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Fri Jan 21, 2022, 09:42 AM Jan 2022

All of the Trump investigations now have smoking gun evidence. [View all]

Documents, e-mails, text messages, hand written notes, recorded phone calls, witnesses. When prosecutors have smoking gun evidence they do not give up and go home. They keep investigating and then they present the smoking gun evidence to a jury.

We have all witnessed the crimes, there is smoking gun evidence that backs up what we witnessed.

The NY investigations, the AG just showed us some of the documents that proves fraud. They are not going to give up. There will be trials.

The Georgia investigation, Trumps recorded phone call to the secretary of state is smoking gun evidence. He broke state election law, he is guilty. That crime will also become part of the investigation into the attempted coup.

We all know the Jan. 6th committee has smoking gun evidence. Documents that prove there was a conspiracy to over turn the election, to over throw the government. The committee will turn all the evidence they have to Garland when they finish up this summer. Nothing can stop the Garland investigation. People will be indicted, there will be trials. Does anybody really believe people like Rudy will not be put on trial?

I know some people believe nothing will come of these investigations. I believe they are wrong. This time things are different, these investigations have taken on a life of their own.

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Too many here prefer tearing down over building up. we can do it Jan 2022 #1
What makes me so angry is the prosecutors in the state of NY let him get away with crimes decades mucifer Jan 2022 #2
NY real estate market is a FalloutShelter Jan 2022 #6
that is exactly what I am saying. mucifer Jan 2022 #7
But at least the Republican Party in NY wnylib Jan 2022 #18
I would love to believe that one day, the FBI will show up and serve and arrest warrant on Trump. Chainfire Jan 2022 #3
If putting Trump on trial leads to violence, so be it. fightforfreedom Jan 2022 #4
The trump/trumper cases are getting stronger every week. empedocles Jan 2022 #5
My thought is that it is not out of fear for violence... FalloutShelter Jan 2022 #8
I look at it the other way, MarineCombatEngineer Jan 2022 #10
100% Agree! WA-03 Democrat Jan 2022 #16
We sometimes hear about Democrats and "messaging" and it is not always in a postive manner. dameatball Jan 2022 #17
Put them in a migrant detention center cage. wnylib Jan 2022 #20
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2022 #41
Completely agree!! WillUSAF Jan 2022 #21
Agree 100% Ferryboat Jan 2022 #26
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2022 #39
I believe the opposite. fightforfreedom Jan 2022 #12
I am not sure how healthy our Democracy is right now. Chainfire Jan 2022 #13
I think if we were to put Trump in handcuffs .... ificandream Jan 2022 #24
Wrong. Letting a despot get away with murder (COVID genocide) is not a good look. lagomorph777 Jan 2022 #15
Letting a former potus try to overthrow the government without consequences onecaliberal Jan 2022 #31
If Trump is led to prison in manicles, he still won't lose his fanatic base. 70sEraVet Jan 2022 #9
Losing Trump does not lose our slide into Fascism among his base. Chainfire Jan 2022 #14
In fact, some members of that base are wnylib Jan 2022 #23
The MOST fanatical true believers (not just Republicans in office kissing his ass out of fear) will LaMouffette Jan 2022 #27
I think you're right. It'll be like Warren Jeffs, where the die-hards double down. Scrivener7 Jan 2022 #30
I think his base would be shattered if he presents a defense that NCjack Jan 2022 #42
Remember that the key to his appeal ... Straw Man Jan 2022 #47
We have the Army, the National Guard. fwvinson Jan 2022 #11
I don't think so jmowreader Jan 2022 #29
If his people haven't figured it out by now, no amount of evidence will convince them. Chainfire Jan 2022 #44
+1! As some wise person once said, Dark n Stormy Knight Jan 2022 #45
Patience is not a virtue for some. DownriverDem Jan 2022 #19
I am looking for a "John Dean" to come forward with the evidence to doc03 Jan 2022 #22
He/she may have already come forward in closed hearings Fiendish Thingy Jan 2022 #35
Still awaiting the reveal bucolic_frolic Jan 2022 #25
I am still waiting for some enterprising " journalists" childfreebychoice Jan 2022 #32
same here . AllaN01Bear Jan 2022 #36
I hope these investigations take on an afterlife........ KS Toronado Jan 2022 #28
If they take back Congress, only investigating going childfreebychoice Jan 2022 #33
Thank goodness we'll never have to worry about that. KS Toronado Jan 2022 #34
K&R, there would have ALREADY been arrest if this was a GQP AG and dems THOUGHT of doing J6 uponit7771 Jan 2022 #37
K&R PatSeg Jan 2022 #38
Believe it when I see it Sherman A1 Jan 2022 #40
This message was self-deleted by its author StarryNite Jan 2022 #43
Great Post malaise Jan 2022 #46
I agree 100%. nt Progressive Jones Jan 2022 #48
In the mean time he is still breaking laws and Republicans because of the big lie Emile Jan 2022 #49
From your mouth to my cat's ear.. denbot Jan 2022 #50
+1 Lock Him Up! Emile Jan 2022 #51
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