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Do we really want people riding rides and attending Disney World that are stoned? EYESORE 9001 Jun 9 #1
Typical RW reaction. WinstonSmith4740 Jun 9 #6
I'll bet a good % of the trump boomers are on a steady diet of.... wolfie001 Jun 9 #13
Or Jim Beam, Icehouse and meth. rubbersole Jun 9 #17
I'll take the combo wolfie001 Jun 9 #31
Most boomers I know radical noodle Jun 9 #26
65 in less than 9 months wolfie001 Jun 9 #32
Good for you! radical noodle Jun 9 #33
If I make 80, I'll be shocked wolfie001 Jun 9 #34
I wanna be high on IASWAA ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 10 #42
Haha! Like that's not happening already? Iris Jun 9 #7
There are stoned people... nankerphelge Jun 9 #10
They really think keeping it illegal no one would use it. Emile Jun 9 #14
The answer to your question is... Mr. Mustard 2023 Jun 9 #15
I just did that in March of last year. Ace Rothstein Jun 9 #21
That's the best way to experience Disnay! DBoon Jun 9 #22
The best time I ever had at Disney JoseBalow Jun 9 #35
What did you think of the wandering characters? ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 10 #43
I was convinced that all costume characters were tripping too LOL! JoseBalow Jun 10 #47
Wow. Two hours of It's A Small World After All while tripping ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 10 #48
It's the best way to enjoy WDW Layzeebeaver Jun 9 #36
more: How will DeSantis react? Passage of these measures would be HUGE loss for him. BlueWaveNeverEnd Jun 9 #2
No worries he and his R legislators will re write the verbiage of the issue. Hope22 Jun 9 #4
hammer......hit nail onethatcares Jun 9 #8
True, sad...gut burning words. n/t Hope22 Jun 9 #11
They will stall and sabotage the required legislation. Voltaire2 Jun 9 #12
Which spells bad news for TSF. Wednesdays Jun 9 #3
These polls (and referenda) won't matter if R's still control the State House. TheRickles Jun 9 #5
They DO matter, in driving turnout at least. RandomNumbers Jun 9 #18
I think both measures will be approved and it will also bring out a lot of normally uninvolved voters in Florida. sop Jun 9 #9
I am worried about this as well. lark Jun 9 #19
Question is....... HAB911 Jun 9 #16
Democrats deliver more fundamental freedoms. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 9 #20
And immediately after the court or little white boots will deny the people what they voted for. onecaliberal Jun 9 #23
..and hopefully people will begin to understand they need to return the statehouse to Dems for democracy sake BlueWaveNeverEnd Jun 9 #30
Good, Baby Batista needs a reality check Warpy Jun 9 #24
both those winning would be too big a loss for him, a loss on level that Virgina's Youngkin had last election BlueWaveNeverEnd Jun 10 #46
Maybe he'd stop issuing so many royal proclamations Warpy Jun 10 #49
I grew up and lived in Tampa from the early 60's until the mid 80's ms liberty Jun 9 #25
All the kids today wanna do is get high and do abortions Bucky Jun 9 #27
60% required to pass. CaptainTruth Jun 9 #28
Those are solid numbers. Close to 70% is huge. 55% or so, wouldn't have meant much. Silent Type Jun 9 #29
Infestation of Ron Dipshitsrus is losing his grip on the Floridian human populous. Demnation Jun 9 #37
I think a recent poll put Biden within 4 of Trump TlalocW Jun 9 #38
So, if a woman has an abortion while high on weed, I'm sure Ron De-Sans-dick 4lbs Jun 9 #39
uh oh Skittles Jun 9 #40
yep BlueWaveNeverEnd Jun 10 #41
I'm so glad this issues are on the November ballot Silent3 Jun 10 #44
Wow, 69 and 63%! That is not even close. Good! SunSeeker Jun 10 #45
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