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46. If he tried to take the money of US billionaires
Mon Jun 24, 2024, 05:23 AM
Jun 24

isn't it likely that they would pull off an assassination of him? I don't see them passively sitting back and doing nothing about it.

Stock market CRASH (the LEAST of our problems.) elleng Jun 23 #1
Please get a grip ..... LenaBaby61 Jun 23 #2
OP is asking a legit and good question. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #3
That was mean!!!!! usedtobedemgurl Jun 23 #9
Okay ..... LenaBaby61 Jun 23 #24
If you don't think this is a reasonable line of questioning... Think. Again. Jun 23 #10
...considering the facts of recent hstory, you may be engaging in denialism. LenaBaby61 Jun 23 #42
Excellent response sunnybrook Jun 24 #54
No, It's Not RobinA Jun 24 #59
OP is valid. I expect the worst if he gets elected. LuckyCharms Jun 23 #11
It is going to be really bad win or lose Cosmocat Jun 24 #48
Climate change will take care of a lot of this Kaleva Jun 23 #4
It will be way worse gab13by13 Jun 23 #5
Trump getting back into the WH, will be like giving a heroin addict unlimited drugs. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #6
That makes sense, a sort of friendly fascist blitzkrieg bucolic_frolic Jun 23 #13
The only mitigating factor will be the dementia. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #17
Right Cosmocat Jun 24 #49
Exactly. Irish_Dem Jun 24 #53
The French Resistance. Wednesdays Jun 23 #18
Piss on the handshakes; I have ammunition. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 23 #29
and that heroin addict is your nuclear-weapons-ready nation's dictator 0rganism Jun 23 #15
I am thinking the military may have some agreement about taking Irish_Dem Jun 23 #20
When the dictator orders his military to nuke a hurricane, they're gonna nuke the hurricane 0rganism Jun 23 #22
I think there had been discussion among the Joint Chiefs. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #23
I would like to introduce you to the Honorable,... magicarpet Jun 23 #31
Yes but it would have to be more than the Secty of Def. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #33
I know people are trying to grasp at straws Cosmocat Jun 24 #51
I cannot disagree with this possibility at all. Irish_Dem Jun 24 #55
I was just commenting Cosmocat Jun 24 #58
I Used To Think RobinA Jun 24 #60
My opinion is, if he gets back in office bluestarone Jun 23 #7
As per the first reply above, I too think Market Crash bucolic_frolic Jun 23 #14
Lots of people's lives will be getting getting destroyed. bluestarone Jun 23 #19
If TSF wins gab13by13 Jun 23 #8
And they will be really surprised when the first thing their new overlords do Bettie Jun 23 #27
Bingo, Butterflylady Jun 23 #39
If trump retakes the Whitehouse... Think. Again. Jun 23 #12
Learn Russian Dave says Jun 23 #16
Da! /nt bucolic_frolic Jun 23 #26
Instead of a 6-3 Supreme Court, it will be 9-0. Wednesdays Jun 23 #21
They'll do it anyway WHEN Joe Biden wins. usonian Jun 23 #25
Not thinking evil enough gab13by13 Jun 23 #28
If he tried to take the money of US billionaires wnylib Jun 24 #46
Just repeating what I heard Michael Cohen say. gab13by13 Jun 24 #52
We survived him once, we can again if it comes to that. Groundhawg Jun 23 #30
This next time if djt gets his foot back in the White House it will be,... magicarpet Jun 23 #35
A Trump victory means, at best, things will be chaotic. At worst, things will be catastrophic. Yavin4 Jun 23 #32
If tfg gets back in office, we are in for some very dark days liberal N proud Jun 23 #34
My concern with the worst case is not with what happens but with what I can or will do. hay rick Jun 23 #36
Read Sinclair Lewis "It Can't Happen Here". Arthur_Frain Jun 23 #37
I am hoping for "Seven Days in May" Codifer Jun 23 #44
Heh. Getting ready to watch "Elmer Gantry" Arthur_Frain Jun 24 #45
You will love it. Codifer Jun 24 #57
this is exactly where it is going.......... Takket Jun 23 #38
Project 2025 should all be locked up for centuries. /nt bucolic_frolic Jun 24 #47
I'd like to see the Senate introducing some bills to block and ban this Takket Jun 24 #56
All the guardrails of democracy will come off. Efilroft Sul Jun 23 #40
They're such a bunch of incompetent loons GenThePerservering Jun 23 #41
If Donald Trump is elected, I have a pre-written letter for David Hinkley DemocraticPatriot Jun 23 #43
Yellow Coded Curfew is now in effect? JanMichael Jun 24 #50
Yes, Many Are Aware RobinA Jun 24 #61
In a way covid saved us Tree Lady Jun 24 #62
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