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Go get him Joan! misterhighwasted Mar 2015 #1
Next, put Rush in the bull's eye duhneece Mar 2015 #41
indeed. "truth" is like bleach to the shitstain Rush Limpballs misterhighwasted Mar 2015 #42
Keep going after the Lying Bastard! TerrapinFlyer Mar 2015 #2
I agree...he needs to be off the air...! nt Stuart G Mar 2015 #3
Welcome to DU, TerrapinFlyer! calimary Mar 2015 #29
Kick and Rec all O'Reilly threads. Kingofalldems Mar 2015 #4
Over due. daleanime Mar 2015 #5
K&R chervilant Mar 2015 #6
and the peasants rejoice! nt abakan Mar 2015 #7
Bottom line: His audience is full of fools who don't give a crap CanonRay Mar 2015 #8
I don't see other media outlets "breathlessly" harping on O'Reilly like they did Williams. jalan48 Mar 2015 #9
Everyone knows that Bill O' the Clown and Fox lie all day everyday! Dustlawyer Mar 2015 #10
A new Fairness Doctrine? mountain grammy Mar 2015 #19
NOW can other news organizations stop considering FOX "News" to be legit? Spitfire of ATJ Mar 2015 #11
Wasn't there recently a meeting/briefing/? at the White House truebluegreen Mar 2015 #14
"Rupert's Churnalists". Spitfire of ATJ Mar 2015 #28
Perfect! truebluegreen Mar 2015 #31
O' Lielly is history malaise Mar 2015 #12
GOOD. n/t BlancheSplanchnik Mar 2015 #13
OMFG, your signature gif is freaking hilarious. PeaceNikki Mar 2015 #16
Way to go Joan ! yesphan Mar 2015 #15
K&R uhnope Mar 2015 #17
Fine, the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, at the time JHB Mar 2015 #21
Faux News will shrug this off. AtomicKitten Mar 2015 #18
You are correct, AtomicKitten nikto Mar 2015 #33
I would like to see all links to Murdoch owned 'news' sites banned from DU. Kingofalldems Mar 2015 #20
K and R. nt cwydro Mar 2015 #22
Seems to me all these revelations will just increase his audience. Kablooie Mar 2015 #23
The people that like him don't care DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #24
I find the idea that Fox cares Egnever Mar 2015 #25
This is great, but can we all admit that O'Lielly ain't goin' nowhere? In fact, his ratings will... Tarheel_Dem Mar 2015 #26
It just fattens up fox "news'" resume of in-house Liars.. who knew B'OR's big arrogant mouth would Cha Mar 2015 #39
We better quit it Cha, or we'll be getting a visit from Fox security. Tarheel_Dem Mar 2015 #45
BWAHAHAH! Helen Borg Mar 2015 #27
O'Reilly aint goin nowhere randr Mar 2015 #30
My thoughts exactly... They LIKE THIS... SomethingFishy Mar 2015 #36
Right.. but it sure puts ol BO'R on the Defensive.. LOL Cha Mar 2015 #40
After watching all this play out, I just have to say: truebluegreen Mar 2015 #32
now faux calls itself NEWS BY FOX NEWS on the certainot Mar 2015 #34
wouldn't oreilly's account be used in the investigation of the 'suicide', certainot Mar 2015 #35
All of FOX Noise is a lie SHRED Mar 2015 #37
Brave to Joan and CNN media reporter Brian Stelter(although, after he's through with BO'R he Cha Mar 2015 #38
Bill O'Reilly could say he was on the Lunar Lander yuiyoshida Mar 2015 #43
George DeMohrenschildt was friends with both Lee Harvey Oswald and George H.W. Bush. Octafish Mar 2015 #44
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