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2. They don't think Trump has strength,they believe their own bullshit that Joe Biden is weak and frail. He will surprise
Mon Jun 24, 2024, 02:36 PM
Jun 24

I guess they think a debate is a yelling match

Fuck Toad Celerity Jun 24 #1
They don't think Trump has strength,they believe their own bullshit that Joe Biden is weak and frail. He will surprise Walleye Jun 24 #2
Oh, but Trump has strength indeed Wednesdays Jun 24 #40
That's what I think, he's always using the word "strongly" Walleye Jun 24 #47
They have convinced the public Tree Lady Jun 24 #3
Trump looks old when he's not wearing his makeup. calguy Jun 24 #6
Trump looks 20 years older than Biden, if he isn't wearing make up and his girdle. Meadowoak Jun 24 #10
But thats not what the public sees Tree Lady Jun 24 #18
I think you mean he doesn't look as old with all the makeup. soldierant Jun 24 #30
he probably looked something like this at one point 10 or so years ago Celerity Jun 25 #50
Actually Mossfern Jun 25 #53
You bet. soldierant Jun 25 #61
My great auntie Alice lived to be over 102. When she was 98 she was still playing tournament bridge Walleye Jun 24 #48
Correct. This debate could determine who wins the election. Doodley Jun 25 #55
Trump does have "strengths," if that's what you call an unusual ability Ocelot II Jun 24 #4
His "strength" is to make too many false assertions to effectively fact-check Martin Eden Jun 25 #57
Give Tuck Choad his walking papers EYESORE 9001 Jun 24 #5
Will he show up? cyclonefence Jun 24 #7
As though he were really afraid of Marianne Williamson. Qutzupalotl Jun 24 #19
And now it seems he has another out--Jake Tapper is biased cyclonefence Jun 24 #37
fuckery more like it nt et tu Jun 24 #36
I wonder what dirt Trump/Putin has on Chuckie Turd. Meadowoak Jun 24 #8
I''m expecting the countdown clock any minute spanone Jun 24 #9
Trump can't even name the 3 branches of government, Meadowoak Jun 24 #11
This morning during commercials malaise Jun 24 #17
ALL. DAY. LONG. spanone Jun 24 #27
media needs a horse race. ignore them and register voters and GOTV. ZonkerHarris Jun 24 #12
Agree. If the media put half as much effort in following leads and then investigate Deuxcents Jun 24 #14
Will he show up? EndlessWire Jun 24 #13
Me, neither. The whole "debates" thing is only relevant when UTUSN Jun 24 #15
'93 Super Bowl was a nail-biter compared to the vast discrepancies between Torchlight Jun 24 #16
You win the tbread malaise Jun 24 #21
I doubt Trump will really answer any questions or topics asked by the moderators. hadEnuf Jun 24 #20
CNN has a shitload of pills to push and medicare advantage plans to sell rurallib Jun 24 #22
Its the regular thing. Pumping up the crowd fer the big shin dig. jaxexpat Jun 24 #23
You will still JustAnotherGen Jun 24 #24
The media are all hoping TFG will display the brilliance he tells us he possesses Warpy Jun 24 #25
Media is full of assholes and fools that can't fucking talk real bullimiami Jun 24 #26
Everyone should know by now durablend Jun 24 #28
I heard one hack ask if Biden should malaise Jun 24 #29
I rarely watch them. Kaleva Jun 24 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author LakeArenal Jun 24 #32
I am riveted because this is history in real time. And I lived it. LakeArenal Jun 24 #33
No convicted criminal should be on the debate stage malaise Jun 24 #34
I agree. That's why I need to watch. LakeArenal Jun 24 #38
There are many, many reasons why he shouldn't be on the debate stage. nt wiggs Jun 24 #39
The failed coupshould be#1 malaise Jun 24 #42
The only other debate as consequential as this coming debate was the Kennedy / Nixon debate flashman13 Jun 24 #35
I remember that pretty well, it may be worth got me hooked on politics Walleye Jun 24 #49
Wonder if Biden can make that point with subtlety and class, giving T credit...after all the wiggs Jun 24 #41
We do it every four years. SarahD Jun 24 #43
Same shit here malaise Jun 24 #44
Yes. Trump does have strength. It's called BODY ODOR and DIRTY DIAPER SMELL. madinmaryland Jun 24 #45
I know it's shit Red Mountain Jun 24 #46
It's all about the eyeballs. The media wants it for ratings, so they make it into a sacred tradition... JHB Jun 25 #51
You and me both. It isn't as if it's a debate. I know TFG is incapable of an honest debate, but this all means ... marble falls Jun 25 #52
I look at it as entertainment Mossfern Jun 25 #54
Polls are neck and neck. Trump wins in Nov, that's it for America as we know it. This is the most important debate ever. Doodley Jun 25 #56
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 25 #58
They would have you believe ... Xoan Jun 25 #59
The media and the politicians use it to generate interest often lacking Model35mech Jun 25 #60
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