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Mon Nov 6, 2023, 10:36 PM Nov 2023

DU Poll: Have you ever had Covid (that you know of) [View all]

396 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
No, not yet
206 (52%)
Yes, once
151 (38%)
Yes, more than once
38 (10%)
1 (0%)
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I've stayed up-to-date on vaccines and boosters but tested positive in January struggle4progress Nov 2023 #1
It's no shock... RussBLib Nov 2023 #2
I never tested positive sabbat hunter Nov 2023 #3
I was mildly symptomatic and tested negative. Less than a week later my spouse had same symptoms and tested positive! Freethinker65 Nov 2023 #4
When I was practicing, I was infected by patients. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #5
Never had it as far as I know xmas74 Nov 2023 #6
Holy cats. Thank goodness you got through it. mahina Nov 2023 #56
I'm a Medicaid navigator in a hospital xmas74 Nov 2023 #63
I hope they paid you for doing two jobs mahina Nov 2023 #71
Wishing you complete permanent recovery from all of that, mahina Nov 2023 #73
The week before Thanksgiving 2019. I ended up in the hospital the week after, ... marble falls Nov 2023 #7
Wow, you were one of the "firsts" BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #10
Yes, I remember late January watching a video from China about COVID. C Moon Nov 2023 #51
I had it the same week. I was supposed to cook for about 12 people on Thanksgiving. Lochloosa Nov 2023 #79
I have not had so much as sniffles since before Covid yellowdogintexas Nov 2023 #8
Up to date vaccinations and had it twice. EllieBC Nov 2023 #9
How were they different? BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #12
The first time all I had was EllieBC Nov 2023 #13
That makes sense BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #19
Once. Igel Nov 2023 #11
When I taught K-6 I was sick every year BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #16
I see 400+ a day AwakeAtLast Nov 2023 #35
400 a day of covid? Chuuku Davis Nov 2023 #57
400+ kids a day. School teacher? nt. druidity33 Nov 2023 #81
Nope, but I am retired and a bit of a recluse... Wounded Bear Nov 2023 #14
You sound a lot like my situation for the last 3+ years BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #21
Me, too. I've been fortunate Deuxcents Nov 2023 #53
I had really bad pneumonia BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #59
Have had worse colds homegirl Nov 2023 #15
Yeah caught it after booster Johonny Nov 2023 #29
Had once with no symptoms unc70 Nov 2023 #17
Twice. Like a moderate cold both times. A day in bed and 2-3 days moving slowly. WarGamer Nov 2023 #18
Vaxxed and boosted but got a mild case of Omicron. mzmolly Nov 2023 #20
Yep, and I know exactly where I got it too... hunter Nov 2023 #22
I hope you got her flowers for that. BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #23
Oh yeah, I was in the dog house. hunter Nov 2023 #42
My wife and I had one asymptomatic case early on (April 2020) We have been in experimental vax trials Celerity Nov 2023 #24
Vaxxed and boosted and got Omicron twice several months apart. Greybnk48 Nov 2023 #25
Option... Pasta 1 Nov 2023 #26
Welcome to DU. area51 Nov 2023 #34
July last year. Gout attack at the same time. underpants Nov 2023 #27
Yep, twice. CaptainTruth Nov 2023 #28
Last fall I waited 1 week too long to get my booster. The weekend I was going to get my shot I got Covid Quixote1818 Nov 2023 #30
I've so much as had a sniffle. KentuckyWoman Nov 2023 #31
Twice confirmed DetroitLegalBeagle Nov 2023 #32
I had a really bad " flu" in January 2020. kimbutgar Nov 2023 #33
I had that too! BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #36
In 2020 I got very sick, sepsis and a year later multigraincracker Nov 2023 #70
Before it was COVID! WVreaper Nov 2023 #37
I never heard of Covid-toe BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #38
More than once n/t OhioChick Nov 2023 #39
In May of 2022. Danmel Nov 2023 #40
Did your doctor give your husband a reason BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #41
Exposed once and.. Who_Me Nov 2023 #43
Just last week isitreal Nov 2023 #44
What are the symptoms of the new strain. BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #50
no Skittles Nov 2023 #45
Weve discussed that at work xmas74 Nov 2023 #64
Mild case Mz Pip Nov 2023 #46
3 times jcgoldie Nov 2023 #47
Yep, had it in February IronLionZion Nov 2023 #48
I went a long time avoiding it, but... LudwigPastorius Nov 2023 #49
I got it in the first round, before the vaccines came out. lees1975 Nov 2023 #52
At least twice IbogaProject Nov 2023 #54
Managed to avoid it for 3 1/2 Years- until this last week Pachamama Nov 2023 #55
FYI from my Med School Kid Explaining Loss of taste and smell - Hint: It's a good thing Pachamama Nov 2023 #58
I'm going to nave to bring a copy of this to BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #65
I believe I got it in January 2020 coming home from Mexico. bluesbassman Nov 2023 #60
Fully vaccinated and have an interesting story. airplaneman Nov 2023 #61
My mom did something similar BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #67
I am the last member of my family who has not had COVID LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2023 #62
I just said, "Wow, seven!" BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #68
I am over 65 and so got a booster back in May LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2023 #83
Yes, in December of '21. Elessar Zappa Nov 2023 #66
Yes July '22 and fully vaccinated Freddie Nov 2023 #69
Not that I know of... IrishAfricanAmerican Nov 2023 #72
First time was this last Sept sky_masterson Nov 2023 #74
Everybody in my immediate household Dorian Gray Nov 2023 #75
Twice, in spite of keeping faithfully up to date on all vaxes and boosters. ariadne0614 Nov 2023 #76
Twice Covid I accidentally hit once Duncanpup Nov 2023 #77
Voted No ProfessorGAC Nov 2023 #78
Nope, we stayed up to date with the vaccinations. Emile Nov 2023 #80
2xs -last 2 Christmases after required participation in commencement Iris Nov 2023 #82
As far as I know I have not had it and since March 2020 I have not even had a sniffle. Raftergirl Nov 2023 #84
My N95 masks are my best friends. BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #85
Had to switch my answer from no to yes. Crunchy Frog Nov 2023 #86
Uh oh! BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #87
Yes when I was doing a fair amount of traveling. TBF May 21 #88
I see that this is an older thread that has popped up - I wonder TBF May 21 #89
I always get a booster, why not? BigmanPigman May 21 #90
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