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Fri May 10, 2024, 06:59 AM May 10

Strapped down, blindfolded, held in diapers: Israeli whistleblowers detail abuse of Palestinians in detention center [View all]

They paint a picture of a facility where doctors sometimes amputated prisoners’ limbs due to injuries sustained from constant handcuffing; of medical procedures sometimes performed by underqualified medics earning it a reputation for being “a paradise for interns”; and where the air is filled with the smell of neglected wounds left to rot.

“(The beatings) were not done to gather intelligence. They were done out of revenge,” said another whistleblower. “It was punishment for what they (the Palestinians) did on October 7 and punishment for behavior in the camp.”

The law permits the military to detain people for 45 days without an arrest warrant, after which they must be transferred to Israel’s formal prison system (IPS), where over 9,000 Palestinians are being held in conditions that rights groups say have drastically deteriorated since October 7. Two Palestinian prisoners associations said last week that 18 Palestinians – including leading Gaza surgeon Dr. Adnan al-Bursh – had died in Israeli custody over the course of the war.

For those who repeatedly breached the prohibition on speaking and moving, the punishment became more severe. Israeli guards would sometimes take a prisoner to an area outside the enclosure and beat him aggressively, according to two whistleblowers and al-Ran. A whistleblower who worked as a guard said he saw a man emerge from a beating with his teeth, and some bones, apparently broken.


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Israel's treatment of Palestinian prisoners sounds much like Nazi Germany. Lonestarblue May 10 #1
The Israeli Right is its mainstream, its foundation. LuvLoogie May 10 #3
CNN recreated the brutal scene womanofthehills May 10 #73
And? atreides1 May 10 #2
They will be along. onecaliberal May 10 #9
Sort of how any mistreatment of Jews, sarisataka May 10 #11
Rec.. TY Cha May 10 #71
It violates the Geneva Convention iemanja May 10 #46
B'Tselem has been documenting IDF-Israeli gov. abuses for a long time. Passages May 10 #4
How many 7 story buildings does Tel Aviv have? 3Hotdogs May 10 #7
I don't know how many. The process has to go forward, interviews/investigations. Passages May 10 #10
I guess the people who are anti-Israel now have their excuse to say "well, Hamas just does what those genocidal mad men AZLD4Candidate May 10 #5
Or, and this may come as a shock, but the people here unhapppy with Israel Cuthbert Allgood May 10 #24
"colonizers" sarisataka May 10 #26
*checks my post* Cuthbert Allgood May 10 #28
Check again... sarisataka May 10 #32
Are we pretending that Israel aren't colonizers? Cuthbert Allgood May 10 #43
If you are speaking of the illegal settlements sarisataka May 10 #44
The country of Israel is like a textbook example of settler colonialism. Cuthbert Allgood May 10 #47
How does that mesh sarisataka May 10 #49
Where did the poster state any of that? obamanut2012 May 10 #30
Where did I say the poster said any of that? sarisataka May 10 #33
Oh stop, you know what you did obamanut2012 May 10 #39
So I didn't say that sarisataka May 10 #41
You know what you did obamanut2012 May 10 #51
Hamas mass raping's a war crime, yet you said you used language that implied you were going to rape another man's wife Celerity May 10 #34
JFC I cannot believe that post obamanut2012 May 10 #40
sometimes it is a good thing that the truly awful things posted here don't disappear. Voltaire2 May 10 #52
Jesus. Sky Jewels May 10 #61
I wonder if you believe that one sin justifies the other? Chainfire May 10 #35
Instead of competing over who is more brutally violent IronLionZion May 10 #38
No Oct 7th. No war. That simply. No Pearl Harbor. No war. AZLD4Candidate May 10 #42
Egypt and Jordan have had peaceful relations with Israel for over 4 decades IronLionZion May 10 #50
Then get Hamas to not attack Israel anymore. Peace isn't a one way street. AZLD4Candidate May 10 #70
They wouldn't be doing military-protected fascist RW settler West Bank illegal land grabs as OFFICIAL STATE POLICY if so Celerity May 10 #55
Hamas propaganda. Oopsie Daisy May 10 #6
The Israeli whistleblowers are with Hamas? Or CNN? David__77 May 10 #8
Everyone who doesn't praise Netanyahu's murderous campaign is a Hamas propagandist Orrex May 10 #16
wth obamanut2012 May 10 #20
Might just be me, but between whistleblowers and Trump's fascist bestie, Cuthbert Allgood May 10 #25
The time for Arguing who is on the right side is OVER. Israel has lost and just doesn't know it yet. flying_wahini May 10 #12
Prove they are doing that without using numbers provide by the Hamas led Gaza government please. AZLD4Candidate May 10 #14
Exactly who TF do you think you are to demand proof? Orrex May 10 #57
I was shocked to see his post about raping a man's wife wasn't hidden obamanut2012 May 10 #60
I agree. Others have been summarily banned for much less. Orrex May 10 #66
I did upthread, early, in a reply to them. Celerity May 10 #82
Thank you again Orrex May 10 #85
YW. Celerity May 10 #86
That's pretty raw and aggressive, all right. I missed that. Hekate May 10 #65
Thanks to Celerity for handling it in real time and for citing it here in this thread Orrex May 10 #67
Yes Hekate May 10 #68
I reported it as I'm sure others did womanofthehills May 10 #74
If you alert again it takes you to a comment form to let the Admins know what you think... Hekate May 10 #94
But Hamas malaise May 10 #13
Some here are calling for a full census of dead Palestinians Orrex May 10 #18
Some here think the real problem is not enough have died IronLionZion May 10 #23
Please provide documentation of that allegation Mossfern May 10 #53
It's hardly a war when it's a densely populated walled in area with no escape IronLionZion May 10 #64
So then.... Mossfern May 10 #69
Right here in this thread, Malaise obamanut2012 May 10 #21
They have only two cards to play, and they play them endlessly Orrex May 10 #27
Or What about October 7? obamanut2012 May 10 #31
Don't forget "raze all of Gaza" iemanja May 10 #45
Neither have I seen any posts like this Mossfern May 10 #54
I have personally been so accused a number of times, thanks. Orrex May 10 #58
I stand 100% with you on this obamanut2012 May 10 #59
Accused of what? Mossfern May 10 #63
Lol obamanut2012 May 10 #92
#metoo Celerity May 10 #88
It is good to study those spokespersons' tactics. David__77 May 10 #78
Look through the posts in this thread iemanja May 10 #72
OK, I read the enitre thread (again) Mossfern May 10 #75
Much of the thread iemanja May 10 #76
Can you link to that particular post? Mossfern May 10 #77
Here iemanja May 10 #79
Actually I do feel a *bit* of latent Jew hating as well Mossfern May 10 #81
I find the hostage taking and attacks on Oct 7 horrific iemanja May 10 #83
Nowhere did I say that I support wiping Gaza off the face of the map! Mossfern May 10 #87
Hamas is responsible for its actions iemanja May 10 #89
Where did I absolve the Israeli government of it's actions? Mossfern May 10 #90
Verbatim iemanja May 10 #93
Continuing my response above iemanja May 10 #80
Post number? Mossfern May 10 #62
Indeed... Chainfire May 10 #36
"Freedom fighters against the evil west just like Mandela" BannonsLiver May 10 #48
Doesn't look like that conflict has many "good guys", just bad guys all around. IronLionZion May 10 #15
Switch to Darfur. It's way worse. Both sides tribal conflicts, with genocide ,rapes, famine... haele May 10 #17
Israel doesn't have much natural resources and limited farmable land IronLionZion May 10 #22
The cruelty is the point. WhiskeyGrinder May 10 #19
Not surprised Goddessartist May 10 #29
The dehumanization is striking. David__77 May 10 #56
+1 leftstreet May 10 #91
There is simply no way to justify torturing prisoners, therefore Chainfire May 10 #37
Calling it a war crime is antisemitic, though. Iggo May 10 #84
K&R red dog 1 May 10 #95
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