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64. 'the great American tradition of corporations writing trade agreements' is GOP policy.
Fri Mar 27, 2015, 06:35 PM
Mar 2015

Why it's now bread-and-butter for the DEMs is a subject worthy of discussion.

Aaaaand - this is just one of twenty-eight corporate-written chapters. djean111 Mar 2015 #1
I wish Obama would come out against this, he would have to betray long time supporters NoJusticeNoPeace Mar 2015 #2
um, you do realize he is strongly in favor of it, and wants to fasttrack it to prevent discussion, magical thyme Mar 2015 #5
He's been for this since day 1, working on it (with Hillary) & only didn't try fast track sooner RiverLover Mar 2015 #6
Don't forget that his Key Benefactor in running for Senate/Pres. was Penny Pritzger... KoKo Mar 2015 #7
Secy. of Commerce Penny Pritzker of Chicago, Hyatt Hotel heir & associated with Superior Bank appalachiablue Mar 2015 #56
There has been no indication that Obama has any problem with this. So now it's up to Congress sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #11
This is his bill, why would he disown it? lark Mar 2015 #24
It is necessary to hold the President's feet to the fire. He said it. Enthusiast Mar 2015 #47
On the wrong track? raindaddy Mar 2015 #93
I was trying to measure my words as to be considerate of the person I was responding to. Enthusiast Mar 2015 #94
I understand E raindaddy Mar 2015 #95
K/R Jack Rabbit Mar 2015 #3
There are several DUers still defending TPP because POTUS won't screw us! Omaha Steve Mar 2015 #4
Those people are willfully ignorant. [n/t] Maedhros Mar 2015 #12
Not ignorant. Operatives and fanboys. ND-Dem Mar 2015 #85
Faith can be a dangerous thing. n/t christx30 Mar 2015 #14
Faith, historically speaking, is one of the most dangerous of all human qualities. Enthusiast Mar 2015 #49
Yep, and calling us every name in the book for being skeptical of the damn thing. arcane1 Mar 2015 #32
"How do you even know what's in it?" ybbor Mar 2015 #44
PLUS ONE, a whole bunch! Enthusiast Mar 2015 #48
from your lips. ... marym625 Mar 2015 #59
Okay. NOW how about the fact that Obama's pushing for it? FiveGoodMen Mar 2015 #8
I am assuming that they could even sue to override our environmental and labor laws. jwirr Mar 2015 #9
You are absolutely right... gregcrawford Mar 2015 #25
That's exactly what it's saying. lark Mar 2015 #29
Profit over people? The M$M's media blackout of this Wikileaks story prevents the Pres. from appalachiablue Mar 2015 #60
Loud quacking is being heard lark Mar 2015 #98
And force taxpayers to pay out lost profits that result from those laws. arcane1 Mar 2015 #31
Last night I went to the WH contact site and point blank asked him why he would support this kind of jwirr Mar 2015 #35
yes any local or state drilling prohibitions will be gone Doctor_J Mar 2015 #89
K&R woo me with science Mar 2015 #10
I Wish I Was Shocked That Obama Is Pushing This colsohlibgal Mar 2015 #13
Yep. Sometimes I want to change my username to LiberalElite Mar 2015 #43
Ditto. 1992-2016, 24 years of Wall St. Banksters & Goldman in charge of Treasury, then appalachiablue Mar 2015 #69
He is a lawyer - you can pay a lawyer 1 week to say smoking is the best thing for you and LiberalArkie Mar 2015 #51
+10 appalachiablue Mar 2015 #71
K & R !!! WillyT Mar 2015 #15
But it's just a draft! rusty fender Mar 2015 #16
Lol! +1 BeanMusical Mar 2015 #83
k and r! bbgrunt Mar 2015 #17
Cockroaches hate having the light shine on them. riqster Mar 2015 #18
More people need to know about Independent Media to help end Corporate Cockroach rule now! appalachiablue Mar 2015 #74
shhh. riqster Mar 2015 #78
Call your Senators, Representatives and Whitehouse to express your opposition to this global Dont call me Shirley Mar 2015 #19
kr ND-Dem Mar 2015 #20
that's why they want Fast Track Enrique Mar 2015 #21
If the TPP passes, there would be no need for a Congress PADemD Mar 2015 #22
The corporations nearly have sole legislative authority as it is. Enthusiast Mar 2015 #50
True. Their reps., lobbyists are already set up in DC which is convenient. We will have been appalachiablue Mar 2015 #75
So true. Provisions like NAFTA Chapter 11 are included in TPP. Protecting investors over citizens. Overseas Mar 2015 #97
This is encouraging. Blue_In_AK Mar 2015 #23
Why is President Obama in favor? Why didn't he prosecute the Banksters and war Criminals? Vincardog Mar 2015 #36
Why did he create the Catfood Commission and appoint two anti New Deal Zealots to head it? Enthusiast Mar 2015 #52
That did so much damage, many regular Dems. who heard the Simpson-Bowels spin on appalachiablue Mar 2015 #57
Many of us will never know "golden years". Enthusiast Mar 2015 #58
Yes. Many in the wealthy US investor class, including those from our buy-partisan, bought 2-Party appalachiablue Mar 2015 #63
Obama either cut some kind of back-room horse-trading deal 99th_Monkey Mar 2015 #38
What the fuck is wrong with our President?!? Utterly disgusted and baffled... he KNOWS better. AzDar Mar 2015 #26
Oh Ye of little Fatih! ,,,,,,,, Cryptoad Mar 2015 #27
O Ye of too much faith and too little reason. cali Mar 2015 #34
Thats funny! bvar22 Mar 2015 #66
Shocked at the contents or shocked that their shenanigans have been exposed? 99th_Monkey Mar 2015 #28
Clearly they just hate Obama and want to bash him with anti-Obama attacks. arcane1 Mar 2015 #30
They're racists. That's the only explanation. Enthusiast Mar 2015 #53
They won't be happy until they get their Unicorn. bvar22 Mar 2015 #68
They're only pretending to be shocked by it to hurt the president's feelings. QC Mar 2015 #33
The hopeful thing is, that there is organized opposition, even in Australia, which will also be..... LongTomH Mar 2015 #37
If the Senator from Wall Street can't spin it as glorious why are Democrats that value our votes and TheKentuckian Mar 2015 #39
They'll make a few insignificant changes and declare it wonderful. Enthusiast Mar 2015 #46
No, in no way am I investing or implying any level of trust for the Senator from Wall Street TheKentuckian Mar 2015 #67
I didn't think you were making such a suggestion. I was just saying something out of frustration. Enthusiast Mar 2015 #70
I think Schumer is objecting vocally and publicly because he doesn't want pushback against his stillwaiting Mar 2015 #77
pssh. Schumer is just responding to the backlash Doctor_J Mar 2015 #90
It's so bad that only the oligarchy loves it. L0oniX Mar 2015 #40
most transparent administration ever. nt awoke_in_2003 Mar 2015 #41
Said no one ever. bigwillq Mar 2015 #61
Yep. nt awoke_in_2003 Mar 2015 #62
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Mar 2015 #42
They should not even consider voting in favor of the TTP or TTIP. Enthusiast Mar 2015 #45
K&R! This post should have hundreds of recommendations! Enthusiast Mar 2015 #54
K & R, TPP is an abomination to every nation, it grants power beyond nations. nt mother earth Mar 2015 #55
'the great American tradition of corporations writing trade agreements' is GOP policy. Octafish Mar 2015 #64
Someone PLEASE, explain to me why Obama is pushing this fucking monstrosity? 99Forever Mar 2015 #65
He never was who he pretended to be back in 2008 BeanMusical Mar 2015 #86
Obama must not be too worried. bvar22 Mar 2015 #72
If they public knew what was in it they'd reject it. Simple as that. pa28 Mar 2015 #73
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2015 #81
I'm as stunned as you are and maybe a little impressed at the subtlety. pa28 Mar 2015 #82
Schumer is absolutely right; and this is why Congress should know about treaties Wella Mar 2015 #76
schumer is feeding the public the bullshit he thinks they'll buy. ND-Dem Mar 2015 #88
The question seems to be why is Obama "pushing this fucking monstrosity?" cheapdate Mar 2015 #79
HIs entire presidency has been a corporate wet dream Doctor_J Mar 2015 #92
I might not go that far...corporations could dream bigger than Barack Obama. cheapdate Mar 2015 #96
Post removed Post removed Mar 2015 #80
I seriously doubt schumer is shocked. Lip service. ND-Dem Mar 2015 #84
You mean a corporate and banking dictatorship running the world isn't GOOD? nikto Mar 2015 #87
The question every Democrat needs to ask themselves... raindaddy Mar 2015 #91
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