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Can't watch Ayman. DURHAM D Jun 16 #1
Agreed... agingdem Jun 16 #4
Agreed, he is unwatchable. nt. RandomNumbers Jun 16 #18
Eddie Glaude is on Ayman tonight LetMyPeopleVote Jun 16 #41
what's wrong with Bowman? why did she get involved in a primary? TomDaisy Jun 16 #2
He is a show horse not a work horse bottomofthehill Jun 16 #6
so not funded by AIPAC TomDaisy Jun 16 #8
Correct not funded by AIPAC bottomofthehill Jun 16 #10
Boom. yardwork Jun 16 #17
Bowman promised the DSA that he would no longer support the Iron Dome defense system lapucelle Jun 16 #65
Hillary Clinton has been right about everything. LetMyPeopleVote Jun 16 #13
So... sheshe2 Jun 16 #29
That is disgusting. nt mcar Jun 16 #56
Ugh. betsuni Jun 16 #37
Look at Bowman's voting record LetMyPeopleVote Jun 16 #43
Thank you. I thought he voted against the infrastructure bill and had to check. Voted no. betsuni Jun 16 #50
TY For Bowman's Voting Record! Cha Jun 16 #51
What is his problem? mcar Jun 16 #57
"She"? Hillary Clinton Endorsed George Latimer.. Cha Jun 16 #48
... lapucelle Jun 16 #66
Hillary's dedication to the ideals oasis Jun 16 #3
+1 betsuni Jun 16 #30
Does anyone think it's a good idea for Hakeem Jeffries and HRC to be on opposite sides of a Dem primary battle? BeyondGeography Jun 16 #5
Jeffries as speaker has to endorse the incumbent. His actual views on many JohnSJ Jun 16 #7
that's not true. Jeffries can endorse anyone he chooses. So not AIPAC. TomDaisy Jun 16 #9
Jeffries is one of the largest recipients of campaign funds from AIPAC. He isn't anti-AIPAC, but is playing a balancing JohnSJ Jun 16 #14
Really focused on who gets money from AIPAC there AZSkiffyGeek Jun 16 #52
AIPAC uncorks $100 million war chest to sink progressive candidates Celerity Jun 17 #75
AIPAC supports Democrat leading in the primary AZSkiffyGeek Jun 17 #81
AIPAC supported/endorsed 109 insurrectionist traitor MAGA congress members in 2022. Celerity Jun 17 #82
I have to ask, mcar Jun 16 #58
Exactly True.. Nancy Pelosi always endorsed the incumbant, too. Cha Jun 16 #11
Thank-you, that is exactly right, and the progressive caucus was not too happy about that either. JohnSJ Jun 16 #12
AIPAC beholden-money is the new Wall Street/Goldman Sachs beholden-money (2016) to attack Democrats as corrupt betsuni Jun 16 #20
Well stated. JohnSJ Jun 16 #24
AIPAC is the same dog whistle as "Soros funded" AZSkiffyGeek Jun 16 #55
Ahh, thank you for this, betsuni mcar Jun 16 #59
You're welcome! betsuni Jun 17 #74
He managed to vote against Capitol Police funding twice bottomofthehill Jun 17 #77
Yeah, his record shows how much Cha Jun 17 #83
Shittiest Bond ever. k55f5r Jun 16 #15
What are you talking about? Cha Jun 16 #16
A "name" joke about the actor George Lazenby - he played Bond in 1969's " On Her Majesty's Secret Service" emulatorloo Jun 16 #26
How the heck would George Latimer Cha Jun 16 #35
A majority minority district and Clinton endorses the old white dude career politician over an African American teacher. Hassin Bin Sober Jun 16 #19
So she should endorse the teacher because he's black? BannonsLiver Jun 16 #21
Are you saying HRC is racist? mcar Jun 16 #22
Hmmm 🤔 sheshe2 Jun 16 #27
I'm having unpleasant flashbacks emulatorloo Jun 16 #32
I know exactly what you mean, em. sheshe2 Jun 16 #34
Yep. nt mcar Jun 16 #60
Yes. betsuni Jun 18 #86
It's the easiest way to ensure Rob H. Jun 16 #23
"Neon Liberals?" Haven't heard those cute meaningless buzzwords on DU since the olden days. emulatorloo Jun 16 #31
You okay? Posting without glasses? nt Rob H. Jun 16 #63
People make spelling errors all the time. sheshe2 Jun 16 #67
it's a pretty well-known word, though Rob H. Jun 16 #69
Your insults at Hillary Clinton show you have no idea what you're talking about. Cha Jun 16 #39
Mondaire Jones condemns Bowman's Israel rhetoric, endorses George Latimer.. wanna Insult him, too? Cha Jun 16 #44
"Mondaire Jones hugs Westchester County Executive George Latimer after endorsing him" Cha Jun 16 #46
I see you've been around for a while mcar Jun 16 #61
As the incumbent, Congressman Bowman is the status quo, lapucelle Jun 16 #68
Yes, status quo centrist establishment. betsuni Jun 18 #85
The person whose first job was working for civil rights activist Marian Wright Edelman's Children's Defense Fund betsuni Jun 16 #25
++++++++++++++++++++++++ emulatorloo Jun 16 #33
I will die angry at those who trashed this mcar Jun 16 #62
Those folks are afflicted with what I call DinahMoeHum Jun 16 #64
Absolutely. Grudge for life, no problem. betsuni Jun 16 #71
+1. A most informative post. oasis Jun 16 #70
And there's so much more to Hillary's history that's erased! betsuni Jun 17 #72
Your "opinion" on Hillary Clinton has never been and never will be credible. emulatorloo Jun 16 #28
This has Nothing to Do with Race.. George Latimer is the Better Candidate. Cha Jun 16 #36
I have been following the Justice Democrats for a long time LetMyPeopleVote Jun 16 #38
NY-16: Stonewall Democrats endorse George Latimer for Congress Cha Jun 16 #40
Mondaire Jones condemns Bowman's Israel rhetoric, endorses George Latimer Cha Jun 16 #42
I am amused that the Just Us Dems are attacking Sec. Clinton LetMyPeopleVote Jun 16 #45
Yeah, they have a big sad.. Cha Jun 16 #53
They've never been JustAnotherGen Jun 16 #54
"Mondaire Jones hugs Westchester County Executive George Latimer after endorsing him" Cha Jun 16 #47
I think you can. Torchlight Jun 16 #49
"We have got to look at candidates, you know, not by the color of their skin, not by their betsuni Jun 17 #73
So by your logic in a primary bottomofthehill Jun 17 #78
I turne out on his show. He has a negative spin on Pres Biden too often FloridaBlues Jun 17 #76
Latimer is going to win and Bowman is going to lose. No reason to have a flame war about it. mathematic Jun 17 #79
All the more reason for Hillary to stay away BeyondGeography Jun 17 #80
Bowman's antics have resigned him to oasis Jun 18 #84
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