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Fri Jan 7, 2022, 04:14 PM Jan 2022

Should the US Senate remain as it is? [View all]

Just curious. Until 1913, all senators were not elected, but appointed by their state legislatures. Regardless of population, each state is given 2 senators which ends up overstating the representation of less populous states, and understating the representation of more populous sates. This is in contrast with the house of representatives, where decennial reapporitionment and redistricting nearly guarantees a slightly more proportional representation of their constituents. My question is: Should the US Senate be changed, and how?



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The Senate works fine as it is and should remain as it is.
9 (26%)
End bicameralism. The Senate should be abolished and the House of Reps should be the sole legislative house.
3 (9%)
The Senate should be reformed to be more representative of the populations they represent.
22 (65%)
Something else.
0 (0%)
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Envision what you want; the Senate won't be changed. brooklynite Jan 2022 #1
It would clearly be an uphill battle. But I imagine not impossible. ColinC Jan 2022 #3
How exactly would it be possible. onenote Jan 2022 #5
Because it is the right thing to do. ColinC Jan 2022 #7
They don't even support making it fair for every eligible voter to vote JI7 Jan 2022 #14
Not the current ones, no. ColinC Jan 2022 #15
Why is it the right thing to do? brooklynite Jan 2022 #17
Because it is undemocratic. ColinC Jan 2022 #19
"Because it is the right thing to do" Polybius Jan 2022 #51
Well that's funny. ColinC Jan 2022 #53
The Electoral College was a compromise though Polybius Jan 2022 #55
So was the senate. From the late John Dingell. ColinC Jan 2022 #56
So which would you support? Polybius Jan 2022 #58
I actually don't think we should abolish it. But am sympathetic to arguments for doing so ColinC Jan 2022 #60
Reading further with Dingell's proposal is this: ColinC Jan 2022 #66
Hmm, that would add 100 people to the House Polybius Jan 2022 #67
Which begs the question ColinC Jan 2022 #69
It certainly will if there is a dissolution of the union of the States, with the Senate itself being Celerity Jan 2022 #37
That won't happen either. brooklynite Jan 2022 #40
It most certainly could. nt Celerity Jan 2022 #42
This is not the 1800s... brooklynite Jan 2022 #44
yes the senate should be reformed . AllaN01Bear Jan 2022 #2
Not going to happen. Period. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #4
The Senate representation sarisataka Jan 2022 #6
Well 38 states are needed. ColinC Jan 2022 #8
It would require all 50 states to agree DetroitLegalBeagle Jan 2022 #16
Thanks! I didn't know that. ColinC Jan 2022 #18
Yes, but there's one other way around it (although equally unlikely) Polybius Jan 2022 #54
Given the extreme difficulty of amending the Constitution, MineralMan Jan 2022 #9
I think it's good to think about still. Even if nothing changes. ColinC Jan 2022 #10
I think it is better to think about things that can actually happen. MineralMan Jan 2022 #11
If we don't think about it, it cannot happen. ColinC Jan 2022 #12
Well, OK, then. MineralMan Jan 2022 #13
It's always good to have open discussions - go read your Franklin and Washington dwayneb Jan 2022 #82
The Senate is NOT unrepresentative! forthemiddle Jan 2022 #39
I disagree Johonny Jan 2022 #31
Given that it is quite likely that this republic Voltaire2 Jan 2022 #34
I prefer to consider things that can actually be accomplished now to MineralMan Jan 2022 #35
I just don't see why we can't do both ColinC Jan 2022 #48
But, you see, we are not doing both, neither as individuals, nor MineralMan Jan 2022 #49
Well that isn't true at all. ColinC Jan 2022 #52
Talk, talk and more talk. There is no way to do it. The filibuster is not going anywhere... Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #74
The fillibuster only needs two more senate votes. ColinC Jan 2022 #76
You are assuming that all other Democrats are on board...not sure if that is true...in any case Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #77
If we don't, then Republicans will likely be first to end the fillibuster ColinC Jan 2022 #80
And? If the votes are not there the votes are not there. Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #83
Being 90% of the way there and being impossible are two completely things. ColinC Jan 2022 #85
As we speak the votes are not there...and I can't see where they come from. Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #87
Changing the electoral college requires a constitutional amendment...and that is not possible. Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #84
Not true. The EC compact only requires a majority of electoral votes to sign on ColinC Jan 2022 #86
The EC compact won't pass a court challange in my view. And even if it did...any state could Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #88
That is still speculation that the current rules won't stand. ColinC Jan 2022 #89
Add some states. 2naSalit Jan 2022 #20
That would definitely help! ColinC Jan 2022 #22
It would still be unfair maxsolomon Jan 2022 #24
And/or combine some. Gidney N Cloyd Jan 2022 #32
This! A HERETIC I AM Jan 2022 #61
Mixed member proportional meadowlander Jan 2022 #21
Interesting!! ColinC Jan 2022 #23
Unrealistic to push a change to the makeup of the Senate... Wounded Bear Jan 2022 #25
Giving each state equal representation I. The Senate... Hangingon Jan 2022 #26
I thought in a democracy the majority should rule ColinC Jan 2022 #28
And I counter with: protect against the tyranny of the majority. brooklynite Jan 2022 #41
And the tyranny of the minority is better? ColinC Jan 2022 #47
No an offsetting force. Hangingon Jan 2022 #70
? ColinC Jan 2022 #71
As I expected, there is no possibility of compromiseˇ Hangingon Jan 2022 #78
I like to see our US Territories get statehood. Emile Jan 2022 #27
No, it was specifically set up to have 2 Houses. One by population and one by states. marie999 Jan 2022 #29
It's an incredibly tall order no matter how you stack it. ColinC Jan 2022 #30
The Senate should be rendered irrelevant. Voltaire2 Jan 2022 #33
If we didn't have the Senate, then Democrats would have controlled congress for only brooklynite Jan 2022 #65
end it... myohmy2 Jan 2022 #36
Which is easier, amending the Constitution or convincing people to vote for Dems? In It to Win It Jan 2022 #38
The question is MOOT jcgoldie Jan 2022 #43
The senate is ok the way it is, except: GET RID OF THE DAMNED FILLIBUSTER! Trailrider1951 Jan 2022 #45
First step is to add for more senators MurrayDelph Jan 2022 #46
Yes, go back to pre-1913 conditions Polybius Jan 2022 #50
Conservatives love that idea...why trust voters? brooklynite Jan 2022 #57
Because the Founding Fathers didn't want us to vote for Senators Polybius Jan 2022 #59
The founding fathers had other ideas as well..... brooklynite Jan 2022 #62
Many wanted slavery to be abolished at the start of the Union Polybius Jan 2022 #63
And the founding fathers decided to allow it; along with equal representation in the Senate brooklynite Jan 2022 #64
I trust that they had little choice Polybius Jan 2022 #68
That is a hard no for me...and given the GOP strength in state houses, we would Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #75
Of course it should be reformed. It doesn't work well anymore. However, it won't happen so there Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #72
It is my opinion that ForgedCrank Jan 2022 #73
It should not be based on population obviously Meowmee Jan 2022 #79
Split large population states, add DC and Puerto Rico as States, and end filibuster would preserve PufPuf23 Jan 2022 #81
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