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Sun Mar 3, 2024, 10:47 AM Mar 2024

Is Biden too old for a second term? [View all]

Why don't we just ask the question straight up and see what this constituency thinks?

190 votes, 17 passes | Time left: Unlimited
13 (7%)
177 (93%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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He's too young WA-03 Democrat Mar 2024 #1
Was there a reason to ask this question to this audience? brooklynite Mar 2024 #2
Polls are cheap and flawed. Let's just see what Democrats are thinking. lees1975 Mar 2024 #5
DU isn't an accurate cross-section of the Democratic Party Sympthsical Mar 2024 #6
How different is DU from the Pew demographics map? And how do you know? Did Earl G give you the data? ancianita Mar 2024 #29
This is literally from yesterday Sympthsical Mar 2024 #44
That's even higher than I thought. TwilightZone Mar 2024 #50
Part of me feels Sympthsical Mar 2024 #56
haha TwilightZone Mar 2024 #61
I blame all the ads that nonmembers see. Qutzupalotl Mar 2024 #62
One category? That overrides DU representativeness by race, education, and region demographics measured? ancianita Mar 2024 #52
Yes. Sympthsical Mar 2024 #53
Then yours is an insignificant distinction. In party platform, norms, party policies & party support of leadership, ancianita Mar 2024 #63
"DU is representative of the national party" TwilightZone Mar 2024 #64
DU has never been representative of the party as a whole or the real world. TwilightZone Mar 2024 #58
Thanks for posting that PatSeg Mar 2024 #60
As I commented there... Hekate Mar 2024 #77
Over the 20+ years I've been here, there have been many DU polls. Most of us learn 2 things... Hekate Mar 2024 #75
Yes, we do. ancianita Mar 2024 #83
But people here aren't "Democrats". They're politically engaged Democratic activists. brooklynite Mar 2024 #9
Of course. lees1975 Mar 2024 #11
No. TwilightZone Mar 2024 #24
Not all are Democrats. TwilightZone Mar 2024 #19
This might break DU rules to answer/discuss Sympthsical Mar 2024 #3
What's the alternative? DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2024 #7
That's not the question being asked Sympthsical Mar 2024 #10
Barring an Act of God he's going to be the nominee. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2024 #15
More or less my view on it Sympthsical Mar 2024 #17
This needs to stop. NOW. We have serious other work to do and, as as far as I can tell, our president is doing it. CTyankee Mar 2024 #82
+1 Celerity Mar 2024 #27
The question being asked is whether DU believes the corporate hype or not. DU doesn't. ancianita Mar 2024 #34
Then maybe it should be.. whathehell Jun 7 #91
There's a difference between old and too old. TwilightZone Mar 2024 #26
I don't think it would. lees1975 Mar 2024 #8
I do not believe for a moment it is not meant as "bashing" for Biden or when directed toward anyone else. hlthe2b Mar 2024 #22
"Too old" implies that he's not up for the job. TwilightZone Mar 2024 #55
Exactly ThreeNoSeep Mar 2024 #79
It'd be sad if we can't have a frank discussion about our own nominee Bucky Mar 2024 #88
You sound like the New York Times. Earth-shine Mar 2024 #4
Immaterial. He can do the job and he & Harris are all that stand between us and a Fascist take-over. hlthe2b Mar 2024 #12
Exactly. sop Mar 2024 #48
Jeez, Conjuay Mar 2024 #13
I would say that many people view him as too old. TexasDem69 Mar 2024 #14
That's exactly how I feel Tree Lady Mar 2024 #85
Really??? Ferrets are Cool Mar 2024 #16
I agree. SalamanderSleeps Mar 2024 #28
What passes here is in no way indicative of what will pass elsewhere. cloudbase Mar 2024 #18
Of course there are lots of possibilities, but this seems to be right at the top of the list of Biden's critics. lees1975 Mar 2024 #20
Absolutely not. We have a younger reliable backup Emile Mar 2024 #21
I chose PASS Tree-Hugger Mar 2024 #23
Is his hair too red or blond to be President? Is he too tall or too short? Irrelevant. paleotn Mar 2024 #25
Maybe instead of asking if Biden is too old ColinC Mar 2024 #30
EXACTLY. BUT the NYT's "news" priority is to hit every Democratic incumbent first. ancianita Mar 2024 #38
Responses to this question are just begging for alerts. former9thward Mar 2024 #31
Yep. Flypaper. Sympthsical Mar 2024 #47
are you bored this morning? niyad Mar 2024 #32
If Biden is too old, so is TSK. Both were born in 1940s. iluvtennis Mar 2024 #33
I really hate this ageism stuff when it comes to Biden. The question should be can he handle the job? ificandream Mar 2024 #35
Is this too stupid a question for a serious poll? Aristus Mar 2024 #36
No, he is not "too old". LuckyCharms Mar 2024 #37
I'm not concerned about Biden's age. sop Mar 2024 #39
Everyone should take a quiz about US and international matters. usonian Mar 2024 #40
Thank you for posting this... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #41
You got it. lees1975 Mar 2024 #43
I feel like here I can be honest and say yes Biden is too old. He is very uninspiring when he speaks rainy Mar 2024 #42
Irrelevant IMHO Kaleva Mar 2024 #45
FFS, look at the people as old or older than him. We sinkingfeeling Mar 2024 #46
The two Nobel Prize winners for Medicine that developed the mRNA technology used to save millions hlthe2b Mar 2024 #54
Is Biden too old? A lot of young voters seem to think so. I think that they could be right , but there Autumn Mar 2024 #49
Of course not. ismnotwasm Mar 2024 #51
No. He would not have accomplished all that he has if he were younger. MaryMagdaline Mar 2024 #57
There is no reason for this...Biden is the nominee period. Support Democrats. Demsrule86 Mar 2024 #59
This is a fundamentally meaningless question EarlG Mar 2024 #65
I think we lucked out & got a man whose age has brought wisdom & tremendous depth Hekate Mar 2024 #84
I am curious about why you are parroting a very insidious reichwing niyad Mar 2024 #66
You need a "HELL, NO" option........ lastlib Mar 2024 #67
Would there be all of the hysteria about Biden's age if Kamala Harris was a white man? dlk Mar 2024 #68
ooooh, good point! Lunabell Mar 2024 #70
Like it or not this will be a big issue in this election Buckeyeblue Mar 2024 #69
If Trump is the GOP nominee, then it will be less of an issue, given his age. lees1975 Mar 2024 #86
Whose TEAM do you trust the most? jmbar2 Mar 2024 #71
Hell, NO!!! liberalla Mar 2024 #72
Biden is old, but the alternative is a guy who wants to declare himself dictator for life. Initech Mar 2024 #73
President Biden is in far better physical condition compared to TFG LetMyPeopleVote Mar 2024 #74
No RandySF Mar 2024 #76
Perfect example as to why my opinion is: Polls are useless. LakeArenal Mar 2024 #78
I think it makes no practical difference what my opinion is circumstantially TheKentuckian Mar 2024 #80
Let me put it this way: I'd take Joe Biden of 2014 over Biden of 2024 anyday. SYFROYH Mar 2024 #81
My feelings exactly Bucky Mar 2024 #89
Kamala Harris' succession is the real threat behind this question. live love laugh Mar 2024 #87
I don't even know what the hell that means. It's not the Olympics, he's not auditioning for the American betsuni Mar 2024 #90
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