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6. Not Missouri synod. The Wels name for the school
Mon Jun 24, 2024, 12:55 PM
Jun 24

in the article should be all caps, WELS. It stands for Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. They are so conservative that they make the Missouri Synod look moderate.

The ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) would not have expelled the girls.

This needs more eyeballs. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 24 #1
Based on our reporting and speaking with members of the tribe, there are over 80 churches on the reservation, Celerity Jun 25 #47
I have no tolerance of evangelicals. Surely all of this shit is illegal. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 25 #48
Lutheran school? SarahD Jun 24 #2
Worse, Wisconsin. WhiskeyGrinder Jun 24 #5
Not Missouri synod. The Wels name for the school wnylib Jun 24 #6
My DH's family is WELS Bettie Jun 24 #16
I grew up Missouri synod. murielm99 Jun 24 #18
I went to a Missouri Synod church for a few years wnylib Jun 24 #35
WELS - Wisconsin Synod AZSkiffyGeek Jun 24 #7
Thanks, everyone, for the explanation. SarahD Jun 24 #9
I was in Missouri Synod parochial schools in Cleveland from second to sixth. We were taught evolution was wrong, ... marble falls Jun 24 #40
Sounds like they need to start a school voucher system on the reservation MagickMuffin Jun 24 #3
So-called christians are always persecuting others BoRaGard Jun 24 #4
That particular religious school is affiliated with wnylib Jun 25 #46
They weren't praising Chaysuss lpbk2713 Jun 24 #8
Cancel culture. duncang Jun 24 #10
They attend a Lutheran school LeftInTX Jun 24 #39
The freedumb of the greatest nation on earth. Marcus IM Jun 24 #11
Women are pretty much halfway there now. calimary Jun 24 #25
Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man. Thomas Paine Ping Tung Jun 24 #12
Doesn't surprise me. twodogsbarking Jun 24 #13
Pay taxes then mother fuckers. onecaliberal Jun 24 #14
Native Americans being punished by European-Americans for being Americans DFW Jun 24 #15
Religious freedom as long as I approve of your religion and worshiping. republianmushroom Jun 24 #17
This is what we're all looking at, should the talibangelicals take over slightlv Jun 24 #24
I'm afraid you are correct. republianmushroom Jun 24 #26
Interesting tidbit Mosby Jun 24 #19
WELS Lutherans are NOT liberal by any stretch of the imagination AZSkiffyGeek Jun 24 #29
My mistake. Mosby Jun 24 #33
Lutherans are liberal? Did I miss a memo? Iggo Jun 24 #44
The Swedish national church (Lutheran) was led by a female from 2014-2022, and has a major bishop who is a lesbian, Celerity Jun 25 #49
Fuck em. Don't go back to that crazy school. maxsolomon Jun 24 #20
From the story: but the damage was done. cbabe Jun 24 #42
Apparently, killing them and stealing their land wasn't good enough. LudwigPastorius Jun 24 #21
And also punished for speaking their own language. Dave Bowman Jun 24 #37
I thought that horse shit went out with high button shoes and corsets Warpy Jun 24 #22
Sadly, no, it is still alive and well in this country. republianmushroom Jun 24 #23
A lot of tribes here do K-12 Warpy Jun 24 #38
"Being expelled from that sink of a school might be the best thing to happen for those girls. Iggo Jun 24 #43
This just infuriates me. slightlv Jun 24 #27
Unfortunately, the reservation lands have become the prized homelands of the worst of Societe American'. jaxexpat Jun 24 #28
When I first saw the title I briefly though that it Dave Bowman Jun 24 #30
And if they don't confess, are the school officials... 3catwoman3 Jun 24 #31
WTF? malaise Jun 24 #32
As a Lutheran I am appalled by this. I cannot believe this crap happened in a Lutheran community on the ... marble falls Jun 24 #34
Are you the one, true variation of Christian? keithbvadu2 Jun 24 #36
Religion is awesome! Iggo Jun 24 #41
The legal framework that allows these schools to exist ought to be dismantled. hunter Jun 24 #45
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