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11 Bravo

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Fri Mar 10, 2023, 06:43 PM Mar 2023

Daylight Savings Time - Where do you stand? [View all]

I could make an argument for any of the options in my poll, but I wonder how DU feels.

103 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Make it year round
20 (19%)
Do away with it altogether
62 (60%)
Continue with Spring Forward, Fall Back
21 (20%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Here in AZ we don't use it. Coventina Mar 2023 #1
Approx 4pm darkness sucks the big one. I hate it. boston bean Mar 2023 #2
Come to Sweden and feel the 2 PM darkness starting here in Stockholm, when standard time starts Celerity Mar 2023 #55
I always get confused on which is which. W_HAMILTON Mar 2023 #3
Honestly... I don't care... Ohio Joe Mar 2023 #4
Same here Bettie Mar 2023 #47
Would "Do away with it.." keep the time change starting next Sunday? If so, yes!!! nt Carlitos Brigante Mar 2023 #5
Not to me it doesn't. That means don't make the change this year... Wounded Bear Mar 2023 #14
I see. I changed my vote then. Nothing worse than those cold ass, shorter days in Chicago. nt Carlitos Brigante Mar 2023 #18
Same Rebl2 Mar 2023 #24
I suspect there is a geographical facet of this argument... Wounded Bear Mar 2023 #37
It's weird to want it to get dark an hour earlier in the Summer Polybius Mar 2023 #48
Also better than a 4:15am sunrise. Ace Rothstein Mar 2023 #50
The first two options are essentially the same. Ms. Toad Mar 2023 #6
When standard time comes here, it is horrid, as the darkness in Stockholm (and it is even worse Celerity Mar 2023 #54
One way or the other.. just get it done Deuxcents Mar 2023 #7
I would like it to stay light later all year. louis-t Mar 2023 #8
Another survey keithbvadu2 Mar 2023 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author Silent3 Mar 2023 #10
If we do anything, science argues for keeping STANDARD time year-round, not DST. hlthe2b Mar 2023 #11
please provide link to said scientific arguments jcgoldie Mar 2023 #12
I am working and it isn't hard to find via google. However, from Sleep experts: hlthe2b Mar 2023 #15
Seems to be focusing on the effects immediately following the change, not the entire period of DST. Gidney N Cloyd Mar 2023 #17
Unfortunately a simple google search as you recommend... jcgoldie Mar 2023 #22
You're welcome. I took the time to provide you a summary presented to the CO state legislature hlthe2b Mar 2023 #29
My point was simply that there is no scientific consensus jcgoldie Mar 2023 #31
Unless I'm misreading it, the AASM is focused on eliminating seasonal times - Ms. Toad Mar 2023 #39
I intended the "do away with it" option to mean keeping standard time year round. 11 Bravo Mar 2023 #13
Okay... That is the recomendation of health/sleep experts. hlthe2b Mar 2023 #16
I like DST. It's just a clock though. Humans can be odd. twodogsbarking Mar 2023 #19
I think daylight savings as we have it now more closely aligns with the natural rhythms Blues Heron Mar 2023 #20
Daylight Saving Time is a pain in the neck for phylny Mar 2023 #21
I think Rebl2 Mar 2023 #26
I prefer Rebl2 Mar 2023 #23
Not a fan of DST canetoad Mar 2023 #25
I'm the opposite Polybius Mar 2023 #49
I 🧡 love DLS. Didn't choose bc my inclination is for Permanent DLS but I've seen posters talking... electric_blue68 Mar 2023 #27
I'm not a morning person, so I'm just fine with having more daylight after supper. patphil Mar 2023 #28
we in california have tried to get rid of dst via initiative votes but that seemed to get no where AllaN01Bear Mar 2023 #30
It can go to hell. hunter Mar 2023 #32
I hate it. 👎 nt Raine Mar 2023 #33
Don't care what you call it: just normalize one time system for the whole year Hekate Mar 2023 #34
I say--- Grey Mar 2023 #35
I have thought of that as a compromise. electric_blue68 Mar 2023 #41
Some locations are 30 mins different. Renew Deal Mar 2023 #43
THAT would be the very best compromise. 👍 nt Raine Mar 2023 #52
The switch Zeitghost Mar 2023 #36
Just pick one and stop the biannual clock-changing. Golden Raisin Mar 2023 #38
Only reason for Daylight Savings is to add an hour for shopping and tourism. haele Mar 2023 #40
I appreciate the extra time in the evening to do outside work Kaleva Mar 2023 #57
I'm not as motivated by this as other people Renew Deal Mar 2023 #42
When I moved from western Michigan to Chicago in 1968 Silver Swan Mar 2023 #44
Here's another thought llmart Mar 2023 #45
Continue with how it's always been Polybius Mar 2023 #46
It is always a hard adjustment for me...it messes me up every year Meowmee Mar 2023 #51
Like it, don't like waking up at 4:30 a.m. in summer to full daylight and heat. betsuni Mar 2023 #53
I can get more outside work done in the evening Kaleva Mar 2023 #56
Howz bout Conjuay Mar 2023 #58
Just do away with it! Emile Mar 2023 #59
Definitely not a fan of DST. area51 Mar 2023 #60
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