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Sat Sep 23, 2023, 04:57 PM Sep 2023

Pew Research finds that US adults more likely to favor Republican ... [View all]

...platforms than Democratic platforms on:

Economics... 40%
Criminal Justice....33%
Foreign Policy....12%

(From Harper's Index October 2023)

Republicans will kill this country, with the help of a LOT of deluded, misinformed citizens.

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Nope. I don't buy their polls. I buy the recent special elections Dems have been overperforming onecaliberal Sep 2023 #1
I'm so with you on this: fuck the polls. They use too small of a sample to speak for 340,000,000. marble falls Sep 2023 #3
F especially PEW PlutosHeart Sep 2023 #27
They are best at sniffing farts RainCaster Sep 2023 #77
Right elleng Sep 2023 #4
THIS 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 LenaBaby61 Sep 2023 #14
If that poll was true... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #19
No, that isn't the case... reACTIONary Sep 2023 #48
But the poll... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #57
You might want to ... reACTIONary Sep 2023 #81
I guess I just find it hard to believe... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #85
I don't think there are any figures there for "I agree with the other side's policies" muriel_volestrangler Sep 2023 #98
Isn't 'Pew Research'... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #100
No connection with Lutz that I know of muriel_volestrangler Sep 2023 #103
I just remember both... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #106
No, that's not really a "connection". muriel_volestrangler Sep 2023 #110
oh my goodness... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #111
Please do not tell me to "get some rest". It's rude. muriel_volestrangler Sep 2023 #112
ooookaaaay. Think. Again. Sep 2023 #113
Will you answer my question, please? muriel_volestrangler Sep 2023 #114
Sure.... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #115
In that case, why did you bring it up now? muriel_volestrangler Sep 2023 #116
You seem to be very confused... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #117
Are you congratulating yourself on confusing me? muriel_volestrangler Sep 2023 #118
I call bullshit on them and their poll ... pure shite and piles of it. NotHardly Sep 2023 #63
The central problem with this poll question is... lastlib Sep 2023 #79
Their only platform is what their wealthy donors want. Dulcinea Sep 2023 #96
Not if Democrats vote like the solid majority we are. marble falls Sep 2023 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author elocs Sep 2023 #43
It is totally up to We The People to save this country. Irish_Dem Sep 2023 #5
Economics NowISeetheLight Sep 2023 #6
That's what I was thinking TexasBushwhacker Sep 2023 #22
Unfortunately, a lot of Americans view gas prices/inflation as the economy. MyNameIsJonas Sep 2023 #7
And now DeSantis is spreading lies he can immediately cut gas prices to $2/gal if president. RKP5637 Sep 2023 #11
And people will believe it because they believe Biden has control over gas prices. MyNameIsJonas Sep 2023 #18
The ignorance in the US is often appalling! n/t RKP5637 Sep 2023 #26
and i'm damn sure that's why the orange piece of shit was voted in. Complete and total ignorance. a kennedy Sep 2023 #45
Yep +10 reACTIONary Sep 2023 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author elocs Sep 2023 #50
It's been like that for years. MyNameIsJonas Sep 2023 #94
RS0 rso Sep 2023 #8
Oh please what a load of codswallop Botany Sep 2023 #9
What a great word! I totally love it!!! n/t RKP5637 Sep 2023 #13
Thank you! maspaha Sep 2023 #40
Across the board majority of Americans support the Botany Sep 2023 #67
FFS, if you're making a "Word of the Day" post, how about spelling all the words correctly? intheflow Sep 2023 #105
Whatever. efhmc Sep 2023 #10
Logic Finds...findings and opinions on polls not linked to are not worthy of posting! Alexander Of Assyria Sep 2023 #15
Can you describe for us your train of logic leading you that conclusion? Torchlight Sep 2023 #64
Are the polls conducted state by state or just nationally? LiberalFighter Sep 2023 #12
Doesn't matter to the pollsters: they're going to favor republicans NO MATTER WHAT BComplex Sep 2023 #17
Here is the information from the actual poll.... reACTIONary Sep 2023 #36
Thanks for finding that, though Harper's express it unusually muriel_volestrangler Sep 2023 #73
Exactly right! Basically, its click bait... reACTIONary Sep 2023 #82
Did they interview the rich, the white and the uninformed? chowder66 Sep 2023 #16
My poll orangecrush Sep 2023 #20
Donald Trump should be the best thing that ever happened to the Democratic Party. Chainfire Sep 2023 #23
Wait, I've had a beer for college football today, but BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 2023 #24
The Three R's of Republicanism... czarjak Sep 2023 #25
Not this 80 year old. I don't watch FOX appleannie1 Sep 2023 #28
24/7/365 right-wing fascist propaganda controlling the airwaves. hadEnuf Sep 2023 #29
Wait, let's state that another way... cannabis_flower Sep 2023 #30
How about a link? And I would remind you , the GOP have lost elections since 16... Demsrule86 Sep 2023 #35
Link to the poll... reACTIONary Sep 2023 #37
Thank you! mahina Sep 2023 #70
No one asked THIS American adult. The only "platform" Republicans have is: whatever Putin via LoisB Sep 2023 #31
It is a four month old poll with all the fancy BS tricks they use in gettiing the result the person who paid for Demsrule86 Sep 2023 #49
Thank you. I should have looked more closely. LoisB Sep 2023 #61
Are we sure this poll wasn't from the movie Idiocracy? SouthernDem4ever Sep 2023 #32
Yoir poll, sir... reACTIONary Sep 2023 #39
Another useless poll. Where is the link... Demsrule86 Sep 2023 #33
Link to the poll... reACTIONary Sep 2023 #38
Should we give up? Kingofalldems Sep 2023 #34
Some seem to think so...but of course if you look at actual elections...we keep winning. Demsrule86 Sep 2023 #42
Ha! THAT... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #89
Another useless poll. Where is the link... Demsrule86 Sep 2023 #41
Link to the linl reACTIONary Sep 2023 #86
Bovine Excretement!!! Pas-de-Calais Sep 2023 #44
I think it pretty easy to say who will vote for what Tree Lady Sep 2023 #46
This polls is from June 23 2023...I guess we need to post three month old polls now...huh? Demsrule86 Sep 2023 #47
Would have been nice if the OP had posted a link to the poll. Details are important JohnSJ Sep 2023 #55
I looked at it...shitty polls were they get the people from 'addresses (don't say where) and they weight the results Demsrule86 Sep 2023 #74
Who were the people polled by TELEPHONE? Those who don't have NCjack Sep 2023 #51
Pew Poll independent think Sep 2023 #52
Link? Posting a poll without a link to the poll so we can see the details of the poll means what? JohnSJ Sep 2023 #53
Link reACTIONary Sep 2023 #84
A poll from the future!! A poll from OCT 2023? Is this a psychic political poll? liberalla Sep 2023 #54
So, relayerbob Sep 2023 #56
Not what it said. former9thward Sep 2023 #88
Excuse my confusion.... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #90
I think 40% is the difference. NYC Liberal Sep 2023 #92
Thanks... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #93
No, it's a proportion, and polls are hardly ever reported that way muriel_volestrangler Sep 2023 #99
No. former9thward Sep 2023 #107
I see, thank you!... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #108
Yes, or possibly they don't know or they are not sure. former9thward Sep 2023 #109
So most people want to get rid of SS and Medicare? Kingofalldems Sep 2023 #58
Fear, greed and propaganda nowforever Sep 2023 #59
Right.. we prefer Facist Dickheads who Cha Sep 2023 #60
Link? mzmolly Sep 2023 #62
thanks for not providing a link Recycle_Guru Sep 2023 #65
While polls are often bullshit, there's something to remember ... ificandream Sep 2023 #66
that was old branding--these days, the avg voter sees Dems as more serious and trusted Recycle_Guru Sep 2023 #69
I agree. I was just mentioning their talking points. ificandream Sep 2023 #80
Which hasn't helped them at all to win elections...really since 2017-including specials. Demsrule86 Sep 2023 #76
I'm not the best at math, but doesn't that mean most don't?? mahina Sep 2023 #68
See #73. It means, for instance, 42% prefer Republican economic policy, and 30% Democratic muriel_volestrangler Sep 2023 #75
Will? Snackshack Sep 2023 #71
Ask those US adults to tell us what is each of those platforms IronLionZion Sep 2023 #72
Sorry to bear bad news... some people don't seem to be able to deal with it. albacore Sep 2023 #78
What repub platform? DownriverDem Sep 2023 #83
That's my point in posting this at all. What IS the Repub economic platform? albacore Sep 2023 #87
I think that's ONE of the reasons.... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #91
Complicated issues are lost on small minds RANDYWILDMAN Sep 2023 #95
Republicans better for the economy, business, public safety and foreign policy -- betsuni Sep 2023 #97
GOP has better amplification uponit7771 Sep 2023 #101
People need to get their noses out of their phones and see what's really happening. Vinca Sep 2023 #102
What Republican platform? Kid Berwyn Sep 2023 #104
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