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Anyone watching Ari Melber right now? [View all] WinstonSmith4740 Jun 19 OP
Just saw that XanaDUer2 Jun 19 #1
I was until she started talking. Turned it off. jmbar2 Jun 19 #2
Abby Huntsman should mind her own business. Meadowoak Jun 19 #3
Had to turn him off crazylikafox Jun 19 #4
Never watch Rebl2 Jun 19 #5
She was fomerly on fox & friends... OneBlueDotS-Carolina Jun 19 #6
That explains everything!! WinstonSmith4740 Jun 19 #11
forget the cheap gossip, who did he name drop? nt msongs Jun 19 #7
We use to have the second shift on MSNBC pwb Jun 19 #8
Never understood why people get so worked up by someone who disagrees with them. brooklynite Jun 19 #9
Late at night, H2O Man Jun 19 #13
Best answer 👍 FakeNoose Jun 19 #20
Thank you. H2O Man Jun 19 #21
It's not a matter of disagreeing with someone. WinstonSmith4740 Jun 19 #15
I don't think H2O Man Jun 19 #18
I would agree, but she was quite OTT and Ari did nothing to interject when she went on and on and on in... hlthe2b Jun 19 #22
Thus, a good reminder H2O Man Jun 19 #24
Yup... hlthe2b Jun 19 #25
It's spreading lies and misinformation SocialDemocrat61 Jun 19 #23
I like Ari n/t malaise Jun 19 #37
Everyone is entitled to their opinion SocialDemocrat61 Jun 19 #39
oh really. It's the Difference between Democracy and Fascism. Cha Jun 19 #28
Hate-watching is exciting for some. Gets the old adrenaline going. Ocelot II Jun 19 #31
I don't mind folks disagreeing with me. I mind people who are given a public platform and use it to lie. Midnight Writer Jun 19 #35
I changed the channel in less than 10 seconds. Not sure who she was but I often find Ari and c-rational Jun 19 #10
He's owned. Hes a recon talking to recons. onecaliberal Jun 19 #12
Pretty sure she is Republican born and bred daughter of John Huntsman Stinky The Clown Jun 19 #14
Correct malaise Jun 19 #36
She is. And I would bet money he is also a recon. He's so pretentious. onecaliberal Jun 20 #40
Had to look her up. Remembered her on The View. BoomaofBandM Jun 19 #16
She was OTT--even for the biased Fox regular that she is. hlthe2b Jun 19 #17
Why are you concerned about what they all say? LakeArenal Jun 19 #19
LOD addressed the GOP snarking about whether being able to stand for 90 minutes Ocelot II Jun 19 #26
You mean former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman's privileged daughter who got all malaise Jun 19 #27
Just another reason to turn him off and leave him off. DURHAM D Jun 19 #29
Was she the one endorsing Chick-fil-A work camp for children? That it's good to for the kids to see AnotherMother4Peace Jun 19 #30
I boycott Ari anytime that Chai idiot is on. LetMyPeopleVote Jun 19 #32
The rest of the world seems to agree. Abby trending on Xitter now jmbar2 Jun 19 #33
Been turning him off a lot lately The Bopper Jun 19 #34
Had MSNBC on in the background twice today, yorkster Jun 19 #38
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