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Mon Jun 24, 2024, 02:40 PM Jun 24

Donald Trump Talks About Taking Off His Shirt To Show 'Wounds.' [View all]


“Together, we stood up to the communists, Marxists and fascists to defend religious liberty like no other president has ever done,” he told the Faith & Freedom Coalition in Washington, D.C. “And I have the wounds all over my body. If I took this shirt off you’d see a beautiful, beautiful person but you’d see wounds all over me. I’ve taken a lot of wounds, I can tell you. More than I suspect any president ever.”


He really tries to play into the second coming of Christ with these people sheesh
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Maga Crowd chants, "take it off! Take it all off!" Walleye Jun 24 #1
Now that's funny. EarnestPutz Jun 24 #55
And then when he does, a collective dry heave. (nt) Pinback Jun 24 #64
"Put it back on! Put it back on" Walleye Jun 24 #89
Please don't take off your shirt Donald Diamond_Dog Jun 24 #2
Right? Just thinking about it makes me feel nauseous. 🤢 ShazzieB Jun 24 #49
That would be a felony in and of itself. Sneederbunk Jun 24 #114
Dare him to do it. Not that I'd actually want to see what's under his shirt. Ocelot II Jun 24 #3
OMG white as a sheet birdographer Jun 24 #52
Hey, his saggy nipples are probably bigger than his tiny dick! LOL machoneman Jun 24 #74
As always, what the hell is he talking about? cyclonefence Jun 24 #4
I suspect he thinks he's Christ. Joinfortmill Jun 24 #98
Now, where did they put that big wooden cross again? Donald, we need you to carry this thing for a way... thenelm1 Jun 24 #113
Double-dog dare ya, but wait till I pull out my airsickness bag Hekate Jun 24 #5
He thinks he's Jesus. He's delusional. yardwork Jun 24 #6
Jesus showed Thomas his wounds. Will Trump show us his? Ocelot II Jun 24 #88
Jesus didn't have to take off his shirt to do so, either. soldierant Jun 24 #119
Syphilis is on the inside lame54 Jun 24 #7
Yeah Donnie, I imagine sometimes your rape victims fight back. unblock Jun 24 #8
Not interested in seeing his corset. fierywoman Jun 24 #9
Lesions.... not wounds.... getagrip_already Jun 24 #10
He caught it from Bannon. Dave Bowman Jun 24 #14
I think syphilis does, too. wnylib Jun 24 #77
Please proceed. lindysalsagal Jun 24 #11
Um... ProfessorGAC Jun 24 #12
Six, if you count Theodore Roosevelt in 1912. rsdsharp Jun 24 #31
Thanks. That Was A Typo ProfessorGAC Jun 24 #51
What mind? wnylib Jun 24 #79
Fair ProfessorGAC Jun 24 #91
Yargh, eww, I just imagined him with no shirt on! Dave Bowman Jun 24 #13
Ewwww...gross... TSExile Jun 24 #15
Stretch marks yes, wounds, no. Meadowoak Jun 24 #16
He is a puffy old white man who is rich and has people move boxes for him. forgotmylogin Jun 24 #43
But that mess on Trump's head is real jayschool2013 Jun 25 #132
Rofl Joinfortmill Jun 24 #99
Did he get a Purple Heart for stubbing his toe on a golf tee while serving his country. Ping Tung Jun 24 #17
He got a cut on his finger from a rogue can of Diet Coke. Prof. Toru Tanaka Jun 24 #70
Note A Pack Of Evangelicals And Tradionalist Catholics Together Sat Through This Without A Blink The Magistrate Jun 24 #18
Wanting to emulate his boss... Lochloosa Jun 24 #19
I feel so sorry for that horse. StarryNite Jun 24 #92
Putin should have been riding a horse of the Ringwraiths, Nazgul! electric_blue68 Jun 24 #123
TFG will never take off his shirt LetMyPeopleVote Jun 24 #20
Makes me remember Obama pic in Hawaii Tree Lady Jun 24 #116
Assuming we are allowed to look for them DFW Jun 24 #21
Those aren't wounds. More like stretchmarks. calimary Jun 24 #36
Or, possibly........ DFW Jun 24 #39
If someone in Hazmat is brave enough to excavate his blubber, MorbidButterflyTat Jun 24 #80
They had better bring bread crumbs DFW Jun 24 #121
What color is he really? Arne Jun 24 #22
Have to call out the Amish community to paint the barn orange. keithbvadu2 Jun 24 #24
I'd be willing to bet that the parts of his body customarily covered by clothing are ghostly white. ShazzieB Jun 24 #57
Challenge accepted, Donald. Cameras ready. Take off your shirt. Show us what a he-man you are. keithbvadu2 Jun 24 #23
No Donny Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 24 #25
The first letter is upside down central scrutinizer Jun 24 #26
Go for it Saint Sebastian no_hypocrisy Jun 24 #27
Love the reference.... CTyankee Jun 24 #34
He is stark raving malaise Jun 24 #58
Bwaaaah! 😄 electric_blue68 Jun 24 #122
Diapers, girdles, and corsets are WOUNDS? Bundbuster Jun 24 #28
"I've taken a lot of wounds...more than I suspect any president ever" Wednesdays Jun 24 #29
Oy! Such a martyr complex. calimary Jun 24 #40
Remember, he was tortured in prison DET Jun 24 #30
He'll reveal dweller Jun 24 #32
That's an opening that would lead Biden at a loss for words rurallib Jun 24 #59
Donald von Schitzenpantz doesn't have stigmata... alterfurz Jun 24 #66
NOOOOOOO! Jilly_in_VA Jun 24 #33
CREEPY! BittyJenkins Jun 24 #35
I'm getting a Vladimir Harkonnen-soaking-in-an-oil bath vibe from this. Efilroft Sul Jun 24 #37
Will SOMEONE think of the children ??? 😮 OnDoutside Jun 24 #38
There was a fake picture of trump Danascot Jun 24 #41
He probably has nipples the size of record albums. Leave the shirt on, fuckface. LuckyCharms Jun 24 #42
This message was self-deleted by its author kimbutgar Jun 24 #44
Ass hole, shooting your self in the foot and and pulling your foot out of your mouth and scratches from your ... marble falls Jun 24 #45
Diaper rash... more than I suspect any president ever.... Blue Owl Jun 24 #46
he's slipping into psychosis barbtries Jun 24 #47
Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times - by Senators, no less. Buns_of_Fire Jun 24 #48
? et tu Jun 24 #87
He slips into WTF mode so easily Johonny Jun 24 #50
Demented, minimally. Evolve Dammit Jun 24 #53
Trump has gone mad. hadEnuf Jun 24 #54
Hmmm Abstractartist Jun 24 #56
Yeah. The fukkin Roman soldiers with their spears --- don't give a fuck who they stab. 3Hotdogs Jun 24 #60
Haven't we seen this before? usonian Jun 24 #61
Save it for the debate, Donwuld - you'll impress a lot more people that way. Buns_of_Fire Jun 24 #62
FF45 has been fighting uphill, me boys... Blue Owl Jun 24 #63
Maybe he took a yard dart to the chest when he was young. Mosby Jun 24 #65
Maybe he can show the bone spurs that kept him out of the draft during the war in Vietnam? Uncle Joe Jun 24 #67
I see he already has that cocky smirk on his face at that age. llmart Jun 24 #72
Is that a truly punchable face or what? Johnny Noshoes Jun 24 #97
Walking Tall Movie bmichaelh Jun 24 #68
He's confusing syphilis with stigmata JoseBalow Jun 24 #69
That isn't a wound SomedayKindaLove Jun 24 #71
He really is losing it. Why would he say anything that is so easy to disprove. Botany Jun 24 #73
Oh my eyes Bird Lady Jun 24 #75
Seriously angrychair Jun 24 #76
He's got Pigmata (R) BoRaGard Jun 24 #78
LOL! Ocelot II Jun 24 #81
Rofl Joinfortmill Jun 24 #101
Nail him to the cross, let's see if he comes back after 3 days IronLionZion Jun 24 #82
I think the story goes-- Bayard Jun 24 #93
Rofl Joinfortmill Jun 24 #103
Shark bites? moondust Jun 24 #83
Please for the love of God keep your shirt on Saoirse9 Jun 24 #84
It'd be like looking at that circus stunman who catches a cannonball in slo-mo ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 24 #120
Word is he has man boob spurs BeyondGeography Jun 24 #85
TSF is a total crack pot and he seems to be going down hill every day. flashman13 Jun 24 #86
Wrinkles and fat are not wounds! dchill Jun 24 #90
How can anybody be so effing stupid as to believe his shit? StarryNite Jun 24 #94
A fundraising mailer sent out today makes a claim that he was "tortured" at the allegorical oracle Jun 24 #95
Ok, he's nuts. Joinfortmill Jun 24 #96
Please don't take off your shirt - all of that 78-year old hanging fat on your chest and mid section will make me vomit iluvtennis Jun 24 #100
Was Stormy Daniels available for comment? SouthBayDem Jun 24 #102
No, it's scars from when Melania found out about Stormy Daniels. Figured that would leave a few marks.... dutch777 Jun 24 #108
Such a fucking faux martyr. spanone Jun 24 #104
Really? Hyperbole. I think George Washington. James Monroe, haele Jun 24 #105
Next thing you know he will claim he has nail scars in his hands and feet and don't forget the stab wound on his side. appleannie1 Jun 24 #106
"Your diseases lovingly cared for, for all eternity." C_U_L8R Jun 24 #107
That's the movie I posted a picture here of this characters backside and it was too much for some people! kimbutgar Jun 25 #137
This reminds me of when GeeDumbya Bush went to Walter Reed Army hospital and bragged to the OMGWTF Jun 24 #109
How the hell does anyone think this is acceptable? Doodley Jun 24 #110
It's not - he's completely morphed into America's "Drunk Uncle" FakeNoose Jun 24 #117
If this happened in another Western democracy, the media would hold Trump to account for what he says. Doodley Jun 25 #131
What an asshole. EndlessWire Jun 24 #111
This message was self-deleted by its author Blue Idaho Jun 24 #112
The prison guards are dreading having to see Ilsa Jun 24 #115
Good Grief! He will never remove his clothing to prove it and that's perfectly fine with me... Rhiannon12866 Jun 24 #118
All you might see is AdamGG Jun 24 #124
He's jacked like his NFT cards show. rubbersole Jun 25 #125
What??? he isn't claiming the stigmata yet??? Although. . . there were those pics niyad Jun 25 #126
jfc RandySF Jun 25 #127
Wounds from secret bypass surgery maybe? Or lipo? live love laugh Jun 25 #128
At this rate, he'll be parading around naked before long dlk Jun 25 #129
Anatomically Correct (no stigmata) Marcuse Jun 25 #130
What ever became of those fiberglass statues? ChazInAz Jun 25 #135
If he had a paper cut in custody it would be worse than any POTUS Norbert Jun 25 #133
Barfathon . . . nt Richard D Jun 25 #134
He doesn't need to take off his shirt to show them his "heel spurs." Martin68 Jun 25 #136
This Has To Be Made Up Beowulf42 Jun 25 #138
Ketchup stains Wicked Blue Jun 25 #139
Many beautiful wounds C OH Dem Jun 25 #140
Who believes this bullshit? mzmolly Jun 25 #141
traitortrump must've been having nightmares about a firing squad. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 25 #142
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