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34. You are generous with your comments
Thu Nov 24, 2022, 02:08 PM
Nov 2022

I know people who make my life seem about exciting as that of a paramecium. It's all relative, and a few memories strung together here and there probably seem more exciting when condensed into a post. As for my day job, I'm sure most people would form a one-man union and go on strike for shorter hours. I painted myself into a corner with this gig. I made up my job as I went along, and have built a job security wall so high, that, while I seem to be irreplaceable, I also can't find anyone to take my place in case I want out. I will say, though, that even at age 70, I find it a cooler gig to be in a different country every day, speaking the language of every place I land in, than to be stuck in some office from 9 to 5. I would have died of boredom 20 years ago.

As for my comments, I appreciate the kind words, but I'm sure you've seen that there are plenty who think I'm all wet, too. No doubt, some of them are justified, where others are living proof that "get a life" is not enforceable in a court of law.

About that book. In fact, I DID write one about 10 years back (pure fiction--it's hard to imagine a Guatemalan assistant named Juanita Chang who learned Cantonese from her ex, pronounces English like Speedy Gonzalez, but writes it like a law review editor--besides, what the hell is Maa Shalats?). I did start another one, but I haven't had the time to finish it yet. California Peggy has a draft of the first third. At some point, I have to take two months off and finish it. The way things are going, I MAY find two months free sometime after my demise, but don't count on it (Saint Peter don't you call me, 'cause I can't go).

The first one is (I think) still available on Amazon. Some on DU have read it. Panader0 has read it, as has California Peggy. I know Thom Hartmann has read it, because he talked about it on his show for a few minutes once (even gave it a glowing review, so you KNOW the man has taste ).

I'm curious about the cost of a trip to Ukraine and the way to go. panader0 Nov 2022 #1
Assuming you can get documents and a visa (hell, I don't even know if they ask for one these days) DFW Nov 2022 #3
:) That last is how a Czech neighbor used to be. Very "irreverent" Hortensis Nov 2022 #13
He has been sent to "iffy" places before DFW Nov 2022 #28
Amazing person. No place for lightweights at all. Hortensis Nov 2022 #49
Thanks for that! DFW Nov 2022 #50
Maybe good at setting it aside? People whose work Hortensis Nov 2022 #51
I read somewhere that to join the international brigade you grantcart Nov 2022 #17
They are being understandably cautious. DFW Nov 2022 #46
A friend came back from Liev two weeks ago womanofthehills Nov 2022 #26
For some reason Krakow seems to be a pivotal point DFW Nov 2022 #30
Godspeed and protect him! Kid Berwyn Nov 2022 #2
I wish I HAD an inside story for you. DFW Nov 2022 #4
"Ask him anything, and you won't even realize he told you nothing" KS Toronado Nov 2022 #16
A politician is something he will NEVER be DFW Nov 2022 #18
Sounds like a remarkable young man KS Toronado Nov 2022 #27
My impression that his main skill was: DFW Nov 2022 #29
Being able to chat at length without giving anything personal or important away can be a highplainsdem Nov 2022 #22
How exciting and terrifying to be in the middle of all that. I wish him the best. Srkdqltr Nov 2022 #5
Thanks! We think he can take care of himself, and that his organization will, too. DFW Nov 2022 #6
It's cool and sunny here today. mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2022 #7
Code, again. jaxexpat Nov 2022 #10
The tall man has a red moustache. NT mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2022 #11
And my personal favorite..... jaxexpat Nov 2022 #12
That was obvious DFW Nov 2022 #19
The long sobbing of the violins of autumn . . . hatrack Nov 2022 #42
Very thought provoking post... Thanks!!! Karadeniz Nov 2022 #8
Under normal circumstances it's an absolutely phenomenal city. Tommy Carcetti Nov 2022 #9
I have heard that from many sources. DFW Nov 2022 #47
I use a treadmill daily and Prairie_Seagull Nov 2022 #14
He's a born intel operator.... paleotn Nov 2022 #15
It's an art DFW Nov 2022 #23
He sounds like an extraordinary young man. Boomerproud Nov 2022 #20
Those are our sentiments exactly! n/t DFW Nov 2022 #25
I'm glad he could make it home safely to be with his family. Kudos to him for the work he's highplainsdem Nov 2022 #21
We think his people will look out for him DFW Nov 2022 #24
You are never full of *it, and your links are always good. May he & all your multilingual, far-flung Hekate Nov 2022 #31
Mahalo! DFW Nov 2022 #37
Blessings Upon Him Deep State Witch Nov 2022 #32
Amen to THAT!!!!!!!!! n/t DFW Nov 2022 #36
Great full post, again. And we apologize for sometimes being chumps and not owning up to our mistake erronis Nov 2022 #33
You are generous with your comments DFW Nov 2022 #34
I found Time Cellar on Amazon, but didn't know about any others Hekate Nov 2022 #38
I am star struck! I absolutely loved Time Cellar! Casandia Nov 2022 #40
Uh oh, I have been outed! And you are very flattering. DFW Nov 2022 #44
Thank you for both stories. Also, what erronis said. ancianita Nov 2022 #35
Civility during primary season, even at the end of it, was never DU's strong suit, elleng Nov 2022 #39
... krkaufman Nov 2022 #41
I'm glad you're here RussBLib Nov 2022 #43
I know a couple of people who are originally from Minnesota. DFW Nov 2022 #45
P.S. by the way DFW Nov 2022 #48
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