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20. The US is too big for effective protests.
Sun Jun 23, 2024, 11:36 AM
Jun 23

The only reason the press covers an inauguration or events like January 6 is the amount of eyes on the "event", not the amount of people marching for or against a cause.
Even if there's rioting on the streets, unless a celebrity is involved or there's mass casualties, it's just a blip and the media goes on with it's corporate narrative and access journalism.
Politicians and corporations aren't concerned about the amount of US citizens that died and are still dying of Covid. Commercially, 1 million people are a low percentage of the overall US "consumer base". And to put it cynically, the majority of those dying weren't going to be a dent on the GDP or profit margins. They tended to be either old, disabled, or low-income/low-education; higher cost and lower production folks.
I really, really hate to sound cynical, but unless We the People can get at least 10's of millions of people marching simultaneously, the think tanks, media and politicians will just shrug and go on doing what they're doing, because it's all about consumers and markets and profits.
There's still 300 + million people that show they don't feel strong enough about a subject that they will actually change their routine and do something.
We Americans never really shut down a major city. Not Portland during the BLM protests, the closest
was DC on January 6, 2021, but even then, people were still going about their business as long as they weren't around the Capital complex.


We CAN, but seems not to be in our bones or DNA; elleng Jun 21 #1
Guns? chowder66 Jun 21 #2
You make a good and frightening point senseandsensibility Jun 22 #6
That's what I was thinking. Cha Jun 22 #9
MLK risked and lost his life Kaleva Jun 22 #10
I admit I'm not willing to risk my life, or bodily harm. I have however marched, and rallied in NYC, and DC off and... electric_blue68 Jun 23 #17
See my post #14. electric_blue68 Jun 23 #16
Where was Will Bunch Staph Jun 21 #3
I couldn't afford to travel to DC. I marched in NYC that day. electric_blue68 Jun 23 #18
We're not as polarized and catechized as they are. n/t Igel Jun 22 #4
From one source I've read ('bout 6 months ago), a share of Americans ... chouchou Jun 22 #5
Murder, beatings, jail didn't deter the Civil Rights activists Kaleva Jun 22 #8
What you say is true. Personally, I'd join the pack, raising verbal hell. chouchou Jun 22 #12
What my Liberal Texan friend living in a town near Dallas posted after Biden was declared the winner... electric_blue68 Jun 23 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author electric_blue68 Jun 23 #15
because someone is drinking an entire bottle of hot sauce on tik tok Takket Jun 22 #7
Yes Kaleva Jun 22 #11
The professional activists in the US are annoying Prairie Gates Jun 22 #13
Some my be annoying...bit they can get things done at times... electric_blue68 Jun 23 #19
What do they get done ? JI7 Jun 23 #22
The US is too big for effective protests. haele Jun 23 #20
americans will scream on facebook but not so much feet on the street dembotoz Jun 23 #21
France and Germany aren't nearly as big TxGuitar Jun 23 #23
Didn't the Right win in France recently ? JI7 Jun 23 #24
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