're mistaken on that. It's not totally random. JHB Jun 2020 #25
You do a wonderful job and a great service!!! scarletwoman Jun 2020 #26
I actually knew you exercised your editorial perogatives. And I applaud how these are put together erronis Jun 2020 #27
Geez, it really is *years* (plural) isn't it? JHB Jun 2020 #31
Was that link only May of 2018? It seems like historical centuries have passed since those toons. erronis Jun 2020 #32
They used to talk about how the presidency aged the office holder... JHB Jun 2020 #33
Thank you...wish GOP could have to see them! Karadeniz Jun 2020 #21
Too true LiberalLovinLug Jun 2020 #22
I've been wondering if the pro police groups aren't forcing this one term to stereotype erronis Jun 2020 #28
Great toons! Nitram Jun 2020 #23
K&R. That parody of "Sam I Am" is brilliant. nt tblue37 Jun 2020 #29
Thank You for posting...K and R Stuart G Jun 2020 #30
They just keep on getting better! marble falls Jun 2020 #34
Regarding George Orwell ... marble falls Jun 2020 #36
Kick burrowowl Jun 2020 #38
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