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Wed Jun 12, 2013, 08:48 AM Jun 2013

Do you Stand with Rand or with President Obama. Only two choices here. [View all]

Last edited Wed Jun 12, 2013, 10:52 AM - Edit history (2)

this is a confidential poll, so please answer honestly.
No one is tracking anything.

I stand with the President.

edited to put sarcasm smilie in what was obvious an ironic joke.

edit to add- I did not realize that automatically the poll adds a no opinion or no vote choice.
I only made the two
So I guess there are 3 choices, but my poll stated only 2

25 votes, 21 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I stand with Rand
7 (28%)
I have the back of President Obama
18 (72%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Define on what? newmember Jun 2013 #1
There is no other issue. This is the issue. Cirque du So-What Jun 2013 #11
You should state what Paul and Obama argue adric mutelovic Jun 2013 #179
Were you a member of the debate club in high school. NCTraveler Jun 2013 #2
I stand with myself. Possibly because I just eat a raw onion. One of those red ones. el_bryanto Jun 2013 #3
DUzy!!!! calimary Jun 2013 #151
Is that what's giving me gas? flamingdem Jun 2013 #153
Oh for heaven's sake. Demit Jun 2013 #4
I'm on the side of the US Constitution DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #5
And I'm with you on that. Th1onein Jun 2013 #178
Two problems. Savannahmann Jun 2013 #6
how about this is the stupidest poll I've ever seen on DU? cali Jun 2013 #7
You must hate America and the ballet newmember Jun 2013 #12
actually, we can ALL see who voted which way,,,, KarenS Jun 2013 #18
+1 pinboy3niner Jun 2013 #19
If not the stupidest, it's certainly up there. lob1 Jun 2013 #152
well it's certainly beat the farces i've attempted NuttyFluffers Jun 2013 #202
define on what again..... newmember Jun 2013 #8
It is an a abstract issue treestar Jun 2013 #9
in 2000 there were 2 choices. Vote for Gore or against Gore. Vote for ALito/Roberts or Against graham4anything Jun 2013 #20
"there are only two choices for everything". Absolute horse shit. cali Jun 2013 #28
Lol, you made me laugh, which was not easy after seeing this ridiculous poll, We should all have sabrina 1 Jun 2013 #204
Nah, that's not so treestar Jun 2013 #141
If there were only two choices, why did so many vote for Buchanan on the butterfly ballot? n/t hughee99 Jun 2013 #144
Florida didn't matter if NH 4 electoral votes went for Gore. Gore had 270 without Florida w NH graham4anything Jun 2013 #146
I thought there were only two choices? That's what I was responding to. hughee99 Jun 2013 #147
You're against loyalty oaths and purity tests. Except when they're YOURS. Disgusting. cali Jun 2013 #10
Agreed Savannahmann Jun 2013 #14
LMAO Solly Mack Jun 2013 #13
This is not a confidential poll. There's no such thing on DU Renew Deal Jun 2013 #15
Do you like ripping the heads off of puppies or strawberry cheesecake? JW2020 Jun 2013 #16
Perhaps a tough call for the lactose intolerant. hughee99 Jun 2013 #145
If you make me choose, I will always stand with the Constitution Yo_Mama Jun 2013 #17
Amen to this,,, n/t KarenS Jun 2013 #23
Excellent post, thank you! sabrina 1 Jun 2013 #207
What a bland salad pintobean Jun 2013 #21
Mea culpa JW2020 Jun 2013 #22
Ralph Nader! Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #24
Post removed Post removed Jun 2013 #25
+1 pintobean Jun 2013 #26
+10000. nt. premium Jun 2013 #30
Why stop there - why not get rid of anybody who says things you don't like? nt el_bryanto Jun 2013 #32
The irony is amazing. Just in the last few days graham4anything Jun 2013 #45
Good grief! HappyMe Jun 2013 #49
You're on the MIRT pintobean Jun 2013 #64
MIRT is about getting rid of spammers, HappyMe Jun 2013 #72
Thanks for that. ucrdem Jun 2013 #75
Agreed. Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #61
No but we are supposed to pretend that the OP is being honest bobduca Jun 2013 #116
I suspect the OP is still awaiting beer and travel money, and many experiences Electric Monk Jun 2013 #162
Over half of the respondents to this poll sibelian Jun 2013 #27
and voters in 2000 who stayed home because of Ralph Nader were not counted in the totals graham4anything Jun 2013 #33
Your own "data" disproves your point. JW2020 Jun 2013 #52
This is not a confidential poll. premium Jun 2013 #29
The less than loyal members identified by the "confidential" poll so far. Savannahmann Jun 2013 #31
Add me to the list of less than loyal. nt. premium Jun 2013 #35
I did say it was so far. Savannahmann Jun 2013 #41
Polls are meaningless, like the gallop poll or the rasmussen one yesterday graham4anything Jun 2013 #36
If polls are meaningless, premium Jun 2013 #43
So your confidential poll was merely a loyalty test Savannahmann Jun 2013 #44
No, it is meaningless. Because anyone can push either button and not mean it. graham4anything Jun 2013 #51
so why the fuck did you ask (more like accuse) me if my op was a loyalty test cali Jun 2013 #84
because a loyalty test is NOT a poll. graham4anything Jun 2013 #89
grab a clue. any clue anywhere. My thread asking people to check in was sure as shit not a cali Jun 2013 #93
no longer responding to you. I value your and everybody words,but I don't have to respond to them. graham4anything Jun 2013 #95
good. that means that you'll keep your silliness out of my threads. cali Jun 2013 #105
I will respond to political view points I disagree with. But I never cross the 3rd wall. graham4anything Jun 2013 #108
Of one thing I'm certain: I don't stand with the likes of YOU. cali Jun 2013 #34
I defend your right to your 1st amendment and vigourously defend your right to your viewpoint. graham4anything Jun 2013 #39
hmmm... I think not. At least not from what I've seen. Warren Stupidity Jun 2013 #133
If Skinner and Earlg have this place on auto pilot Puglover Jun 2013 #118
silly H2O Man Jun 2013 #37
trollish cali Jun 2013 #38
But revealing. ucrdem Jun 2013 #42
Even if one were H2O Man Jun 2013 #71
You are too kind by half. Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #97
Zombie-ish -- Hell Hath No Fury Jun 2013 #138
Yeah, back in 2006 Autumn Jun 2013 #165
you Better Believe It Heddi Jun 2013 #169
Nope. Hell Hath No Fury Jun 2013 #171
two sides of the same coin Heddi Jun 2013 #172
Our rights are not a fucking political football magellan Jun 2013 #40
Ignore politics at your peril. ucrdem Jun 2013 #46
There are always 2 choices when 270 counts. graham4anything Jun 2013 #56
I have no idea magellan Jun 2013 #65
If Obama goes down, Jebster rises. ucrdem Jun 2013 #73
Oh, pardon me magellan Jun 2013 #77
That's generally how low information swing voters vote ucrdem Jun 2013 #82
My personal feelings about Obama don't come into it magellan Jun 2013 #94
Okay. I don't mean you personally. ucrdem Jun 2013 #100
Yes they are good at that magellan Jun 2013 #110
Unfortunately, a lot of the time, it IS show biz for ugly people. calimary Jun 2013 #180
Maybe if more Americans grew the fuck up we'd actually start electing people who give a shit about premium Jun 2013 #48
+1 magellan Jun 2013 #53
I do not "stand" with either one. ananda Jun 2013 #47
It's been pointed out to you repeatedly that contrary to your false fucking claim cali Jun 2013 #50
Because he's identifying those of us who are disloyal Savannahmann Jun 2013 #55
It's an internet poll. ucrdem Jun 2013 #59
The question is not about the President anymore than DU polls are confidential Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #74
You shouldn't be surprised. When the President and the Constitution part ways, DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #79
Agreed. HappyMe Jun 2013 #80
You'll need to post step by step video explaining to G4A why DU pols are not confidential. idwiyo Jun 2013 #63
Neither are phone numbers and never were. Phone books, party lines, $4.95 on google looks everything graham4anything Jun 2013 #68
Thank you for submitting a proof to my point. The sad part is you'll think I actually agree with you idwiyo Jun 2013 #76
I thought it was obvious that it was a satorical statement.That is why there is now a sarcasm smilie graham4anything Jun 2013 #78
How do you know they're not? premium Jun 2013 #88
and Ralph Nader's SCOTUS shall decide. Isn't it ironic? graham4anything Jun 2013 #90
Not surprised you didn't answer my question. premium Jun 2013 #96
Yes, I did reply. They already know and it's all much ado about nothing graham4anything Jun 2013 #99
Are you loyal to politicians or to principles? There are only two choices here. arcane1 Jun 2013 #54
As someone who works for a prominent ne0-c0n think tank, I agree with your framing! Heck, grahamhgreen Jun 2013 #57
Why is this troll allowed to remain here? TacoD Jun 2013 #58
He is due beer and travel money. n/t QC Jun 2013 #81
B-I-N-G-O. Hell Hath No Fury Jun 2013 #140
I wish I knew. disgusting shit that he posts. cali Jun 2013 #86
Why are other trolls Bobbie Jo Jun 2013 #194
Fuck Rand Paul. HappyMe Jun 2013 #60
thanks for making this place entertaining G_j Jun 2013 #62
Tenacity is a virtue, graham. sibelian Jun 2013 #66
Only two choices? I think not. William769 Jun 2013 #67
omg a dilemma! Enrique Jun 2013 #69
I like cheese. :) Decoy of Fenris Jun 2013 #70
I note that so far, most DU'er's prefer "Pass" to both of the other options combined. snot Jun 2013 #83
I suspect the majority of us can recognize a transparent "excluded middle" fallacy easily enough. Lizzie Poppet Jun 2013 #85
More than 50% of voters don't vote in most elections. graham4anything Jun 2013 #87
the point would be that your poll is obnoxious and stupid. cali Jun 2013 #92
Indeed, and logically it makes perfect sense for a person not to stand with either choice. Nimajneb Nilknarf Jun 2013 #119
hee hee, I see what you did here. :) Whisp Jun 2013 #91
I wondered the same thing. Andy823 Jun 2013 #102
They are like tribbles lately! n/t Whisp Jun 2013 #109
While the OP claims there are 'only two choices' I see the poll itself has 3 choices Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #98
Keep it between the lines. I made TWO choices in my poll. I did not add a third. graham4anything Jun 2013 #101
And yet the Third choice is leading in your own poll, the vote rejects your binary Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #111
in almost all elections in USA, the majority of people don't vote. In L.A.-70% did not vote. graham4anything Jun 2013 #113
When you're known for word salad posts, logic is not included. hobbit709 Jun 2013 #103
Agreed, but counting to 3 is not exactly the realm of logic Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #112
In some primitive cultures, counting was one, two, many. hobbit709 Jun 2013 #114
My monkey hindbrain has difficulty dealing with these esoteric concepts. reusrename Jun 2013 #161
2 Answers... Democracyinkind Jun 2013 #104
"Be careful Admiral, it's a trap." (nt) SlimJimmy Jun 2013 #106
Admiral Ackbar says... Dr. Strange Jun 2013 #155
ROFLMFAO! reusrename Jun 2013 #157
Too funny ... SlimJimmy Jun 2013 #159
Funny stuff (nt) Captain Stern Jun 2013 #183
false dichotomy. I understand it"s a poll. but it does not conform to reality. geckosfeet Jun 2013 #107
fuck this place is chock full of stupid today. bobduca Jun 2013 #115
Darwin Awards will soon replace Nobel Prizes in our blossoming authoritarian idiocracy. Zorra Jun 2013 #121
graham4anything, your dry wit makes me laugh almost daily Nimajneb Nilknarf Jun 2013 #117
the other is put on every single poll I have been told. I only made 2 choices in my poll. graham4anything Jun 2013 #122
Wonderful deadpan reply. Nimajneb Nilknarf Jun 2013 #125
I just put an edit note in the original to add that the 3rd was added without my knowledge graham4anything Jun 2013 #127
If you proved anything Graham, it was the opposite of what you hoped. nt Demo_Chris Jun 2013 #120
FWIW: I find encouragement in Obama's statement in regards to having a healthy discussion think Jun 2013 #123
bunk kpete Jun 2013 #124
So, at least 7 people on a DEMOCRATIC site support Rand F'ing Paul over Obama, SMH. eom tarheelsunc Jun 2013 #126
This place is crawling with Bobbie Jo Jun 2013 #129
Your charge ignores the context. Jim Lane Jun 2013 #142
No. There are always additional choices beyond those our own minds may perceive. LanternWaste Jun 2013 #128
Another update on the disloyal. Savannahmann Jun 2013 #130
LOL! HappyMe Jun 2013 #132
So what "regime" to you bow down to? Andy823 Jun 2013 #168
So because I disapprove of unconstitutional actions. Savannahmann Jun 2013 #170
So let me see now Andy823 Jun 2013 #173
I was ticked off because you came late to the party, and then jumped in Savannahmann Jun 2013 #175
No I did not come late Andy823 Jun 2013 #182
Soon he will have enough names to forward to the White House. nt Union Scribe Jun 2013 #187
Lol! sabrina 1 Jun 2013 #206
Of all the idiotic posts you've ever posted, this is the most idiotic. Apophis Jun 2013 #131
I stand with the 4th Amendment, and against Big Brother (R) or (D). Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2013 #134
DUzy ...for the most moronic poll to ever hit the html of DU. L0oniX Jun 2013 #135
Pass, this isn't a personality cult. Or it shouldn't be. Bradical79 Jun 2013 #136
You can stand w the Constitution, or you can stand w the conspiracy to turn it into a dead letter kenny blankenship Jun 2013 #137
My feelings... MattSh Jun 2013 #139
Such a huge "Pass" vote shows that the poll is absurd. Jim Lane Jun 2013 #143
When it comes to: bvar22 Jun 2013 #148
My answer: Lady Freedom Returns Jun 2013 #149
You've exceeded my lowest expectations with this post. bvar22 Jun 2013 #150
So what are the Rand people doing here? pnwmom Jun 2013 #154
Trolling Andy823 Jun 2013 #166
DUing a poll. n/t cherokeeprogressive Jun 2013 #174
And the winner is...... PASS! Electric Monk Jun 2013 #156
I don't think it's about that apples and oranges Jun 2013 #158
the "you are either with us or against us" oath is just a dumb as if GWarBush had proclaimed it. Agony Jun 2013 #160
Exactly !! lunasun Jun 2013 #181
If Rand Paul were to tell me that it's suppertime, I'm not going to go hungry to prove him wrong. nt lumberjack_jeff Jun 2013 #163
In what regard? Typically neither seems to be standing with me TheKentuckian Jun 2013 #164
Other: neither. LWolf Jun 2013 #167
LOL Skittles Jun 2013 #176
Only 2 real choices, unless you pass Life Long Dem Jun 2013 #177
Nonsensical Push poll usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jun 2013 #184
I stand with the American People. Not Obama, Rand or any individual. donheld Jun 2013 #185
I vote for that. avaistheone1 Jun 2013 #186
Except that there are never only two choices LeftishBrit Jun 2013 #188
This is a painfully stupid characterisation of the issue Spider Jerusalem Jun 2013 #189
no, that would be your poll, feel free to start your own. That is not my poll. nt. graham4anything Jun 2013 #190
Your poll is stupid. Spider Jerusalem Jun 2013 #191
No, my question is specific. Feel free to start your own poll. I voted in mine. nt. graham4anything Jun 2013 #192
Your question is specific in relation to the particular issue of NSA access to data. Spider Jerusalem Jun 2013 #193
no, my question is not specific to that smear. It is specific to the question that was asked. graham4anything Jun 2013 #196
"for comparison sake" pintobean Jun 2013 #197
No, the third choice is automatic. I only made two choices, and the third choice is on any poll. graham4anything Jun 2013 #198
I have been told pintobean Jun 2013 #199
I stand with whoever stands up against unreadierLizard Jun 2013 #195
OK, admin said, indeed the third choice was added by the computer itself, not me. graham4anything Jun 2013 #200
"I got straight a's in every single writing course." Bonobo Jun 2013 #201
This may help pintobean Jun 2013 #203
I stand with the 4th Amendment and the citizens it protects. liberal_at_heart Jun 2013 #205
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