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boston bean

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61. People absolutely must vote for the person most
Mon Jun 24, 2024, 05:50 AM
Jun 24

likely to win that meets most of their expectations.

Grow up. No one gets everything they want. It is a truth in how our democracy operates. If one doesn’t get this ir understand it refuses to accept this reality, they are just as responsible for our slip into fascism.

Now these idiots deserve to be called out on their stupidity.

I doubt there are many people who vote third-party solely because they're told why it's a bad idea. TwilightZone Jun 23 #1
I'm talking about one thing and you're talking about something else. BWdem4life Jun 23 #6
Attack how? SocialDemocrat61 Jun 23 #44
"And third party candidates obviously shouldn't be supported here on DU" MichMan Jun 24 #70
The Electoral College & Republicans on The SC provided us with W & The Donald. czarjak Jun 23 #2
The Electoral College is how we elect presidents. TwilightZone Jun 23 #3
Needs to be scrapped. czarjak Jun 23 #8
You may want to check your democracies. former9thward Jun 23 #10
Hogwash! czarjak Jun 23 #46
i like this phrase. rampartc Jun 24 #101
In Parliamentary Systems, Of Course People Vote For The Leader The Magistrate Jun 24 #88
I wish kacekwl Jun 23 #26
Infinitely harder to do than win the EC FBaggins Jun 24 #79
Actually based out of the JustAnotherGen Jun 24 #130
Thanks for making my point. czarjak Jun 24 #131
So many facts, so little time before November. jaxexpat Jun 23 #24
Throughout the 20th century the popular vote results was the same as the electoral college votes. Now twice in the Walleye Jun 24 #98
Nice day for a strawman argument! emulatorloo Jun 23 #4
Yet there are Green party and other SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #87
I came here to post that response. Total straw man. yardwork Jun 24 #93
Don't forget Putin pal Jill Stein. SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #97
K&R, Bravo, Well Said! Think. Again. Jun 23 #5
Bullshit The Magistrate Jun 23 #7
Agreed. Gore lost FL by a few hundred votes in 2000. John1956PA Jun 23 #9
We can never know where the Nader votes would have gone. former9thward Jun 23 #11
Thank you for your reply. I like it when there is a conservative third party on the ballot. John1956PA Jun 23 #14
Ross Perot. rubbersole Jun 23 #19
What about Ross Perot? SocialDemocrat61 Jun 23 #23
Exit polls from 1992 showed Perot voters splitting equally between Bush and Clinton had he not been on the ballot. tritsofme Jun 23 #45
Thank you SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #102
Actually Buchanan took votes from Gore SocialDemocrat61 Jun 23 #27
If we won Florida, we would have won the presidency...I hate Greens and they did it again in 16. Demsrule86 Jun 24 #94
Except, by Buchanan's own testimony at the time, he won a statistically impossible total of votes in a very Democratic jaxexpat Jun 23 #30
Republican construct? Dr. Strange Jun 24 #103
There Were Peculiarities Of Ballot Lay-Out The Magistrate Jun 24 #105
But how is that a Republican construct? Dr. Strange Jun 24 #108
There's Some Odd Things Go By The Name 'Democrat' In Old Dixie.... The Magistrate Jun 24 #115
"the wrong hole" Polybius Jun 24 #134
Pat Buchanan's vote total in that precinct was voter fraud. jaxexpat Jun 24 #109
That is a fantasy to make you feel better. Thunderbeast Jun 23 #35
How many Nader voters would have voted for Gore? former9thward Jun 23 #38
There is exit polls and studies SocialDemocrat61 Jun 23 #40
Polls are constantly attacked on this site. former9thward Jun 23 #41
I've never attacked polls SocialDemocrat61 Jun 23 #42
I agree with your take in all of this. John1956PA Jun 24 #49
Thanks SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #74
That is legit in fact...most polls even ones I like are bullshit for many reasons...and bought and paid for by the right Demsrule86 Jun 24 #96
The Greens and Nader screwed Gore...and I don't think Green voters would have voted for Bush...they would have stayed Demsrule86 Jun 24 #100
Enough would have to swing the state to Gore mcar Jun 24 #118
Speaking of Buchanan Mad_Machine76 Jun 24 #111
Yes, but as the saying goes "shit happens". former9thward Jun 24 #121
the Consortium of news orgs that investigated afterwards claim that Gore won, if all the votes had been counted. Grasswire2 Jun 23 #29
No, the consortium said Bush won. former9thward Jun 23 #37
The article says the overvotes weren't counted questionseverything Jun 24 #59
Over votes are never counted in any election any place. former9thward Jun 24 #104
In Florida at the time, if the voters intent could be determined, it would be counted questionseverything Jun 24 #107
Not to sound harsh, but why can't people play by the rules? Polybius Jun 24 #135
"that a prominent late night television personality endorsed Nadar" Polybius Jun 24 #133
Agree. betsuni Jun 23 #12
So do cows, but they don't brag about it. BWdem4life Jun 23 #15
Many of us know Exactly what he's Referring to. Cha Jun 24 #53
TY for calling that out. Get so Cha Jun 24 #51
And I get unbearably tired of that meme BWdem4life Jun 24 #55
Fuck 3rd Party Assholes Nader and Stein's LIES. Cha Jun 24 #62
I'm Not Surprised You Do The Magistrate Jun 24 #68
Cast aspersions much? BWdem4life Jun 24 #124
Exactly. JohnSJ Jun 24 #60
Explain me first the electoral college. Without it, the popular vote would likely elect a president. usonian Jun 23 #13
Third party voters didn't vote for Nader or Stein because they believed they could win, they voted for them as sop Jun 23 #16
Exactly And we got Bush's War & the Sick Fuck's Fascism in our WH. Cha Jun 24 #54
Fuck Ralph Nader. hunter Jun 23 #17
You know what. ismnotwasm Jun 23 #18
I'm with Mr Spock on this one...let's do what's logical and not emotional surfered Jun 23 #20
FWIW, a viable third party would almost always TexasBushwhacker Jun 23 #21
You'll likely have the House determining the winner of the Presidential Election occasionally as well. Ace Rothstein Jun 23 #39
Fuck the Electoral College!! aeromanKC Jun 23 #22
The blockheads are those who vote 3rd party and SocialDemocrat61 Jun 23 #25
What got me away from the Greens were how many RWers were members. marble falls Jun 23 #33
I have a nephew H2O Man Jun 23 #36
In that case, they would have siphoned votes away from the Republican candidate MichMan Jun 24 #72
I see them now on social media mcar Jun 24 #119
I saw something I liked in the Greens of yore. People trying to shame me for my votes never won me over. It GPV Jun 23 #28
Do you support third party challenges to Democratic candidates? Yes or no. marble falls Jun 23 #31
No BWdem4life Jun 24 #56
Yeah this sounds like a third party push to me. pwb Jun 23 #32
Recommended. H2O Man Jun 23 #34
Good Lord Prairie Gates Jun 23 #43
could you explain that sentiment? Skittles Jun 24 #48
lol TY Cha Jun 24 #52
This message was self-deleted by its author Skittles Jun 24 #47
What you Posted from FB is Exactly True.. Dave Wisseman.. Cha Jun 24 #50
I take responsibility for Reagan's election in 1980. I voted for John Anderson. no_hypocrisy Jun 24 #57
I voted for Anderson in the primary, but not the general Martin Eden Jun 24 #66
I'm with you. brush Jun 24 #58
People absolutely must vote for the person most boston bean Jun 24 #61
Agree. Grow up. betsuni Jun 24 #64
Well said! mcar Jun 24 #120
Thanks for encapsulating my point BWdem4life Jun 24 #125
Talking to people who wont listen to reason boston bean Jun 24 #129
How very hypocritical BWdem4life Jun 24 #136
Hey. They don't want to vote for a democrat.... boston bean Jun 24 #138
Non-members read this site, but you know that. nt BWdem4life Jun 24 #139
And they know or do now. boston bean Jun 25 #142
Hilariously, I've seen "You don't always get what you want!" echoed more by RWers to Democrats angry over 2016. Lancero Jun 25 #144
No. betsuni Jun 24 #63
"Please don't throw your vote away" is not "authoritarian" Martin Eden Jun 24 #65
But it is true, unless a third party has infrastructure up and down the government JT45242 Jun 24 #67
Translation: kcr Jun 24 #69
Lots of interesting, thoughtful and even insightful responses on this thread BWdem4life Jun 24 #126
Voting third party is absolutely senseless and counter productive Cosmocat Jun 24 #71
Something tells me the blamers never learn their lesson. W's Texas purged Florida's voters. GreenWave Jun 24 #73
What Lesson is To Be Learned? The Magistrate Jun 24 #75
The lesson is... GreenWave Jun 24 #114
I Accept Your Concession Of My Point, Sir The Magistrate Jun 24 #117
This is why we need universal ranked choice voting VMA131Marine Jun 24 #76
Another Idea I Like, Sir The Magistrate Jun 24 #80
Totally agree. We learned that lesson 10 y+ years ago in Maine. OAITW r.2.0 Jun 24 #83
Here's the boilerplate I have for the third party fans: GoneOffShore Jun 24 #77
Just one more SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #84
Hence the Bismarck quote. GoneOffShore Jun 24 #90
The Old Fella Wasn't Quite Cold Enough... The Magistrate Jun 24 #92
Every four years wryter2000 Jun 24 #78
And Anyway, The Lesser Of Two Evils Still Is Less Evil: Good Ain't In Pole Position On the Ballot.... The Magistrate Jun 24 #81
Exactly SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #85
Amen wryter2000 Jun 24 #110
3rd party candidates did cost Gore and HRC their elections. nt mcar Jun 24 #82
Indeed, Sir: The Only People Arguing This Is Not A Fact Are People Who Hope To Wreck A Democratic Candidate Again The Magistrate Jun 24 #89
Same types who assured us SCOTUS wasn't important in 2016 mcar Jun 24 #106
Authoritarians & Misogynists Left and Right delisen Jun 24 #86
Well said SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #91
K & R no text Stuart G Jun 24 #95
Fully agree with you. (nt) Paladin Jun 24 #99
I had a recent conversation with my 21yo great niece about the same issue. walkingman Jun 24 #112
Our Party blaming the voters is like a business blaming the citizens for not buying its product. jalan48 Jun 24 #113
The Supremes screwed the FL voters in 2000 allegorical oracle Jun 24 #116
IMO, that is when it became clear that SCOTUS was a political court. And their decisions walkingman Jun 24 #123
I'm sorry, but, voting third party instead of Biden is voting for Trump. Oneironaut Jun 24 #122
I'm not hearing the D's talk about voting RFK Jr. Shermann Jun 24 #127
The only people I have seen voting for him Tree Lady Jun 24 #137
I'm not in charge of fixing or coddling stupid. TheKentuckian Jun 24 #128
I think that if Gore won in 2000, we'd eventually have gotten a President McCain or Romney Polybius Jun 24 #132
How do you "woo the vote" of someone who is leaning toward, say, Bob Kennedy? LudwigPastorius Jun 25 #140
" voting is an emotional action and not a logical one" - who says? muriel_volestrangler Jun 25 #141
You are absolutely correct OP FactuallySpeaking Jun 25 #143
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