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Mon Nov 21, 2022, 03:30 AM Nov 2022

Should DU Remove Twitter Content? [View all]

I am interested to see people's take on this...

118 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Time expired
49 (42%)
61 (52%)
5 (4%)
Other (explain)
3 (3%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Deplatform Elon? Hell yes. NullTuples Nov 2022 #1
It would be nice if there were a simple screen grab feature to post images. TheBlackAdder Nov 2022 #30
There are browser plugins that screenshot, u/l to a cloud server & provide a link URL to embed? NullTuples Nov 2022 #62
Deplatform Laurence Tribe? He's asked that people NOT leave Twitter. pnwmom Nov 2022 #34
Short answer: yes. My follow of him has been dropped 2x now. Also, I'm getting tweets from RW NullTuples Nov 2022 #61
Laurence Tribe just tweeted that someone's been impersonating him on Mastodon, pnwmom Nov 2022 #65
And within hours of him posting that tweet, the imposter was taken down. NullTuples Nov 2022 #66
So? It was up there deceiving people for a period of time before Tribe posted his warning. pnwmom Nov 2022 #70
It was up for mere hours. There are 9 Lawrence Tribes on Twitter; none have been blocked. NullTuples Nov 2022 #71
How do you know the fake account was only up for a few hours, or that it would have been removed pnwmom Nov 2022 #73
By looking at the timestamps? NullTuples Nov 2022 #81
I agree & Prof Tribe isn't the Cha Nov 2022 #78
Surely this is a decision for those who actually run DU. Emrys Nov 2022 #2
"Vox Populi, Vox Dei!" regnaD kciN Nov 2022 #17
Give us a switch to turn them off. MicaelS Nov 2022 #33
Big Ditto. n/t Lucid Dreamer Nov 2022 #69
No kidding Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2022 #64
This message was self-deleted by its author NullTuples Nov 2022 #67
I am significantly below my threshold for such a drastic decision. Tetrachloride Nov 2022 #3
Fascism, hate, racism have to be deplatformed from media whose purpose JCMach1 Nov 2022 #4
Post removed Post removed Nov 2022 #5
Are you kidding me...? I have been a DUer since 2001... JCMach1 Nov 2022 #6
What does how long you've been on DU have to do with anything? Emrys Nov 2022 #7
You attacked me personally about why I posted, so I responded. JCMach1 Nov 2022 #8
What? How was anything I wrote a personal attack? Emrys Nov 2022 #9
In your world then, posing a question equates to "steaming in here laying down the law?" ZZenith Nov 2022 #12
The "laying down of the law" was in reply #4 muriel_volestrangler Nov 2022 #45
Exactly SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2022 #57
When tweets are reposted here they are just some ones opinions. True Blue American Nov 2022 #31
other, my explanation Captain Zero Nov 2022 #10
Agreed. I recall proposing this years ago. nt intrepidity Nov 2022 #40
This was already a popular refrain before Elon. We frequently see posts complaining about RockRaven Nov 2022 #11
I have always avoided Twitter because I believe it's format inherently inhibits meaningful dialog ZZenith Nov 2022 #14
Thank you for this moniss Nov 2022 #21
I agree with this and blacklisted Twitter before Elon Musk bought it. hunter Nov 2022 #52
Nope. Lucinda Nov 2022 #13
No RandySF Nov 2022 #15
So you are using a poll to try to convince DUers to revmclaren Nov 2022 #16
I respect your opinion moniss Nov 2022 #23
Just an example that any site has a negative effect revmclaren Nov 2022 #25
I believe moniss Nov 2022 #29
I got your post and enjoyed it thoroughly. ZZenith Nov 2022 #37
Here you go True Dough Nov 2022 #39
I'm guessing you both mean Slate? hlthe2b Nov 2022 #42
Thanks. You just made my day. NT mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2022 #43
Do you mean Slate? Slade is a rock band, apparently... hlthe2b Nov 2022 #41
Yes. Tired eyes. revmclaren Nov 2022 #51
Posting a bare Twitter link is a lazy fucking way to post. MicaelS Nov 2022 #75
Let everyone decide if they want to read tweets or not vlyons Nov 2022 #18
Exactly. Thank you. revmclaren Nov 2022 #19
But I think what some of us moniss Nov 2022 #28
No. irisblue Nov 2022 #20
No. There are still great journalists on Twitter getting important messages out. Why chia Nov 2022 #22
+1. nt Tetrachloride Nov 2022 #24
+1. revmclaren Nov 2022 #26
And lawyers like Laurence Tribe. pnwmom Nov 2022 #35
Exactly. I miss Twitter because of people like Laurence Tribe. Lawyers, scholars, historians, chia Nov 2022 #53
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2022 #27
No. Celerity Nov 2022 #32
I voted against my own interests here Dorian Gray Nov 2022 #36
I voted OTHER... Lucid Dreamer Nov 2022 #77
Is book banning next? True Dough Nov 2022 #38
I get the desire based on Musk's actions and future concerns, but much of what we hear from Ukraine hlthe2b Nov 2022 #44
No Emile Nov 2022 #46
not only no, but hell no. and it'd be nice if those of us still using it to catch less shade 4 it. mopinko Nov 2022 #47
This is silly. /nt yardwork Nov 2022 #48
basically this JuJuChen Nov 2022 #49
No. I joined Twitter in 2021 to get videos and updates from Ukraine MaryMagdaline Nov 2022 #50
If there's nothing remaining on Twitter but wingnut drivel, then yes Wednesdays Nov 2022 #54
NO! quaint Nov 2022 #55
Absolutely not, unless the content of the tweet violates the TOS. Talitha Nov 2022 #56
I voted other because I think a Twitter forum would be great. Treefrog Nov 2022 #58
For now, yes. nt Maru Kitteh Nov 2022 #59
Twitter content should not be removed from DU. Caliman73 Nov 2022 #60
Yes, but this concept could be applied to moonscape Nov 2022 #74
I agree 100%. Caliman73 Nov 2022 #79
Like they used to say in the 90's, Hell to the No! Polybius Nov 2022 #63
No. ismnotwasm Nov 2022 #68
imo, there are too many posts that are just tweets Mr. Sparkle Nov 2022 #72
Yes. roamer65 Nov 2022 #76
No Trump tweets, please LeftInTX Nov 2022 #80
We can discuss the topics/posts without a direct link to their site giving them extra traffic. Doremus Nov 2022 #82
Get rid of it everywhere, along with Fox News GoodRaisin Nov 2022 #83
No, no censorship nt Raine Nov 2022 #84
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