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radical noodle

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26. Most boomers I know
Sun Jun 9, 2024, 10:40 AM
Jun 9

even Magat ones... think marijuana should be legal here. And by the time you reach your 70s and 80s, you often find yourself with prescriptions for pain meds for one ailment or another from your own legit doc. Bad knees, bad hips, and bad backs tend to soften one's opinions.

Do we really want people riding rides and attending Disney World that are stoned? EYESORE 9001 Jun 9 #1
Typical RW reaction. WinstonSmith4740 Jun 9 #6
I'll bet a good % of the trump boomers are on a steady diet of.... wolfie001 Jun 9 #13
Or Jim Beam, Icehouse and meth. rubbersole Jun 9 #17
I'll take the combo wolfie001 Jun 9 #31
Most boomers I know radical noodle Jun 9 #26
65 in less than 9 months wolfie001 Jun 9 #32
Good for you! radical noodle Jun 9 #33
If I make 80, I'll be shocked wolfie001 Jun 9 #34
I wanna be high on IASWAA ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 10 #42
Haha! Like that's not happening already? Iris Jun 9 #7
There are stoned people... nankerphelge Jun 9 #10
They really think keeping it illegal no one would use it. Emile Jun 9 #14
The answer to your question is... Mr. Mustard 2023 Jun 9 #15
I just did that in March of last year. Ace Rothstein Jun 9 #21
That's the best way to experience Disnay! DBoon Jun 9 #22
The best time I ever had at Disney JoseBalow Jun 9 #35
What did you think of the wandering characters? ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 10 #43
I was convinced that all costume characters were tripping too LOL! JoseBalow Jun 10 #47
Wow. Two hours of It's A Small World After All while tripping ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 10 #48
It's the best way to enjoy WDW Layzeebeaver Jun 9 #36
more: How will DeSantis react? Passage of these measures would be HUGE loss for him. BlueWaveNeverEnd Jun 9 #2
No worries he and his R legislators will re write the verbiage of the issue. Hope22 Jun 9 #4
hammer......hit nail onethatcares Jun 9 #8
True, sad...gut burning words. n/t Hope22 Jun 9 #11
They will stall and sabotage the required legislation. Voltaire2 Jun 9 #12
Which spells bad news for TSF. Wednesdays Jun 9 #3
These polls (and referenda) won't matter if R's still control the State House. TheRickles Jun 9 #5
They DO matter, in driving turnout at least. RandomNumbers Jun 9 #18
I think both measures will be approved and it will also bring out a lot of normally uninvolved voters in Florida. sop Jun 9 #9
I am worried about this as well. lark Jun 9 #19
Question is....... HAB911 Jun 9 #16
Democrats deliver more fundamental freedoms. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 9 #20
And immediately after the court or little white boots will deny the people what they voted for. onecaliberal Jun 9 #23
..and hopefully people will begin to understand they need to return the statehouse to Dems for democracy sake BlueWaveNeverEnd Jun 9 #30
Good, Baby Batista needs a reality check Warpy Jun 9 #24
both those winning would be too big a loss for him, a loss on level that Virgina's Youngkin had last election BlueWaveNeverEnd Jun 10 #46
Maybe he'd stop issuing so many royal proclamations Warpy Jun 10 #49
I grew up and lived in Tampa from the early 60's until the mid 80's ms liberty Jun 9 #25
All the kids today wanna do is get high and do abortions Bucky Jun 9 #27
60% required to pass. CaptainTruth Jun 9 #28
Those are solid numbers. Close to 70% is huge. 55% or so, wouldn't have meant much. Silent Type Jun 9 #29
Infestation of Ron Dipshitsrus is losing his grip on the Floridian human populous. Demnation Jun 9 #37
I think a recent poll put Biden within 4 of Trump TlalocW Jun 9 #38
So, if a woman has an abortion while high on weed, I'm sure Ron De-Sans-dick 4lbs Jun 9 #39
uh oh Skittles Jun 9 #40
yep BlueWaveNeverEnd Jun 10 #41
I'm so glad this issues are on the November ballot Silent3 Jun 10 #44
Wow, 69 and 63%! That is not even close. Good! SunSeeker Jun 10 #45
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