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19. But it's true for US companies. The companies pay for the research and development
Mon Jun 17, 2024, 02:21 AM
Jun 17

from the super high prices they get from the American market. Everything they get from foreign markets is just profit.

Because they are greedy MOFOs who own congress. CurtEastPoint Jun 16 #1
there you have it msongs Jun 16 #3
And too few people in the U.S. both know about the gouging and vote. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 16 #4
Who did all the work to bring the drug to market? jimfields33 Jun 17 #27
And how much funding to these companies choie Jun 17 #31
Look into the research budgets dpibel Jun 17 #51
One of the reasons that medication is so expensive in America is because we allow for national advertising. Firestorm49 Jun 17 #33
Correct Ghost of Tom Joad Jun 17 #42
It is one of THE most annoying things róisín_dubh Jun 17 #54
The medical industry is a participant with big pharma in scamming Medicare PufPuf23 Jun 18 #55
AND they KNOW US consumers will PAY to reamin alive Model35mech Jun 17 #44
Segmenting the marketplace to maximize profits. PufPuf23 Jun 16 #2
Drug makers OWN legislators and physicians. usonian Jun 16 #5
Eight years ago I had some serious surgery BOSSHOG Jun 16 #6
Because they own people in government to keep it like that. onecaliberal Jun 16 #7
because of insurance Groundhawg Jun 16 #8
Also, Medicare has not been allowed -- by law -- to negotiate drug prices, pnwmom Jun 16 #10
And that's because some of the conservative Dem Senators helped to pass the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement Celerity Jun 17 #20
Make no mistake there are MANY MotownPgh Jun 17 #30
10 years later (2013): Rendell criticizes Dems over anti-fracking stance Celerity Jun 17 #37
How does insurance set the cost of the drug in the US? uponit7771 Jun 17 #22
Because the governments of most countries have nationalized health care surfered Jun 16 #9
Maybe other Countries don't allow, "Ask Your Doctor about" pwb Jun 16 #11
Every time I visit another country I'm aware of NO prescription drug ads. Marcus IM Jun 16 #12
Biden's been working on that with Bernie, drugs they've forced manufacturers to stop gouging Americans for. ancianita Jun 16 #13
It's whatever the market will bear. alfredo Jun 16 #14
I currently live in the Philippines Pototan Jun 17 #15
I was told by people in the pharma industry, Bayard Jun 17 #16
Lol. Nope. We are putting profits in the pockets of plutocrats. Voltaire2 Jun 17 #17
But it's true for US companies. The companies pay for the research and development pnwmom Jun 17 #19
No it isn't true. Voltaire2 Jun 17 #21
Yeah, going to have to disagree Johnny2X2X Jun 17 #35
they spend more on advertising than r&d ret5hd Jun 17 #52
I honestly think canetoad Jun 17 #18
Society not just the HC system. It is the whole enchilada. JanMichael Jun 17 #23
many reasons Celerity Jun 17 #24
Good post kiddo canetoad Jun 17 #48
thanks! Celerity Jun 17 #49
Predatory Capitalism Emile Jun 17 #25
In America, corporations can buy political favors. Think. Again. Jun 17 #26
For the same reason that Willie Sutton robbed banks ... marble falls Jun 17 #28
I have a story about Eliquis gab13by13 Jun 17 #29
Didn't know that about Eliquis calguy Jun 17 #36
Agree with comments above. I am astounded at how fast drug companies got us a working Covid vaccine. Silent Type Jun 17 #32
They piggybacked off of publicly funded research Voltaire2 Jun 17 #41
Probably, but government researchers didn't/couldn't/wouldn't develop it or get FDA approval. Silent Type Jun 17 #43
Not the point. Voltaire2 Jun 17 #45
It's a massive breakthrough to get it done in less than a year. Gettin research to patients ain't Silent Type Jun 17 #46
Just found this bdamomma Jun 17 #34
Novo Nordisk is not a US corporation. It was founded in Denmark. Lonestarblue Jun 17 #38
Democrats Josh Gottheimer (NJ), Wiley Nickel (NC), Scott Peters (CA), and Donald Davis (NC) are all co-sponsoring Celerity Jun 17 #50
Because they will pay. International price discrimination is at root about that. David__77 Jun 17 #39
Unfettered capitalism. Midnight Writer Jun 17 #40
Because they can. Cui bono? Hekate Jun 17 #47
Unbridled greed enabled by capitalism run amok duckworth969 Jun 17 #53
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