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boston bean

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8. Is is an idiot. A wrong idiot most of the time. There is a reason Obama
Fri Jun 21, 2024, 01:03 PM
Jun 21

Distanced himself from the dude. M

Please stop it.................................. Lovie777 Jun 21 #1
Van Jones is an idiot Mountainguy Jun 21 #2
That's something nicer than I would call him. we can do it Jun 21 #29
Fuck off Van Jones. SamKnause Jun 21 #3
No, it's not C_U_L8R Jun 21 #4
No, the "game" will continue. republianmushroom Jun 21 #5
I won't be watching Van. So kindly STFU. BannonsLiver Jun 21 #6
I'm not watching the debate. I'll watch Biden's speeches and interviews, but not this Trump shit show. sop Jun 21 #47
Me either......I just can't... a kennedy Jun 21 #74
I cannot watch Donny beyond 60 seconds without BlueKota Jun 21 #82
He's a convicted felon and that doesn't matter. Voltaire2 Jun 21 #7
"The water-carrying complaint media is determined to elect Trump." Couldn't have said it better, Voltaire2! BComplex Jun 21 #12
Yes, they are determined to elect Trump. wnylib Jun 21 #30
Is is an idiot. A wrong idiot most of the time. There is a reason Obama boston bean Jun 21 #8
Trump has lowered the bar into the muck. maxsolomon Jun 21 #9
Well we may have to fight a little dirty or lose the courts, human rights etc. Demsrule86 Jun 21 #18
Time's a wasting. maxsolomon Jun 21 #21
Merde alors! Mme. Defarge Jun 21 #88
Van's uselessness and clueless grows exponentially daily. NewHendoLib Jun 21 #10
What the heck happened to him.....he was always one I would really listen to... a kennedy Jun 21 #76
Obama found him to be knowledgeable enough to be an abvisor tirebiter Jun 22 #118
that was then. this is now. NewHendoLib Jun 22 #119
Biden will not "mess up." That might not stop the Van Jones types claiming otherwise Raven123 Jun 21 #11
Fuck you Van Jones...you suck. Demsrule86 Jun 21 #13
That's reallyl the Best Reppy, Dems. Cha Jun 21 #41
I don't undersstand ForgedCrank Jun 21 #14
News as entertainment. Horse race. thesquanderer Jun 21 #70
RSO rso Jun 21 #15
Another bozo. Shut up dummy. Sure Biden has the pole vault and Trump the puddle jump. bullimiami Jun 21 #16
exactly.... democratsruletheday Jun 21 #81
Debates are pointless IMO DemocratInPa Jun 21 #17
They Might Influence The Middle ProfessorGAC Jun 22 #117
I agree with Jones; however, I think it is more likely trump is the one to "mess up." And, Jones also said-- Silent Type Jun 21 #19
Um, yeah, no, that's not why Biden deserves another term. Think. Again. Jun 21 #53
That was the conversation they were having. But I guess I should hate on Jones like everyone else. Silent Type Jun 21 #80
That would be up to you, just as we each have decided for ourselves what to think of him. Think. Again. Jun 21 #84
This message was self-deleted by its author sprinkleeninow Jun 22 #101
Van Jones is no better than TSF. He's all about getting his name in the media. Nothing else KPN Jun 21 #20
FU, Van Jones. There has not been a Democrat you have actually supported in decades--including Obama hlthe2b Jun 21 #22
Well Van, republicans always hold Dems to a higher standard louis-t Jun 21 #23
Too many empty talking heads. Wish 90% of them would stfu Deuxcents Jun 21 #24
Concern troll is very concerned... IrishAfricanAmerican Jun 21 #25
They wish Blue Owl Jun 21 #26
Pod Save America talked about this, this morning. bearsfootball516 Jun 21 #27
Bezos' ROI Kid Berwyn Jun 21 #28
I have not cared what Van Jones has to say in a very long time. LoisB Jun 21 #31
Complete BS Freethinker65 Jun 21 #32
That makes me want to scream. Doesn't matter what Biden does or doesn't do. betsuni Jun 21 #33
Jones' corporate masters at CNN SocialDemocrat61 Jun 21 #34
Yep. Oneironaut Jun 21 #38
Whatever Jones says can be disregarded. That's been the case since 2016 when he uttered... brush Jun 21 #35
Today's media: 34 felony convictions is nothing compared to not "winning" a debate. unblock Jun 21 #36
And a Convicted Rapist and a Fraud. Cha Jun 21 #42
And a list a mile long of things he's done and said that would instantly kill a democrat's career unblock Jun 21 #48
YES! The US "media" is the Enemy of the State. Cha Jun 21 #56
Whereas Trump can sound like an idiot and no one cares. Oneironaut Jun 21 #37
Will somebody tell Van... Mike Nelson Jun 21 #39
Will that be the moment that cheato becomes President senseandsensibility Jun 21 #40
Yes that's Exactly what I think of whenever that Idiot Cha Jun 21 #45
Van Jones, not the first person to make the stupid mistake of underestimating Joe Biden. emulatorloo Jun 21 #43
Trump is not a "raging bull'; he's a blithering idiot. Aristus Jun 21 #44
Why is Van Jones being stupid? LiberalFighter Jun 21 #46
So, if Biden does well... regnaD kciN Jun 21 #49
No. According to Jones if Biden does well he "deserves another shot at being president". GoodRaisin Jun 21 #55
The debate won't change my vote. Martin Eden Jun 21 #50
Pretty sure 'vanjones' means shit for brains in some ancient language. NoMoreRepugs Jun 21 #51
Biden is smart, intelligent quick witted and edgy. He's debate prepping now and will be sharp and ready. Whats the prob? Westcoast4life Jun 21 #52
He is nearly the biggest asshole on tv PCIntern Jun 21 #54
van jones continues to be an imbecile and part of the problem samsingh Jun 21 #57
Would someone please escort Mr Jones back to the rock he came out from under . . . . SarcasticSatyr Jun 21 #58
President Biden will do just fine. FloridaBlues Jun 21 #59
Sounds like a wish on his part. patphil Jun 21 #60
I don't think he's wrong, given how the media loves them some unflattering Biden footage 0rganism Jun 21 #61
Uh, no duckworth969 Jun 21 #62
LOL hardly anyone who's not a politics junky will be watching Prairie Gates Jun 21 #63
More crap from The Hill. pwb Jun 21 #64
And Bezos awarded him for this bullshit. POS 💩 live love laugh Jun 21 #65
EC victory? czarjak Jun 21 #66
Supreme Court may make decision on debate day. SupportSanity Jun 21 #67
True 💯💯💯 HandmaidsTaleUntold Jun 21 #68
Wasn't the media slinging this same mess about the State of the Union? BadgerMom Jun 21 #69
Jones is very likely right. slumcamper Jun 21 #71
I can't stand that guy karin_sj Jun 21 #72
As Archie Bunker would say, "What a load of crapola." llmart Jun 21 #73
That idiotic fist pump of his is the gesture that really chaps my hide, sprinkleeninow Jun 22 #103
He's too stupid to know what that really looks like. llmart Jun 22 #112
"This is the entire election, as far as I'm concerned. Jones said Botany Jun 21 #75
Bezos donates $100 million each to CNN contributor Van Jones ... IcyPeas Jun 21 #77
Dolly Parton also got $100 M for her literacy work. Silent Type Jun 21 #86
He knows the material and I'm not too concerned Shermann Jun 21 #78
I am a carbon based human with a functioning brain stem and I will NOT be watching the debate next week. beaglelover Jun 21 #79
Has this asshole ever been right about anything? FrankBooth Jun 21 #83
He should be on ESPN roscoeroscoe Jun 21 #85
I haven't paid Jones any attention for years JustAnotherGen Jun 21 #87
As much as I dislike Van Jones, he's probably right about this Silent3 Jun 21 #89
Jones is trolling but not really wrong. There is no upside here TheKentuckian Jun 21 #90
I do think VJ is wrong & he's a Cha Jun 21 #91
I want him to be wrong but the media environment does not generate confidence TheKentuckian Jun 21 #95
Yeah, I know what you mean, of course. And, Cha Jun 21 #97
Heads Trump wins, tails Biden lose. Emile Jun 21 #92
From Obama backer to concern troll. Go away. Hassler Jun 21 #93
Van who? Hekate Jun 21 #94
"He is finally looking presidential", BigmanPigman Jun 21 #96
Just some of the eff'd up things some people will say and do for a paycheck. Jones is well past his sell-by date AFAIC. Tarheel_Dem Jun 21 #98
TSF could soil himself, but the media... CarlYasutomo Jun 22 #99
Fuck Van Jones budkin Jun 22 #100
So Van states the obvious tirebiter Jun 22 #102
Not one of "our guys" budkin Jun 22 #104
I would be privileged to PCIntern Jun 22 #105
Over 100 comments on DU means you've said something really dumb. EarnestPutz Jun 22 #106
If Biden messes up the debate, how does it help him? Please explain that away. n/t elocs Jun 22 #107
Biden could recite "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and be more coherent than Trump will be DFW Jun 22 #108
Oh for the love of Mike Van Jones.. President Biden may be moving slower Peacetrain Jun 22 #109
What a dumb thing to say. tavernier Jun 22 #110
Hey Faux pas Jun 22 #111
This was posted yesterday and yall are STILL throwing this tantrum? Bucky Jun 22 #113
Biden bdamomma Jun 22 #114
cheater/liar/felon against the world RANDYWILDMAN Jun 22 #115
Over a half century of experience in DC... giving DC speeches on the floor. WarGamer Jun 22 #116
Hey Van! What If TSF Loses the Debate? Is the Cha Jun 23 #120
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