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Tue Jun 4, 2024, 07:24 AM Jun 4

It's not going to be jail. Let's hope for the funniest result. [View all]


It's not going to be jail. Let's hope for the funniest result.
Monday, June 03, 2024 at 3:34:25p EDT

Hello, all:

I have no hope at all that Judge Merchan will sentence Trump to any jail time. He’s old, he’s obviously in mental decline, and he’s a prime candidate for a heart attack. Also, he’s technically a first-time offender, and for a non-violent crime. When you add that to the obvious logistical difficulties in having a former president in jail, I think it’s an absolute long shot.

So let’s hope for what would be HILARIOUS.

Community service.

Can you IMAGINE Trump picking up garbage from the side of the road? Sweeping trash in Times Square? Cleaning up dog crap? Can you imagine what that will do to his brain?

Let’s hope for that.
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I've been praying for weekly check-ins with his P.O., including piss tests Bucky Jun 4 #1
I disagree Johnny2X2X Jun 4 #2
I pray it's jail and community service too uponit7771 Jun 4 #39
These are 34 felonies Johnny2X2X Jun 4 #43
He probably won't be sentenced to jail but he will get probation captain queeg Jun 4 #3
What could the terms of probation be? Don't talk bad things about me or the prosecutor? 3Hotdogs Jun 4 #4
Why would that be bad? captain queeg Jun 4 #7
For one thing, we'd get a real candidate..... lastlib Jun 4 #48
Agreed Bayard Jun 4 #57
Oh FFS NanaCat Jun 4 #73
You're fun... Music Man Jun 4 #96
Mr. Former Presi-Dunce trDUMP,... magicarpet Jun 4 #5
There are a lot of automatic conditions on probation Farmer-Rick Jun 4 #6
I think as far as the adderall goes he just needs a friendly doctor to give him a prescription captain queeg Jun 4 #9
That's true Farmer-Rick Jun 4 #12
As with blood alcohol tests, NanaCat Jun 4 #74
I didn't know that. I thought it just measured against some given limit that they'd assume was abuse captain queeg Jun 4 #78
But will the system allow him to slide Johonny Jun 4 #32
If he gets permission to return to Florida NanaCat Jun 4 #75
In NY, the drug screenings aren't typically mandatory NanaCat Jun 4 #76
I look for him to serve time in jail. Emile Jun 4 #8
He's probably going to be fined, since that's what the prosecutors GoCubsGo Jun 4 #10
Funniest? A shock collar. usonian Jun 4 #11
Best suggestion so far! radical noodle Jun 4 #17
You da best...win the internets today👍👍👍 MiHale Jun 4 #38
And there it is, thank you. Arne Jun 4 #53
I still say cleaning toilets in a homeless shelter. AZ8theist Jun 4 #72
Yes, but the OP asked for "funniest" usonian Jun 4 #82
I'm hoping for a token prison sentence. Demobrat Jun 4 #13
Lock him up nowforever Jun 4 #14
Wasn't Michael Cohen also a first time offender? He went to prison. rainin Jun 4 #15
Martha Stewart, too. n/t radical noodle Jun 4 #19
Oh FFS NanaCat Jun 4 #80
Yes, I am comparing them radical noodle Jun 4 #87
Who is behind this narrative? NY state sentencing guidelines InstantGratification Jun 4 #25
I'm sure he will say "No one in history has ever been louis-t Jun 4 #35
Can't Trump be sentenced to jail Pototan Jun 4 #42
They have jails for unhealthy inmates jmowreader Jun 4 #70
I doubt that because this is a state crime InstantGratification Jun 4 #83
Pretty likely depending on circumstances jmowreader Jun 4 #95
Interesting InstantGratification Jun 5 #97
Cohen got three years after cooperating and showing remorse SomedayKindaLove Jun 4 #30
It's clear Trump isn't a "first time offender." sop Jun 4 #46
Not this. Not again. NanaCat Jun 4 #79
prison, please RANDYWILDMAN Jun 4 #16
people shouldn't be forced to look at his face Stardust Mirror Jun 4 #50
Rule #1. Don't piss off a judge. He can control your sentence AZLD4Candidate Jun 4 #18
In lieu of a prison sentence Merchan should force Trump to allocute to his crimes in open court. sop Jun 4 #20
I LOVE that idea InstantGratification Jun 4 #28
Equal justice. Hope22 Jun 4 #21
Weisselberg is still in jail Bayard Jun 4 #59
Yep! Hope22 Jun 4 #60
I remember when that was part of the sentence for Boy George BumRushDaShow Jun 4 #22
I like jail for it, but must admit this alternative does have "appeal" 😝 bringthePaine Jun 4 #23
Garbage pickup would require too many secret service to guard him. Maybe patricia92243 Jun 4 #24
What if he doesn't do his community service? What if he shows up, but just stands livetohike Jun 4 #26
Good chance the judge sentences him for a year or so, but then gives him probation. tinrobot Jun 4 #27
Oh yes, I can imagine those alternatives PatSeg Jun 4 #29
traitortrump's hero, Hitler, did time in jail. traitortrump might be wanting jail time. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 4 #31
It would give him time to write the sequel to louis-t Jun 4 #36
Sequel joho260 Jun 4 #52
Mein Bigly Kampf louis-t Jun 4 #90
Security issues would probably prevent any Community Service penalty. Fla Dem Jun 4 #33
House arrest - Campaigning "from his basement" underpants Jun 4 #34
Biden was doing the right thing due to Covid Freddie Jun 4 #54
Martha Stewart, first time offender, got jail time. Oh, but she's a woman! Firestorm49 Jun 4 #37
He's too old and in mental decline to serve any time? haele Jun 4 #40
Paper towel throwing practices..... Hope22 Jun 4 #77
There's always house-arrest or home confinement Fritz Walter Jun 4 #41
This is damned hilarious! 3catwoman3 Jun 4 #47
There's probably no way to do this, but I'd love it if the sentence could prohibit him... 3catwoman3 Jun 4 #44
I want massive financial fines.... FarPoint Jun 4 #45
Confine him to an old camper 300 yds from the 18th hole of some bad golf course. mymomwasright Jun 4 #49
I'm silently praying out loud for 2 years of probation and 400 hours of community service... SKKY Jun 4 #51
Write on a chalkboard 100 times. Raven123 Jun 4 #55
I love that idea. TSExile Jun 4 #71
My choice would be.. homegirl Jun 4 #56
I still think it will be probation and/or house arrest at most - TBF Jun 4 #58
I'm going to throw a bucket of cold reality on this fantasy. JohnnyRingo Jun 4 #61
Unfortunately the most likely outcome is for the sentence to be delayed on appeal of GoodRaisin Jun 4 #62
TFG preforming community service would be amusing LetMyPeopleVote Jun 4 #63
ANY community service would be delicious Wednesdays Jun 4 #64
Here is a great cartoon from today's cartoons LetMyPeopleVote Jun 4 #65
Send him to California to rake the woods. maveric Jun 4 #66
More like DownriverDem Jun 4 #67
Anything less than a least a fourth of the total time allowed collectively for his crimes would be an insult to lees1975 Jun 4 #68
Been thinking Trump will be placed in a private mental hospital and drop out of sight. PufPuf23 Jun 4 #69
Perhaps a suspended sentence? With jail time if he violated his probation. captain queeg Jun 4 #81
I still want him cleaning toilets BlueKota Jun 4 #84
I'd be okay with home confinement. Demobrat Jun 4 #91
OK, not really funny, but... Dulcinea Jun 4 #85
Could happen once he loses the election. Demobrat Jun 4 #92
I also have this sort of creative gaslighting way to deal BlueKota Jun 4 #86
Cleaning roads and most forms of community service TheKentuckian Jun 4 #88
um... There has to be at least 1 week in jail. ecstatic Jun 4 #89
Agree. There has to be something. Demobrat Jun 4 #93
No phone, no internet and serving soup to black homeless "loser" vets! Bluesaph Jun 4 #94
Make America Great Again. LetMyPeopleVote Jun 8 #98
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