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19. I wouldn't doubt it. Unless twins and triplets run in all these women's families.
Sat Jun 22, 2024, 07:33 PM
Jun 22

He's choosing women who meet his idea of "good genes". Talented and smart women, who look good. He doesn't necessarily want to have a real relationship with them or the children themselves, he just wants them to be the mothers of his spawning. Whether or not they actually liked him or would be willing to sleep with him.
He bought their eggs, just like he bought his other bedmates.

Makes him look like "the Big Master".


This guy has a breeding fetish. RandySF Jun 22 #1
He's personally building the "master race" one at a time. LudwigPastorius Jun 22 #2
+1, Would anyone be surprised if he said those exact words? uponit7771 Jun 22 #6
Too funny WA-03 Democrat Jun 22 #12
"Father of Our Country Century 21" oasis Jun 23 #37
A narcissist who is blessing the world with his DNA. Irish_Dem Jun 22 #3
2 sets of twins and one set of triplets? bucolic_frolic Jun 22 #4
I wonder if the women are doing fertility treatments. Irish_Dem Jun 22 #8
I recall something about all or most kids after the first were done with IVF. lostnfound Jun 22 #14
Nowadays most IVF clinics frown upon phylny Jun 22 #15
Here's an IVF story regarding the Neuralink executive's kids lostnfound Jun 22 #16
When you are a billionaire, you usually get exactly what you want. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #31
That is the most reasonable explanation for the twins and triplets. Irish_Dem Jun 22 #17
I wouldn't doubt it. Unless twins and triplets run in all these women's families. haele Jun 22 #19
Did these women actually carry the children themselves? Irish_Dem Jun 23 #32
Shivon Zilis said her kids were born through IVF JI7 Jun 23 #30
Sounds like IVF to me Hekate Jun 22 #24
I hope she gets all of her child support in advance. Irish_Dem Jun 22 #5
Sounds like he's going to be way richer soon womanofthehills Jun 22 #25
Good. All the mothers of his children will be happy. Irish_Dem Jun 22 #26
Eeew. Lunabell Jun 22 #7
And also, we wouldn't have that hideous abomination roving the streets Blue Owl Jun 22 #9
Multiple kids with several women who seem to know of each other. brush Jun 22 #10
In the old days, we'd call that a cult. LudwigPastorius Jun 22 #11
Yes, it reminds me of Warren Jeffs and the Latter Day Saints. Lonestarblue Jun 22 #13
Next on "Sick, Sad World," billionaire dick has no dick control. Efilroft Sul Jun 22 #18
he's in competition with Nick Cannon: Nick Cannon has 12 kids with 5 women BlueWaveNeverEnd Jun 22 #20
six different women Celerity Jun 23 #33
He wins the stupid name contest. Many celebs in the running. Boomerproud Jun 23 #34
feels more and more every day like must os trying to build a warren jeffs' like compound Takket Jun 22 #21
This asshole is sick LetMyPeopleVote Jun 22 #22
What I find interesting in all this... jmowreader Jun 22 #23
His kids & employees kids have a school just for them womanofthehills Jun 22 #28
He's still just a rich guy fucking the help, ain't he. Iggo Jun 22 #27
"employee"... Just what is the job? keithbvadu2 Jun 22 #29
There are some things about Eloon I don't want to know. BootinUp Jun 23 #35
Welp, she's 38 Polybius Jun 23 #36
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