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Tue Mar 30, 2021, 01:20 PM Mar 2021

Where did you receive your Covid vaccination shot? [View all]

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Okay, sure... "in your arm"... right! Hardy-har-har!

I guess a more precise question would be: "In what type of setting did you receive your Covid vaccination shot?"

186 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
43 (23%)
Doctor's Office
4 (2%)
23 (12%)
26 (14%)
Walk-in Mass-Vaccination Site (repurposed: store/gym/community-center, etc)
51 (27%)
Drive-through Mass-Vaccination Site
28 (15%)
Senior Living / Assisted Living / Nursing Home Facility
1 (1%)
At work.
7 (4%)
On base / on board ship.
1 (1%)
Other military setting.
2 (1%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I had my pants half way down... Hugin Mar 2021 #1
Could You Get the Vaccine Injected in Your Butt? NurseJackie Mar 2021 #5
What can I say? Hugin Mar 2021 #22
I left mine on for 24 hours. NurseJackie Mar 2021 #86
I'm considering getting mine bronzed... Hugin Mar 2021 #109
I thought about putting it mine in a scrapbook... NurseJackie Mar 2021 #110
Yeah, that will store and display better over time... Hugin Mar 2021 #113
When I was in post surgery... mbusby Mar 2021 #28
We're the arrows necessary for... ret5hd Mar 2021 #20
I'm glad I didn't get the bullseye tattoo I was considering... Hugin Mar 2021 #26
My husband and I are members of a hospital group. CaliforniaPeggy Mar 2021 #2
Getting mine on Thursday Beaverhausen Mar 2021 #3
I was hoping to avoid getting my shot in my left (dominant) arm... NurseJackie Mar 2021 #18
Nowhere. We live in Germany DFW Mar 2021 #4
Sorry. NurseJackie Mar 2021 #9
No supply here at all. DFW Mar 2021 #33
I wish piddyprints Mar 2021 #10
I wish, too! DFW Mar 2021 #25
Good luck! piddyprints Mar 2021 #27
We'd have no problem showing our ID DFW Mar 2021 #37
Yeah, but I was thinking ... piddyprints Mar 2021 #42
Each time my wife had a baby here DFW Mar 2021 #46
I hope you can find a place that gives the Johnson & Johnson brand. JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2021 #57
We'll be looking, believe me DFW Mar 2021 #65
you can get it here I'm sure. barbtries Mar 2021 #107
Where are you? DFW Mar 2021 #112
I'm in NC. barbtries Mar 2021 #115
How is the vaccine distribution in Europe? csziggy Mar 2021 #31
There is hardly any to distribute! DFW Mar 2021 #38
Unfortunately, I am not direct contact with her csziggy Mar 2021 #43
A friend of mine used to jump into dangerous situations like that DFW Mar 2021 #52
Those people are the best! They are the ones who should be leading the world, not ornage mango types csziggy Mar 2021 #58
Well, there certainly is precedent for THAT!! DFW Mar 2021 #63
I'll have to tell her your daughter's story! csziggy Mar 2021 #116
Adrian used to tell people DFW Mar 2021 #132
Mass vaccination site run by the national guard MissB Mar 2021 #6
Our local FEMA/National Guard center was run well also. NurseJackie Mar 2021 #11
Same here. piddyprints Mar 2021 #13
Same BornADemocrat Mar 2021 #84
Same here sarge43 Mar 2021 #95
I have had both Moderna shots polmaven Mar 2021 #7
In a hospital. Organized and friendly. Polly Hennessey Mar 2021 #8
Waiting, waiting, waiting Throck Mar 2021 #12
You might try popping in to various grocery pharmacies in person during the day-- Wingus Dingus Mar 2021 #23
Great idea. I knew a few people who have scored this way. Throck Mar 2021 #55
Wally World pharmacy. Wingus Dingus Mar 2021 #14
Fort Sill clinic Hawker123 Mar 2021 #15
Your joke made me laugh! PJMcK Mar 2021 #16
State government headquarters HipChick Mar 2021 #17
My sister found out about a teaching site arlyellowdog Mar 2021 #19
Werner Medical Center in Columbus. luvs2sing Mar 2021 #21
1st one at a drive thru, 2nd thru a walk thru. My 2nd was canceled & rescheduled AnotherMother4Peace Mar 2021 #24
Walgreens pharmacy Chautauquas Mar 2021 #29
Got my first Moderna shot yesterday at CVS. beaglelover Mar 2021 #30
My status (fully vaccinated) is on my chart already central scrutinizer Mar 2021 #32
Mine was given by a hospital group. Pugee Mar 2021 #34
Sam's Club Pharmacy lpbk2713 Mar 2021 #35
By appointment only, or just as a walk-in? NurseJackie Mar 2021 #47
I got an appt on my second visit to their website. lpbk2713 Mar 2021 #62
In one of the gyms at the local university. GoCubsGo Mar 2021 #36
Mine was pretty normative, at the hospital ... but frazzled Mar 2021 #39
Disney World here in FL should do that. CaptainTruth Mar 2021 #60
Well, it wasn't inside frazzled Mar 2021 #64
At a nearby CVS Leith Mar 2021 #40
nowhere, not allowed to get it. probably will be months Amishman Mar 2021 #41
I hope Joe Biden's goals are met... if so, everyone who wants a vaccine... NurseJackie Mar 2021 #51
Honestly, doesn't bother me much. Amishman Mar 2021 #66
Gillette Stadium mass vax site. Tracer Mar 2021 #44
Walk in mass vaccination site run by the county health dept at a mall. ornotna Mar 2021 #45
First one inside the hospital, and the second one frogmarch Mar 2021 #48
County health department clinic. CaptainTruth Mar 2021 #49
Outstanding! NurseJackie Mar 2021 #54
I figured we would have to go to different locations on different dates too. CaptainTruth Mar 2021 #139
Got my first one there and multigraincracker Mar 2021 #99
Sort of a doctor's office converted to a clinic Maeve Mar 2021 #50
UNLV Student Union BayAreaAtLast Mar 2021 #53
Sometime in the future Bettie Mar 2021 #56
The pharmacy last week. Got the Bill Gates-George Soros Moderna version with the chip Elwood P Dowd Mar 2021 #59
Mass vaccination site in Seattle... SeattleVet Mar 2021 #61
At a private clinic run by my employer xmas74 Mar 2021 #67
Wifey and I just got our first variant tweaked Moderna trial vaccine shots 8 hours ago. So far all Celerity Mar 2021 #68
At a pfizer pod Meowmee Mar 2021 #69
mass vaccination site at local university. Demovictory9 Mar 2021 #70
In our high school gymnasium Brother Buzz Mar 2021 #71
Find out what they drive... NurseJackie Mar 2021 #75
Our Veterans Administration. pwb Mar 2021 #72
That's fantastic!! NurseJackie Mar 2021 #74
Pediatric doctors office Tree Lady Mar 2021 #73
County health/hospital team tapper Mar 2021 #76
Maybe I will draw a bullseye on my arm for the second one. twodogsbarking Mar 2021 #77
Bucks Community College bill Mar 2021 #78
I got mine in a county park. It took about 45 minutes total. iscooterliberally Mar 2021 #79
Mine and spouse's are at in Manatee County, FL, public health building's drive-in mass vaccination ancianita Mar 2021 #80
Mass Walk-In Site ProfessorGAC Mar 2021 #81
in the right shoulder and at a drive thru clinic. get my next one on the 13 of this month AllaN01Bear Mar 2021 #82
Got my second today 😀 ybbor Mar 2021 #83
In a High School Gym. But it wasn't a "mass vaccination site" just a DoH temporary site. n/t TygrBright Mar 2021 #85
I got mine at the Claremore Indian Hospital. yellerpup Mar 2021 #87
Fantastic news! NurseJackie Mar 2021 #88
I meant to include that in my post! yellerpup Mar 2021 #98
That makes me happy! NurseJackie Mar 2021 #101
I am thankful and humbled by the care they provide. yellerpup Mar 2021 #121
County-organized site. Walk-in but must have timed appointment. Nt spooky3 Mar 2021 #89
At the County Department of Health building mnhtnbb Mar 2021 #90
At the gymnasium attached to the Bouches du Rhone fire service in Coudoux. GoneOffShore Mar 2021 #91
Had my first Moderna shot last Tuesday lunatica Mar 2021 #92
Other: In an office. SergeStorms Mar 2021 #93
county health dept. by appointment. n/t Marcus Pullarius Mar 2021 #94
Might be interesting to include haven't got it yet. Treefrog Mar 2021 #96
at work, on site - paid for by work OriginalGeek Mar 2021 #97
I wouldn't know which one to vote for ... aggiesal Mar 2021 #100
Interesting! I had not yet heard of a dual service mass-vaccination site... NurseJackie Mar 2021 #103
So which should I vote for? n/t aggiesal Mar 2021 #123
I'd choose the "walk in" option, since that's the service you received. NurseJackie Mar 2021 #125
Our excellent county health department Wild blueberry Mar 2021 #102
Walgreens Lasher Mar 2021 #104
i passed. barbtries Mar 2021 #105
I should have added an "on campus" option... but it's too late now. NurseJackie Mar 2021 #106
County health department with set up timed appointment. Biophilic Mar 2021 #108
SCHEDULED Mass Vaccination Site with Ilsa Mar 2021 #111
Not sure if mine was technically a "walk-in mass vac. site", as I was required to schedule bullwinkle428 Mar 2021 #114
Got mine at a church.. "mass" walk-in. honest.abe Mar 2021 #117
I didn't think to add "house of worship" to my poll... sorry. NurseJackie Mar 2021 #118
FEMA site in Orlando. Second one this morning! GulfCoast66 Mar 2021 #119
Congratulations! NurseJackie Mar 2021 #120
Thank you. Even better the wife got the J&J over 2 weeks ago. GulfCoast66 Mar 2021 #122
My sister received her Pfizer shots in a memory-care/nursing home setting. NurseJackie Mar 2021 #124
Yep, got mine at the Seattle VA Hospital... Wounded Bear Mar 2021 #126
That makes the most sense to me too. That's the one I'd have chosen. NurseJackie Mar 2021 #128
Walgreens krispos42 Mar 2021 #127
Isn't that always the way? NurseJackie Mar 2021 #129
Our doctor works with a large medical office (30-40 doctors in the building) I got my shot there.... George II Mar 2021 #130
Local tri-county health department ga_girl Mar 2021 #131
Minute Maid park in Houston LetMyPeopleVote Mar 2021 #133
Let me put it this way whistler162 Mar 2021 #134
I loved that! NurseJackie Mar 2021 #135
From a dart, shot at me by government agents. Buckeye_Democrat Mar 2021 #136
Haaaa! (That's a good idea!) NurseJackie Mar 2021 #137
Former public library Shrek Mar 2021 #138
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