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Advice from the pros BoRaGard Jun 23 #1
Flaw in your argument brooklynite Jun 23 #2
Flaw 1 in your argument: he's wiped the floor w everyone he's ever debated emulatorloo Jun 23 #48
Exactly Farmer-Rick Jun 24 #70
I am a Delawarean and I think I resent insinuation that we would send a bad senator back to DC, He was elected six times Walleye Jun 23 #51
"What a loser! He's only ever been elected to office from his home state!" Bucky Jun 23 #63
Trump couldn't get elected anything in his home state Walleye Jun 24 #66
what do you think is going to happen? elleng Jun 23 #3
The debate that I cannot ever forget was 20yrs ago. Arne Jun 23 #4
I'm in a quite onery mood today, truth be told. sprinkleeninow Jun 23 #5
Then the assault charges mysteriously get filed against him in Ft Pierce Florida where Judge Slurpee delays them forever NBachers Jun 23 #35
Strangely enough . . . peggysue2 Jun 23 #47
Trump will try to push Biden aside like a toddler fight in a sandbox. bucolic_frolic Jun 23 #6
Biden's ability to laugh at Trump is his strong suit. LisaM Jun 23 #10
tRump would never laugh at Biden Seinan Sensei Jun 23 #61
Yes! I'd love to see Biden chuckle when Trump yammers on unmiked, Qutzupalotl Jun 23 #26
Ryan mollie8 Jun 24 #68
I think Mark Twain made a similar agrument about writing critical editorials against Model35mech Jun 23 #7
Watch his body language. alfredo Jun 23 #54
That was BS letting him stalk HRC that way. Dark n Stormy Knight Jun 23 #59
K&R Blue Owl Jun 23 #8
Agreed. 👍 anciano Jun 23 #9
This is what I hope Biden says: SayItLoud Jun 23 #11
Can we vote on this a Biden's opener. Let me start! YES. usaf-vet Jun 23 #46
That's a mic drop on your part, PCI Hekate Jun 23 #12
+1. I trust Biden on this. If anyone really screws up, it's most likely to be trump. HOWEVER, trump voters love Silent Type Jun 23 #13
That's true, and hard to ignore. soldierant Jun 23 #14
Basically agree, although I don't see how anyone is truly independent in the Prez election. The choice is clear. Silent Type Jun 23 #18
I don't either, but I haven't tried that hard. soldierant Jun 23 #22
Most people just dont pay attention to news or politics like DUers do oldsoftie Jun 23 #40
There are undecideds. Elessar Zappa Jun 24 #71
They won't turn out numbers as high as women's votes in battleground states, or they will ancianita Jun 25 #73
Good Point, That! The Roux Comes First Jun 23 #34
That State of the Union speech proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Biden can be a masterful speaker. Martin68 Jun 23 #15
very true- but I expect Putin & Co to pull some huge attack Tumbulu Jun 23 #17
This is NOT a debate in any sense of the word. Katinfl Jun 23 #16
Presidential "debates" have never PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 23 #21
My point exactly. Katinfl Jun 23 #23
Wholeheartedly, agree. peggysue2 Jun 23 #19
Recommended. H2O Man Jun 23 #20
You don't know my neighbor. czarjak Jun 23 #24
i need to say that in the voice of groucho marx. AllaN01Bear Jun 23 #25
a quote from Hank Hill.... ShepKat Jun 23 #27
I think he'll mostly ignore Trump and get right to speaking directly to the American people betsuni Jun 23 #28
I'm tellin' ya... IrishAfricanAmerican Jun 23 #29
Make it so SARose Jun 23 #33
The problem with Trump is that he has no sense of humor. Biden does. Srkdqltr Jun 23 #30
Silence. underpants Jun 23 #56
Trump could pull down his pants and start throwing his shit everywhere... hunter Jun 23 #31
What if SC rules no immunity? SARose Jun 23 #32
JoeB has accomplished more in 3.5 years than the last three Repug presidents combined. NoMoreRepugs Jun 23 #36
Biden's answer to the first question should start, "As the only candidate on stage not having a felony conviction..." Efilroft Sul Jun 23 #37
I love it, but... Orrex Jun 23 #39
I still want Biden to give Trump the red-ass first and frequently. Efilroft Sul Jun 23 #50
Maybe we can reach a compromise Orrex Jun 23 #57
I can live happily with your desired outcome. Efilroft Sul Jun 23 #58
Trump will be lovingly praised if he manages to keep from visibly shitting himself onstage Orrex Jun 23 #38
We forget that Joe Biden had one of the best debate lines ever DeeDeeNY Jun 23 #41
Does any rational person think the SlobFather has handlers who can make/encourage him NoMoreRepugs Jun 23 #42
+33. It's instinct vs. artifice. n/t Harker Jun 23 #43
Biden is consistently underestimated ismnotwasm Jun 23 #44
He will wipe the floor with the orangina Saoirse9 Jun 23 #45
President Biden bdamomma Jun 23 #49
1209 Orange Street Wilmington Delaware underpants Jun 23 #52
I know. Biden will eat his lunch and spit it out. ananda Jun 23 #53
Jacked Up EarthAbides Jun 23 #55
They're deflecting focus towards President Biden because they know Trump will be on Adderall when he takes to the stage. padah513 Jun 24 #65
Whenever I read, or hear, the "concern" and the advice, I am reminded niyad Jun 23 #60
👍🏼...K&R...👍🏼 spanone Jun 23 #62
Biden vs. Dumpy in 2020 4lbs Jun 24 #64
It would be interesting if ... Kablooie Jun 24 #67
If Trump keeps raving on and on after his mic has been muted, President Biden should chuckle and say, "He's like the LaMouffette Jun 24 #69
Thanks PatSeg Jun 24 #72
Could you please say who said "THAT is the most ridiculous thing you have ever said, except..."? ancianita Jun 25 #74
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