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Sun Sep 24, 2023, 05:49 PM Sep 2023

allow me to define psyche eval [View all]

i’m not talking about throwing him in a mental ward, never to see the light of day.
i’m talking about the baker act, 5150, a danger to themselves or others.
pretty much anyone can ask for anyone to get a psyche eval- family member, cop, neighbor. u call 911, and if the cops agree, you’re off. i kept hoping the kids wd realize it’s a good defense for them. lucky for tfg it wouldnt be some beat cop.
i see no reason y a judge cant ask for an eval on a plainly mad defendant.
that gets you 72 hrs in a locked ward. this isnt that dementia assessment. it’s serious.

mentally ill is only 1 possible finding. dementia and other ’senility’ also possible. after 3 days, if you arent threatening to kill ppl, they might let you go. they usually give you a choice at that point. ins will pay for 30 days if u agree. if u say no, but arent violent, or if u refuse meds, they’ll usually cut u loose. if u just cant take care of yourself, they’ll figure that out.

he didnt pass the dementia screening last time, he wont pass it now. if those records didnt get burned, they’re evidence if he pleads diminished capacity.nhis records at reed r full of evidence,
but regardless of who, if anyone, injects his brain health into the legal cases, it should b done. we rly shd not try an insane man, if we can help it.

and this is not about whether he is found guilty of crimes, or wiggles out. guilty but mentally ill is an actual thing.
cuz what i rly want the world to know is that he is guilty AND a madman. he’s up there w charlie manson.
cuz we’re gonna keep falling for charismatic autocrats til we know the signs, and stop falling for it.

re- this thread- https://du4.democraticunderground.com/100218298396

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Great post but I'd love to see the idiot in a straight jacket. Firestorm49 Sep 2023 #1
Still no. MutantAndProud Sep 2023 #2
where did i admit that? it's not political. he's gonna get ppl killed. mopinko Sep 2023 #4
This is technically a political board MutantAndProud Sep 2023 #7
sorry, but your take is way off. mopinko Sep 2023 #12
Those are not medical diagnoses MutantAndProud Sep 2023 #15
that explains y so many psychiatrists broke the 'goldwater rule', and came out publicly mopinko Sep 2023 #16
Correct. MutantAndProud Sep 2023 #21
i dont care what they label him. his brain doesnt work. mopinko Sep 2023 #22
It certainly has exposed the flaws in the system MutantAndProud Sep 2023 #23
his enablers all know it. mopinko Sep 2023 #25
They do indeed. MutantAndProud Sep 2023 #30
funny, i see all kinds of train riders getting off and finally telling the truth. mopinko Sep 2023 #32
Yes, it is happening more and more. MutantAndProud Sep 2023 #33
Threatening tweets don't justify a 72 hour hold Fiendish Thingy Sep 2023 #17
cuz i saw another thread on the same subject. mopinko Sep 2023 #24
It could be cause for a penalty from the court, but not hospitalization Fiendish Thingy Sep 2023 #26
i did. mopinko Sep 2023 #27
It's actionable through the court Fiendish Thingy Sep 2023 #34
i just want 72 hrs. mopinko Sep 2023 #35
You're dreaming. Nt Fiendish Thingy Sep 2023 #36
also, this is my umpteenth thread about his brain health. mopinko Sep 2023 #29
Our only path to victory runs through the polling places. Chainfire Sep 2023 #3
he cant just b defeated. he must b held accountable. he wont go away. mopinko Sep 2023 #10
Weaponizing mental health is generally not a good move. WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2023 #5
absolutely not. i want every dangerous maniac locked up. aint particular to him. mopinko Sep 2023 #6
It's not raising awareness. MutantAndProud Sep 2023 #8
Autocratic impulses, irrationalization, violent threats -- none of these are necessarily indicators WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2023 #9
i clearly state that not only mental health, but brain function is evaluated. mopinko Sep 2023 #11
. WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2023 #13
the test was for whether his brain still worked. mopinko Sep 2023 #18
It's not going to happen - you are grasping at straws Fiendish Thingy Sep 2023 #19
c'est le vie. mopinko Sep 2023 #20
Anyone can ask for it? Come on, Mary! Avenge your father! Scrivener7 Sep 2023 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author elocs Sep 2023 #28
i did not say mental illness. mopinko Sep 2023 #31
Not following a judge's orders doesn't mean he doesn't understand them onenote Sep 2023 #37
People get frustrated. H2O Man Sep 2023 #38
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