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This needs more eyeballs. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 24 #1
Based on our reporting and speaking with members of the tribe, there are over 80 churches on the reservation, Celerity Jun 25 #47
I have no tolerance of evangelicals. Surely all of this shit is illegal. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 25 #48
Lutheran school? SarahD Jun 24 #2
Worse, Wisconsin. WhiskeyGrinder Jun 24 #5
Not Missouri synod. The Wels name for the school wnylib Jun 24 #6
My DH's family is WELS Bettie Jun 24 #16
I grew up Missouri synod. murielm99 Jun 24 #18
I went to a Missouri Synod church for a few years wnylib Jun 24 #35
WELS - Wisconsin Synod AZSkiffyGeek Jun 24 #7
Thanks, everyone, for the explanation. SarahD Jun 24 #9
I was in Missouri Synod parochial schools in Cleveland from second to sixth. We were taught evolution was wrong, ... marble falls Jun 24 #40
Sounds like they need to start a school voucher system on the reservation MagickMuffin Jun 24 #3
So-called christians are always persecuting others BoRaGard Jun 24 #4
That particular religious school is affiliated with wnylib Jun 25 #46
They weren't praising Chaysuss lpbk2713 Jun 24 #8
Cancel culture. duncang Jun 24 #10
They attend a Lutheran school LeftInTX Jun 24 #39
The freedumb of the greatest nation on earth. Marcus IM Jun 24 #11
Women are pretty much halfway there now. calimary Jun 24 #25
Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man. Thomas Paine Ping Tung Jun 24 #12
Doesn't surprise me. twodogsbarking Jun 24 #13
Pay taxes then mother fuckers. onecaliberal Jun 24 #14
Native Americans being punished by European-Americans for being Americans DFW Jun 24 #15
Religious freedom as long as I approve of your religion and worshiping. republianmushroom Jun 24 #17
This is what we're all looking at, should the talibangelicals take over slightlv Jun 24 #24
I'm afraid you are correct. republianmushroom Jun 24 #26
Interesting tidbit Mosby Jun 24 #19
WELS Lutherans are NOT liberal by any stretch of the imagination AZSkiffyGeek Jun 24 #29
My mistake. Mosby Jun 24 #33
Lutherans are liberal? Did I miss a memo? Iggo Jun 24 #44
The Swedish national church (Lutheran) was led by a female from 2014-2022, and has a major bishop who is a lesbian, Celerity Jun 25 #49
Fuck em. Don't go back to that crazy school. maxsolomon Jun 24 #20
From the story: but the damage was done. cbabe Jun 24 #42
Apparently, killing them and stealing their land wasn't good enough. LudwigPastorius Jun 24 #21
And also punished for speaking their own language. Dave Bowman Jun 24 #37
I thought that horse shit went out with high button shoes and corsets Warpy Jun 24 #22
Sadly, no, it is still alive and well in this country. republianmushroom Jun 24 #23
A lot of tribes here do K-12 Warpy Jun 24 #38
"Being expelled from that sink of a school might be the best thing to happen for those girls. Iggo Jun 24 #43
This just infuriates me. slightlv Jun 24 #27
Unfortunately, the reservation lands have become the prized homelands of the worst of Societe American'. jaxexpat Jun 24 #28
When I first saw the title I briefly though that it Dave Bowman Jun 24 #30
And if they don't confess, are the school officials... 3catwoman3 Jun 24 #31
WTF? malaise Jun 24 #32
As a Lutheran I am appalled by this. I cannot believe this crap happened in a Lutheran community on the ... marble falls Jun 24 #34
Are you the one, true variation of Christian? keithbvadu2 Jun 24 #36
Religion is awesome! Iggo Jun 24 #41
The legal framework that allows these schools to exist ought to be dismantled. hunter Jun 24 #45
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