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He would have been much more effective if he hadn't been so angry! Autumn Mar 2015 #1
His anger reflected the Duval Mar 2015 #27
+1 Enthusiast Mar 2015 #47
5th rec for powerful words and the power of words to help the common man. leveymg Mar 2015 #2
Great quotes. Timely as ever. RedCappedBandit Mar 2015 #3
here's what one of the party leaders has to say TODAY Doctor_J Mar 2015 #4
Pretty sad, Doctor_J. Enthusiast Mar 2015 #48
people often quote FDR which is awsome... V0ltairesGh0st Mar 2015 #5
Great additions! daleanime Mar 2015 #7
yes, great additions, thanks! BlancheSplanchnik Mar 2015 #13
remarkable G_j Mar 2015 #14
A great post. Wise words from a wise man. hifiguy Mar 2015 #25
Damn, that's prescient. He could be talking about today. Beartracks Mar 2015 #39
+1 an entire shit load. Enthusiast Mar 2015 #49
sadly V0ltairesGh0st Mar 2015 #54
Excellent quotes ... sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #45
Major K&R daleanime Mar 2015 #6
We are a fascist nation. Helen Borg Mar 2015 #8
Mussolini zentrum Mar 2015 #10
If fascism meant dumb tribalism, I'd agree erronis Mar 2015 #18
It's a Fascist nation.......... Enthusiast Mar 2015 #50
"The comfort of the rich relies on an abundance of the poor." Voltaire Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2015 #9
K&R GeoWilliam750 Mar 2015 #11
Great quotes! K&R AtomicKitten Mar 2015 #12
yep, not OK for a woman to say. BlancheSplanchnik Mar 2015 #15
Got that did you? A man who used some pretty loud rhetoric at one time tells a woman Autumn Mar 2015 #19
"soaking the rich" G_j Mar 2015 #21
That was the most dishonest statement I have ever heard a democrat say. Autumn Mar 2015 #22
when a woman is right, they especially hate it. n/t BlancheSplanchnik Mar 2015 #23
That FDR sure was an angry man. zeemike Mar 2015 #16
K and R bigwillq Mar 2015 #17
The rich have always hated zentrum Mar 2015 #20
And as he said: he welcomed their hatred deutsey Mar 2015 #51
Love that speech. zentrum Mar 2015 #59
thanks G_j Mar 2015 #62
That is what a REAL DEMOCRAT sounds like. hifiguy Mar 2015 #24
I have to make Ts shirt out of those Vincardog Mar 2015 #26
Make a bunch and I'll purchase one! nt Duval Mar 2015 #28
Why not make them out of Warren's sayings? n/t cui bono Mar 2015 #30
FDR said this with no GOP opposition to speak of. Small difference though. nt Lucky Luciano Mar 2015 #29
Demonization! moondust Mar 2015 #31
Such and angry, angry man. pa28 Mar 2015 #32
Buffett, of course, is a 1%'er. He's just looking out for his own selfish interests. blkmusclmachine Mar 2015 #33
Perhaps its the delivery...rather than the words. Historic NY Mar 2015 #34
What "uppity woman"? BG Davis Mar 2015 #35
Elizabeth Warren has been getting criticized by some Dems for using the same kind of language as FDR arcane1 Mar 2015 #38
Got it, but... BG Davis Mar 2015 #57
As far as I know, Warren hasn't made any claims like that. arcane1 Mar 2015 #58
But somebody did, to start this thread BG Davis Mar 2015 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author G_j Mar 2015 #63
maybe you are right G_j Mar 2015 #64
Welcome to DU Number9Dream Mar 2015 #52
Calamity Howlers won't like this one, G_j. Octafish Mar 2015 #36
Oh, Franklin, Franklin, you're going to make Howard Dean sad. tclambert Mar 2015 #37
speaking of "uppity women" guillaumeb Mar 2015 #40
such a boon to this country G_j Mar 2015 #44
I can imagine where the country would be guillaumeb Mar 2015 #53
Jeez, FDR doesn't just want a pony he wants democracy and economic justice, too! whereisjustice Mar 2015 #41
Where is today's FDR? SHRED Mar 2015 #42
FDR was a statesman BubbaFett Mar 2015 #56
K&R!!!!!!!!!!! burrowowl Mar 2015 #43
K&R! This post deserves hundreds of recommendations! Enthusiast Mar 2015 #46
Words we can all* rally around. johnnyreb Mar 2015 #55
"Calamity howling executive." 3catwoman3 Mar 2015 #61
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