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Sun Dec 31, 2023, 01:30 AM Dec 2023







CNN reported:
Emails obtained by CNN corroborate what Chesebro told Michigan prosecutors: He communicated with the top Trump campaign lawyer, Matt Morgan, and another campaign official, Mike Roman, to ferry the documents to Washington on January 5.

From there, Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and a Pennsylvania congressman assisted in the effort to get the documents into Pence’s hands.

“This is a high-level decision to get the Michigan and Wisconsin votes there,” Chesebro told Michigan prosecutors. “And they had to enlist, you know, a US senator to try to expedite it, to get it to Pence in time.”

A spokesman for Sen. Johnson downplayed his involvement and said that it only amounted to a few seconds as if participating in an attempt to overthrow the United States government for just a few seconds makes the senator’s action less of a crime against democracy.


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*the Republican Party when faced with a choice, chose to attack instead of defend democracy.' elleng Dec 2023 #1
I don't think it will be any time soon. There's too much we don't know yet. Deuxcents Dec 2023 #2
Right, I don't expect it to be soon, LOTS yet to occur and uncover, elleng Dec 2023 #3
Well...when it does happen, it will be a shocking event Deuxcents Dec 2023 #5
When will all of these guys get removed from ballots? Tumbulu Dec 2023 #4
That's a good question..it will take someone from each state to make the call Deuxcents Dec 2023 #6
I asked this before got no responses. How does one go about trying to get someone Maraya1969 Dec 2023 #38
Maybe make a request with Secretary of State? Bluethroughu Dec 2023 #52
The problem is that House & Senate (R)'s did what the Constitution allows ... aggiesal Dec 2023 #16
It's not allowed for them to participate in felonies in attempts to take over the government uponit7771 Dec 2023 #21
I agree, where's the evidence? ... aggiesal Dec 2023 #35
my state , ca refused to take him off the ballot. wonder if we can sue the state attorney.? AllaN01Bear Dec 2023 #26
Nope. Ocelot II Dec 2023 #29
At least five years in Johnson's case FBaggins Dec 2023 #30
Do more than that !!!! Lock up johnson !!!!!!! Trueblue1968 Jan 2024 #55
Post removed Post removed Dec 2023 #7
Exactly!!! RoJo is in this up to his ears. And as others have pointed out he has he "own" jet. How convient! usaf-vet Dec 2023 #19
It only takes second E. Normus Dec 2023 #8
Russian Ronnie is a worthless POS who married into money to gain power. Many similarities to Ziggysmom Dec 2023 #9
Please get this man out of our public life, the Congress, AllyCat Dec 2023 #10
WHEN will these fucking repuke collaborators be held accountable Skittles Dec 2023 #11
Skittles -- forgive me for saying it, but they need an ass-kicking Hekate Dec 2023 #13
A friend of mine is reading Liz Cheney's book, & says the new Speaker of the House is everywhere in it... Hekate Dec 2023 #12
It will be so traumatizing. My thoughts are with sentient applegrove Dec 2023 #14
more ways than one , AllaN01Bear Dec 2023 #27
Ronnie is Donnie's stinky diaper. Johnson is such a goddamn MAGA shitheel. He fucked up in supporting that bullshit. SoFlaBro Dec 2023 #15
Remember when RonJon faked talking on his cell phone Tanuki Dec 2023 #17
Kinda makes one wonder if Ron Johnson was onboard from the beginning or if other senators were asked first. TheBlackAdder Dec 2023 #18
RoJo has been a player and a planner sinces the years of Scott Walker. usaf-vet Dec 2023 #20
Russia installed Johnson in 2016 in Wisconsin.... Putin owns him. Botany Dec 2023 #37
been clear for a long time. How bout all Goopers that flew to Moscow on July 4th? Free pass. Evolve Dammit Dec 2023 #51
The 2016 Wisconsin vote was loaded with Russian help and Russ Feingold was @ a ..... Botany Jan 2024 #57
So when is the DOJ going to start charging members of Congress? Emile Dec 2023 #22
I suspect they want to get the Big Dog first... lastlib Dec 2023 #47
One thing you have to say about this crowd, PCIntern Dec 2023 #23
It was just seconds. sellitman Dec 2023 #24
Congress has to stop protecting their own. lindysalsagal Dec 2023 #25
a lot of outfits need to stop protecting thier own. AllaN01Bear Dec 2023 #28
I'm not aware of any Reconstruction Era insurrectionist being tossed from Federal office bucolic_frolic Dec 2023 #31
Name of the PA Congressman: SCOTT PERRY RandomNumbers Dec 2023 #32
That scumbag needs to be imprisoned. dchill Dec 2023 #46
True. nt RandomNumbers Jan 2024 #56
It only amounted to a few seconds, in other words, guilty Walleye Dec 2023 #33
I'm thinking Smith wants the BIG PRIZE first. THEN bluestarone Dec 2023 #34
The statute of limitations will run long before that. former9thward Dec 2023 #49
I have no doubt about this, because so many republicon congress people are involved! bluestarone Jan 2024 #58
Is the DOJ going to charge these traitors. Emile Dec 2023 #36
My hunch is that Russian Ron moniss Dec 2023 #39
Sounds like a slam dunk for the doj. Autumn Dec 2023 #40
He's got The Wizard Dec 2023 #41
iN THE 1930'S soldierant Dec 2023 #42
This is the definition of white privilege BaronChocula Dec 2023 #43
Claiming that the brevity of his involvement diminishes his criminality is on a par with... Harker Dec 2023 #44
Expecting more damaging disclosures to change minds in MAGAworld... Thunderbeast Dec 2023 #45
Haha ... at least his lawyer admitted it. live love laugh Dec 2023 #48
Another Magat on Putin's payroll. n/t Evolve Dammit Dec 2023 #50
This was known by June 2022, maybe earlier. Wonder how Johnson has escaped Silent Type Dec 2023 #53
A few seconds my ass damifino10 Dec 2023 #54
However new evidence has implicated that Johnson was directly involved in Trump's fake electors scam. LetMyPeopleVote Jan 2024 #59
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