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Is it actually legal to threaten someone like that? Takket Jun 11 #1
Probably. It is not a direct threat to physical harm. But when I wanted to warn people/corporations (which are people) 3Hotdogs Jun 11 #4
I am OK with Comey being hunted down. Isn't MOMFUDSKI Jun 11 #2
Not by tRump & his thugs. That is an act of lawlessness/Gestapo tactic. lastlib Jun 11 #13
Being on a sh*tlist and being "hunted down" are not the same. tinrobot Jun 11 #18
That train has MOMFUDSKI Jun 11 #20
Hey Bannon, McCabe and Comey are exFBI jpak Jun 11 #3
He'll be lucky if he doesn't get shanked while in federal prison. sop Jun 11 #11
Convictedassholesezwhat n/t Just_Vote_Dem Jun 11 #5
"We will hunt you down,". No you won't you dirt bag blow hard. ... Botany Jun 11 #6
Was just about to post that BumRushDaShow Jun 11 #8
Brexit was the test case for Cambridge Analytica and using social media prior to our 2016 election Botany Jun 11 #9
The NY case will be "unpardonable" by a President BumRushDaShow Jun 11 #12
Maybe his upcoming NY trial PatSeg Jun 11 #17
I'm sure... BumRushDaShow Jun 11 #24
Well, that's something to look forward to PatSeg Jun 11 #25
Another one of Trump's only the best Old Crank Jun 11 #7
This stupid asspickle needs to be dragged to fucking jail TODAY! maxrandb Jun 11 #10
Some should just... A HERETIC I AM Jun 11 #15
I miss Charles Bronson. twodogsbarking Jun 11 #14
Will Bannon ever get enough money to build his reeducation camps? KS Toronado Jun 11 #16
Haha, he says as he's on his way to jail. onlyadream Jun 11 #19
I nade plans to leave after his first election... Joinfortmill Jun 11 #21
Nice to know some in U.S. law enforcement and intelligence would rather bail than stay and help us little Hotler Jun 11 #22
These shitstains really think threats are going to work. gordianot Jun 11 #23
It is a way to get attention PatSeg Jun 11 #27
I have a very close friend of Mexican heritage who has bought a house in Mexico in case trump wins. BComplex Jun 11 #26
What about FBI moles for Putin? Kid Berwyn Jun 11 #28
Seems like he wants a longer prison term. GreenWave Jun 11 #29
F**k you Bannon. McCabe/Comey have a right to be in this Country and if anything, since you've broke the law and stole SWBTATTReg Jun 11 #30
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