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38. Serena Joy is an angel compared to this piece of work....
Tue Jun 11, 2024, 01:50 AM
Jun 11

She is wicked - literally I got chills listening to her speak and her laugh…I mean cackle…

If Jesus were alive today he would by flying a pride flag. Irish_Dem Jun 10 #1
For all we know he was gay. Never married and hung out with twelve guys. OMGWTF Jun 10 #17
Except I believe there WERE female disciples, slightlv Jun 10 #32
There has been speculation about their relationship. Irish_Dem Jun 11 #44
Ever read "The DaVinci Code"...? nt Wednesdays Jun 11 #51
Are you kidding?! (LOL) slightlv Jun 11 #54
I have wondered the same thing. Irish_Dem Jun 11 #43
A healer too DoBW Jun 10 #25
Today Jesus would be throwing the billionaires out of the Temple. Irish_Dem Jun 11 #45
Well,.. he would turn their judicial bench up side down,.. then smash it to smithereens. magicarpet Jun 10 #30
My daughter was a triple blackbelt and the boys never gave her a hard time. Irish_Dem Jun 11 #46
Yes ironically Jesus would be tossing out all these evangelical christians. Irish_Dem Jun 11 #47
He also said we should love people like Martha-Ann Alito Kaleva Jun 10 #35
That's odd NanaCat Jun 11 #39
The book she worships says the rainbow is a sign of God's love The Blue Flower Jun 10 #2
upside down, just like their flag DoBW Jun 10 #31
LOL That's not what the book says NanaCat Jun 11 #40
Martha-Anne enid602 Jun 10 #3
I did not think so. And Meryl would never say the things this horrible person does. niyad Jun 10 #5
Good Lord DET Jun 10 #4
And she makes note of her German heritage, hmm just like Trump. Bev54 Jun 10 #23
Does anybody have a clue about the Pulitzer? Oh, and she cannot niyad Jun 10 #6
I was just looking that up deminks Jun 10 #8
seriously ugly woman Skittles Jun 10 #7
Classy comment there, evaluating a woman based on her LOOKS? ClickClack Jun 10 #9
Who said anything about looks? JoseBalow Jun 10 #18
THANK YOU Skittles Jun 10 #29
I read that as inside ugly lame54 Jun 10 #20
CORRECT Skittles Jun 10 #28
NOTHING to do with looks Skittles Jun 10 #27
SCOTUS Justice Samuel Alito's wife refers to women as "feminazis." .......... riversedge Jun 10 #10
Yup, it was Rash Limberger. deminks Jun 10 #12
I have read the bible...and the new testament is where Christ's teachings are found. Demsrule86 Jun 10 #15
LOL NanaCat Jun 11 #41
"Martha-Ann Alito is going to need a Catholic priest to exorcise the ghost of Rush Limbaugh from her soul." riversedge Jun 10 #13
She is despicable. Demsrule86 Jun 10 #16
I want to vomit. PlutosHeart Jun 10 #11
me too.. mountain grammy Jun 10 #14
Time for the French Revolution to have a close encounter with her & her husband Trueblue1968 Jun 10 #19
Sacred Heart of Jesus flag for reference. littlemissmartypants Jun 10 #21
Always reminds me of this JoseBalow Jun 10 #33
Well. That's 05:51 of my life I can't get back. Nearly 6 minutes of useless shit. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 10 #22
Well, I guess tRump just found his VP! 70sEraVet Jun 10 #24
she thinks she is better than God azureblue Jun 10 #26
Of course! And there's one subject that Christ talks more about than just about anything else... slightlv Jun 10 #36
No, the subject the long-haired psychopath deity NanaCat Jun 11 #42
THAT was his father, Jehovah... slightlv Jun 11 #55
She sounds like a Deminpenn Jun 10 #34
K&R UTUSN Jun 10 #37
Serena Joy is an angel compared to this piece of work.... Pachamama Jun 11 #38
I just have one word about this video. North Shore Chicago Jun 11 #48
Just send $10 to the church of the Sacred Bleeding Heart of Jesus, somewhere in Los Angeles, CA maxrandb Jun 11 #49
Nothing will come of it. Wednesdays Jun 11 #50
Lagoon? What/where? Grins Jun 11 #52
I am so grateful this is out in the open. Passages Jun 11 #53
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