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459. Know your BFEE: Nazis couldn’t win WWII, so they backed Bushes.
Mon Jul 27, 2015, 05:32 PM
Jul 2015
Original DU Thread from July 1, 2006:

Mexicans aren’t America’s immigration problem. NAZIs are.

And that taboo forms the evil heart of our nation’s secret government—the fact Nazis helped form the modern national security state. This fundamental secret has been kept from America’s people for nearly 60 years. Isn't it about time you (not you, DU) learned the Truth?

America has been influenced by Nazis, Nazi sympathizers and worse since the CIA allowed enabled them to escape justice after World War II.

CIA-Nazi Link Grows Clearer as More Documents Come to Light

Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann stands trial in Jerusalem in 1961. Apparently, the CIA knew of his whereabouts as early as 1958.

Ron Kampeas
Jewish Telegraphic Agency

A former Nazi rose to the highest ranks of a Western intelligence agency - and was a Soviet mole. A lead to Adolf Eichmann was ignored. A spy whose pathological lies made him useless, but who still escaped prosecution for war crimes.

These are among the revelations found among some 8 million pages of documents released here Tuesday that deal with German and Japanese war crimes, including 27,000 pages that detail the relationship after World War II between U.S. government agencies and suspected Nazis war criminals.

The message threading the documents was clear: The price one pays for consorting with evil men far outweighs the return.

"Using very bad people can have very bad consequences," Elizabeth Holtzman, a former U.S. congresswoman and a member of the Interagency Working Group that released the documents, said at a news conference last Tuesday at the National Archives. The group was established in 1999 to declassify rooms full of documents related to Nazi war crimes.

The mandate was later extended to Japanese war crimes.



This guy helped murder MILLIONS and people in the CIA helped him escape justice:

Read more from the records just released from the CIA’s files to the National Archives.

This big declassification of America’s darkest secret—CIA files kept hidden for 60 years—chronicle the CIA’s dependence on the NAZI war criminals, enlisted to fight Godless Communism. Gee. We became Satan’s bedfellows to fight the commies.

Please consider: The Nazis knew what awaited them at the hands of the Soviets. So, they cooked up plans to surrender to the United States. If they promised to help in the fight against the Soviets, they knew they would be welcomed by the West, find shelter and sooner rather than later, and in direct contradiction to the orders of President Harry S Truman, the Nazis would be welcomed in the West, or at least in High Society, as “ex-Nazis.”

The CIA's History Problem is Our History Problem

By David Wallace
Fri Jun 16, 9:22 PM ET

The author David Lowenthal once noted that the "past is a foreign country." The past might be better described as being more like a moving target - always in transition and susceptible (and vulnerable) to becoming unrecognizable to what we once believed. And more often than not new revelations are disorientating and troubling.


Such is the case with recent news accounts in the Washington Post and the New York Times that in the late 1950s the CIA knew that Adolf Eichmann was living in Argentina and had a pretty close pseudonym for him (Clemens instead of the actual alias of Klement), but did nothing to bring him to justice. That the CIA sought the cooperation and protection of Nazis, even those guilty of war crimes, after World War Two to serve its Cold War struggles is not news. But the extent of these relationships and the depths the CIA went through to protect them is news. These disclosures have been made possible through the ongoing efforts of the Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group (IWG), launched over eight years ago by the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act (Public Law 105-246). The key that unlocked this unsavory history has been the unparalleled access granted to the IWG into formerly secret government records and archives.

Concern over these disclosures extend beyond the sad facts surfaced by the IWG: such as official protection of Nazis residing in the United States and the CIA's post-war use of top Eichmann aides. They also include the entirely unconscionable fact that it has taken generations for the CIA to disclose this information, and only did so after a special act of Congress supplemented by years long battles to protect them from public knowledge. IWG member Thomas H. Baer pointed to such battles when he thanked the CIA for finally coming clean this past week. However, coming clean occurred only after "reversal of policy of thinly veiled noncompliance" with the IWG's legal mandate and the ongoing efforts of members of Congress and (some) IWG members and staff in making an "ironclad case decrying CIAs misinterpretation of its obligations."

Why has the CIA taken so long to open such records and archives? And do the excuses proffered around protecting national security really hold any credible value? I think the answer to the second question must be no, of course not. As to the first question, that is a trickier one, but one must look beyond the legal loopholes that protect secret information for such inordinate periods and look to see what agendas are at play. Clearly one agenda is to provide a simplistic and comforting (and at times woefully inaccurate) past as a means of enabling an ignorant, but strongly held, patriotism as a form of social glue that (kind of) holds society together. But a simplistic and comforting and inaccurate past can only be realized through the unreasonable, though legal, controls granted to the CIA over its historical records and archives. And it is in these seemingly rationally derived controls that the past itself can be held hostage.


A good overview of the historical record from the Federation of American Scientists shows the CIA protected Adolf Eichmann by not revealing where he was to Allied investigators searching for war criminals and mass murderers. For those unfamiliar with Eichmann, he was one of the architects of the Holocaust, playing a major role in the deaths of millions of people.

Allowing Eichmann to escape justice and head to a safe haven in Bolivia was in direct contradiction to President Harry S Truman’s orders that no amnesty would be given to NAZI war criminals. Later on, our spies wouild not just be pals with NAZIs, our spies work for them. For proof, look around.

What’s worse. A bunch of the NAZIs were Commie spies. We were shafted, to put it mildly, by the same Satan.

Former longtime CIA director of counterintelligence James Jesus Angleton told author Joseph Trento his greatest regret in his job was not giving lie-detector tests to "Allen Dulles and 60 of his closest friends." He said he thought more than a few were traitors and expected to see them all in hell one day.

Within the confines of (Angleton’s) remarkable life were most of America’s secrets. “You know how I got to be in charge of counterintelligence? I agreed not to polygraph or require detailed background checks on Allen Dulles and 60 of his closest friends... They were afraid that their own business dealings with Hitler’s pals would come out. They were too arrogant to believe that the Russians would discover it all. . . . You know, the CIA got tens of thousands of brave people killed. . . We played with lives as if we owned them. We gave false hope. We - I - so misjudged what happened."



Writers like Mae Brussell, Christopher Simpson, Martin Lee, Linda Hunt, Carla Binion and Robert Parry and all people who are familiar with Operation PAPERCLIP have known this for decades, but most Americans are just beginning to learn about the close relationship between post-World War II United States Government and the Third Reich.

Principal among these agencies was the newborn CIA. Here’s what the agency and your government did to help war criminals, murderers of Americans and the architects of the Holocaust escape Justice, according to this month’s release of official CIA documents that had been kept classified for 60 years:

Allen Dulles, the NAZIs, and the CIA

Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg once stated that "The Dulles brothers were traitors." Some historians believe that Allen Dulles became head of the newly formed CIA in large part to cover up his treasonous behavior and that of his clients.

-- Christian Dewar, Making a Killing

Just before his death, James Jesus Angleton, the legendary chief of counterintelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency, was a bitter man. He felt betrayed by the people he had worked for all his life. In the end, he had come to realize that they were never really interested in American ideals of "freedom" and "democracy." They really only wanted "absolute power."

Angleton told author Joseph Trento that the reason he had gotten the counterintelligence job in the first place was by agreeing not to submit "sixty of Allen Dulles' closest friends" to a polygraph test concerning their business deals with the Nazis. In his end-of-life despair, Angleton assumed that he would see all his old companions again "in hell."

-- Michael Hasty, Paranoid Shift


Allen Welsh Dulles was born to privilege and a tradition of public service. He was the grandson of one secretary of state and the nephew of another. But by the time he graduated from Princeton in 1914, the robber baron era of American history was coming to an an end, ushered out by the Sherman Anti-Trust Act -- which had been used in 1911 to break up Standard Oil -- and by the institution of the progressive income tax in 1913. The ruling elite was starting to view government less as their own private preserve and more as an unwanted intrusion on their ability to conduct business as usual. That shift of loyalties in itself may account for many of the paradoxical aspects of Dulles's career.

Dulles entered the diplomatic service after college and served as a State Department delegate to the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, which brought a formal end to World War I. The Versailles Treaty which came out of this conference included a provision making it illegal to sell arms to Germany. This displeased the powerful DuPont family, and they put pressure on the delegates to allow them to opt out. It was Allen Dulles who finally gave them the assurances they wanted that their transactions with Germany would be "winked at."

Dulles remained a diplomat through the early 1920's, spending part of that time in Berlin. However, he left government service in 1926 for the greener pastures of private business, becoming a Wall Street lawyer with the same firm as his older brother, John Foster Dulles.

By the middle 20's, Germany had started recovering from the effects of the war and its postwar economic collapse, and the great German industrial firms were looking like attractive investment opportunities for wealthy Americans. W.A. Harriman & Co., formed in 1919 by Averell Harriman (son of railroad baron E.H. Hariman) and George Herbert Walker, had led the way in directing American money to German companies and had opened a Berlin branch as early as 1922, when Germany was still in chaos. At that time, Averell Harriman traveled to Europe and made contact with the powerful Thyssen family of steel magnates. It was to be a long-lasting and fateful partnership.



These are the ties that bind. They go from Allen Dulle’s business ties to Prescott Bush and on through later to his CIA ties to George Herbert Walker Bush and from there to the Smirkelgrüber.

By extension, these records also show the fundamental secret of our nation’s government is the close alliance formed between the Nazis of World War 2 days and their partners in the CIA and other U.S. and Western intelligence agencies today still form the core of the nation’s clandestine national security apparatus.

So. The Nazis couldn’t beat the United States and the Allies in World War II. They surrendered to the USA and promised to work for us. Instead, they influenced, if not took over, key offices of the national security state.

Today, we see the fruits of their labor: The United States makes war on an innocent country for power and profit. The Constitution of the United States is trampled and redacted. And for most of the people of the United States, they haven’t got a clue.

Please tell me, who really won World War ?

The fact is: No one has done more to destroy America—the country, the Constitution, the We the People—than George W. Bush. Certainly not the Commies, in the form of the bloated and evil Soviet and Red Chinese threats and not even the Nazis of World War II with all their evil, have come anywhere near close to conquering the red, white and blue.

And George W Bush is the personification of the convergence of Post World War II Pro War Forces, from Wall Street to Reichstagfeuer to Cold War to BCCI to 911. And while Bush may be the incarnation of all things treasonous, he is just the visible face of the monster.

[font size="6"][font color="green"]Lot there for one to chew on, with links and sources identified so readers can learn even more. So, show where I'm wrong, SidDithers of DU. I'll be glad to apologize and correct my mistake. So, show.[/font color][/font size]
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Like clockwork: ad hominem and SidDithers of DU. Octafish Jul 2015 #159
You promote writers like Israel Shamir and Christopher Bollyn at DU... SidDithers Jul 2015 #161
Where did I promote them? Octafish Jul 2015 #163
And some would alert, hide, lock and censor everyone that doesn't march to the "correct" rhett o rick Jul 2015 #206
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I doubt it--it will be pivot-turn-change subject. Anything save confront that his beloved website MADem Jul 2015 #387
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oh, so they don't editorialize in their news articles & that makes them bad uhnope Jul 2015 #141
I just showed you where you were wrong. Octafish Jul 2015 #155
fuck Ray McGovern the anti-Semite uhnope Jul 2015 #111
Promoting yet ANOTHER anti-Semite on DU? zappaman Jul 2015 #130
Not exactly what he said, uhnope, but when you're smearing someone, that's the point. Octafish Jul 2015 #146
go ahead, double-down on your support for an anti-Semite uhnope Jul 2015 #147
Do you guys have a name for this tactic? It isn't very politically liberal. nm rhett o rick Jul 2015 #210
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When did I say anything of the sort, Octafish? MineralMan Jul 2015 #105
The Russian writing. Octafish Jul 2015 #109
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Sorry you feel that way. In particular, I don't like some of the things I've read on CounterPunch. Octafish Jul 2015 #23
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Which news outlets do you support? nm rhett o rick Jul 2015 #207
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What's your problem with enenews? It's a great source for news on nuclear energy FourScore Jul 2015 #11
You believe in the Easter Bunny too? hobbit709 Jul 2015 #15
Why are you being rude? Can't you just answer the question? FourScore Jul 2015 #22
They have about as much real credibility as Donald Trump hobbit709 Jul 2015 #26
They don't write anything. They just link to other nuclear industry articles. FourScore Jul 2015 #28
So on one hand you're claiming the nuclear industry has credibility hobbit709 Jul 2015 #32
Ugh. Now you're mincing words. They link to articles ABOUT the nuclear industry. FourScore Jul 2015 #45
That wasn't what you said. hobbit709 Jul 2015 #69
they always try to confuse issues and words heaven05 Jul 2015 #74
Thank you. n/t FourScore Jul 2015 #234
That is not at all true FBaggins Jul 2015 #33
They post the paragraph or two of interest to them and link to the article. FourScore Jul 2015 #47
no heaven05 Jul 2015 #71
It's not a great source at all. MineralMan Jul 2015 #36
since when is advocacy bad? As for bias - FourScore Jul 2015 #53
Advocacy is good. Slanting information by selective MineralMan Jul 2015 #61
ENEnews is one sided RobertEarl Jul 2015 #150
Truth is complex. Only telling part of the truth is not telling the truth. MineralMan Jul 2015 #158
Including this truth: coal ash adds vastly more environmental radioactivity than nuclear waste ConservativeDemocrat Jul 2015 #228
Does that include Plutonium? Octafish Jul 2015 #283
Plutonium is used in power generation ConservativeDemocrat Jul 2015 #320
Sure about that? RobertEarl Jul 2015 #324
Because its less expensive to use uranium than to reprocess plutonium ConservativeDemocrat Jul 2015 #326
You have no sense of the reality of nukes RobertEarl Jul 2015 #362
Fukushima is a classic example of what I'm talking about ConservativeDemocrat Jul 2015 #370
There you go denying reality again RobertEarl Jul 2015 #374
Again, I'm giving you reality, and you're ignoring it ConservativeDemocrat Jul 2015 #392
Heh RobertEarl Jul 2015 #444
ENENEWS is doing better reporting on Fukushima than the for-profit media. Octafish Jul 2015 #30
I can't help it if you believe in antiscience. hobbit709 Jul 2015 #39
Exactly. n/t FourScore Jul 2015 #54
Wow, what a way to dumb down a famous and profound quote. zappaman Jul 2015 #7
Speaking of dumbed-down, I don't remember you ever posting about the NAZIs on DU. Octafish Jul 2015 #41
I don't compare analysis of a website that hosts anti-Semites zappaman Jul 2015 #49
Nice try. Show where you post at all on the subject on DU. Octafish Jul 2015 #83
I have no idea why you promote the writings of anti-Semites zappaman Jul 2015 #87
So you go ad hominem as you have nothing to back you up. Octafish Jul 2015 #153
Yes, Old friend. Everyone CAN see this thread. zappaman Jul 2015 #164
Show where I'm wrong on what I post and I'll apologize. Octafish Jul 2015 #171
You aren't helping your 'case' with posts like that, you know..... MADem Jul 2015 #97
What case? Those are the facts. Octafish Jul 2015 #359
Thanks for the info and links. nilesobek Jul 2015 #507
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2015 #422
Hurry! Maybe you can get to 10 before MIRT nukes you yet again...nt SidDithers Jul 2015 #423
Welcome to DU. zappaman Jul 2015 #425
Come down off that cross, we can use the wood for something useful. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #8
Thank you for saying it so eloquently DonViejo Jul 2015 #10
Wow! You, a forum host, applaud me being compared to a fascist apologist? Octafish Jul 2015 #16
Forum hosts are also DUers. They are free to express their opinions on MineralMan Jul 2015 #24
Yep, I applaud the statement.... DonViejo Jul 2015 #29
That makes me wonder why some posts are taken down and some allowed to stand. Octafish Jul 2015 #50
Hosts do not "take down" posts. They can only lock OPs that MineralMan Jul 2015 #66
Consensus of all 30? Or just those who happen to be around? Octafish Jul 2015 #81
All 30 hosts are never online at the same time. MineralMan Jul 2015 #88
Thank you! Octafish Jul 2015 #96
You have it exactly right, Octafish. FlatBaroque Jul 2015 #192
Speak English, Dammit! This is America! MineralMan Jul 2015 #51
+1 freshwest Jul 2015 #137
He can't... FBaggins Jul 2015 #17
That is so witty. Octafish Jul 2015 #453
Just pointing out your decade-long defense of Parry's psychotic break from reality FBaggins Jul 2015 #498
It's shameful. You nailed it. zappaman Jul 2015 #20
+lots (nt) jeff47 Jul 2015 #40
Nailed it...nt SidDithers Jul 2015 #52
I thought the thread was a spoof till I'd read a few posts. okasha Jul 2015 #193
Nailed it. This OP is incredible. nt msanthrope Jul 2015 #245
Incredible like the time the Tag Team got all worked up for me quoting a banned DUer? Octafish Jul 2015 #248
You mean where you cited a DUer banned for Holocaust denial to prove that another Holocaust denier msanthrope Jul 2015 #249
You mean the DUer banned for holocaust denial that was referred to as zappaman Jul 2015 #256
I'm fucking floored that the very simple message "Stop citing Holocaust deniers" msanthrope Jul 2015 #258
I wonder why? zappaman Jul 2015 #260
I never ascribe maliciousness to what can be explained by sheer stupidity...... msanthrope Jul 2015 #261
To what do you ascribe your condescension? Octafish Jul 2015 #264
it fucking floors me that you are upset about condescension.... msanthrope Jul 2015 #265
Where do I promote anti-Semitism? Octafish Jul 2015 #270
I didn't claim you promoted anti-Semitism.....I said you cited Holocaust deniers. msanthrope Jul 2015 #271
It's what you just wrote, msanthrope. Octafish Jul 2015 #273
Quote the post where I wrote that. nt msanthrope Jul 2015 #274
261. ''I never ascribe maliciousness to what can be explained by sheer stupidity......'' Octafish Jul 2015 #280
You must have quoted the wrong post. zappaman Jul 2015 #282
Octa, I'm referring to your citation of Holocaust deniers. msanthrope Jul 2015 #289
Or using a quote about the holocaust zappaman Jul 2015 #291
That's a smear by association, msanthrope. Octafish Jul 2015 #463
Then alert.....and any juror can Google your username, my username, and "shamir" msanthrope Jul 2015 #469
Just show where I did any of that. No need to repeat it. Octafish Jul 2015 #470
How difficult is it to tell the truth? reorg Jul 2015 #481
Thank you for proving that what was posted was in fact, correctly translated bullshit. nt msanthrope Jul 2015 #495
I realize you don't want to hear about Assange and Wikileaks reorg Jul 2015 #497
Are you actually defending Shamir's article? nt msanthrope Jul 2015 #508
Are you actually disputing what was reported? n/t reorg Aug 2015 #523
There you go again. zappaman Jul 2015 #276
Even with an OP that compares outing a site that hosts anti-Semites zappaman Jul 2015 #275
You got me there...... seriously I want to take the Op and the reccers msanthrope Jul 2015 #292
Or a form of dementia perhaps. uhnope Jul 2015 #281
Yeah. It's like being crazy about assholes, uhnope. Octafish Jul 2015 #286
Are you talking to the voices in your head? uhnope Jul 2015 #473
I thought that's what you meant. Octafish Jul 2015 #475
You are wrong, NuclearDem. Octafish Jul 2015 #382
Who's "coming for" Consortium News? Nye Bevan Jul 2015 #13
The Stonecutters. sufrommich Jul 2015 #19
Nobody is. Many, however, question MineralMan Jul 2015 #21
Is there something wrong with looking at all points of view? Mojorabbit Jul 2015 #152
You should do what you wish to do. MineralMan Jul 2015 #157
"Is there something wrong with looking at all points of view?" EX500rider Jul 2015 #494
More importantly, who is "coming for" DU? femmocrat Jul 2015 #35
Nobody's "coming for" any of them. MineralMan Jul 2015 #38
Thanks! femmocrat Jul 2015 #44
DUers. Octafish Jul 2015 #48
Excellent advice, Octafish. MineralMan Jul 2015 #78
Puerile. Octafish Jul 2015 #85
It's Purell. zappaman Jul 2015 #90
It's Tag Team. Octafish Jul 2015 #94
The call goes out and they come running. Emboldened by their friends. Not offering rhett o rick Jul 2015 #338
Jury results: beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #339
Thanks for posting. This is supposed to be a politically liberal message board rhett o rick Jul 2015 #340
There should be a tougher penalty for bullshit alerts. beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #341
It's like arguing with creationists. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #343
Not really. Creationists go by one source, the Bible. Octafish Jul 2015 #360
That's the opinion of one DUer. The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2015 #82
Harold Pinter: Truth, War and the Big Lie Octafish Jul 2015 #92
No, of course not. And as far as I know Counterpunch hasn't been "banned." The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2015 #106
I was on a jury last night BainsBane Jul 2015 #117
There should be a law against paraphrasing Niemöller. Brickbat Jul 2015 #18
First, they came for those who paraphrased Niemöller, and I did not speak out.... (nt) Nye Bevan Jul 2015 #43
That would be unconstitutional. Octafish Jul 2015 #59
It's like you think I meant that literally. Brickbat Jul 2015 #73
See Sid's #68 below... stevenleser Jul 2015 #76
yeah, wow. Maybe we should back off? Because they might really be clinical, literally (!) uhnope Jul 2015 #160
Wow... SidDithers Jul 2015 #25
Unbelievable, ain't it? zappaman Jul 2015 #27
I guess when you've invested so much time defending the likes of Paul Craig Roberts... SidDithers Jul 2015 #34
Wow! Caretha Jul 2015 #328
The amount of times he jumps the shark, well, we should nickname him Fonzie. nt stevenleser Jul 2015 #60
Yeah... SidDithers Jul 2015 #67
The neverending drama of DU: freshwest Jul 2015 #143
NAZIs believe in censorship. Why do you? Octafish Jul 2015 #65
... SidDithers Jul 2015 #68
It's almost like he did it right on cue. Few comedians have that kind of timing... stevenleser Jul 2015 #75
His timing is impeccable.... SidDithers Jul 2015 #84
First they came for Glenn Greenwald... Octafish Jul 2015 #77
Glenn Beck may be a more appropriate name to drop in this context... NuclearDem Jul 2015 #80
Nobody "came for" him, either. As far as I know he's still free The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2015 #107
Mr. Godwin? Is that you? The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2015 #72
Discussing the quality and bias of news sources on DU isn't censorship. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #79
It's not just Nazis but authoritarians of all strips zeemike Jul 2015 #128
Bold? Hardly... dogknob Jul 2015 #145
It's neither a poem nor was it ever written down, reorg Jul 2015 #183
Hah! Good ones... druidity33 Jul 2015 #205
I think someone needs to clean up his Wiki Capt. Obvious Jul 2015 #31
Niemoeller was a patriot. Octafish Jul 2015 #287
You forgot to mention globalresearch.ca (nt) TacoD Jul 2015 #37
Can find Peter Dale Scott's writing there... Octafish Jul 2015 #217
Seriously? The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2015 #42
Really. I hate NAZIs. So does ConsortiumNews. So did Rev. Niemöller. Octafish Jul 2015 #455
Yes, 6+ Million dead is exactly like people pointing out holes in your favored media's stories. (nt) jeff47 Jul 2015 #46
Exactly. zappaman Jul 2015 #55
How did you get that? ConsortiumNews is the antidote for NAZI ideology. Octafish Jul 2015 #358
You are claiming that people disliking your media choice is the holocaust. jeff47 Jul 2015 #488
No, you have no idea what you're blathering about reorg Jul 2015 #490
:facepalm: jeff47 Jul 2015 #491
the subject is censorship and YOU are trying to change it n/t reorg Jul 2015 #492
For posterity... SidDithers Jul 2015 #56
Right...like he would have the decency to delete this garbage of an OP. zappaman Jul 2015 #57
15 DUers have already rec'd this abominable pile of tripe. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #58
It is baffling Godhumor Jul 2015 #63
Honestly BainsBane Jul 2015 #123
There is something very Quijote-esque to his pronouncements stevenleser Jul 2015 #100
I'm loving this thread BainsBane Jul 2015 #120
Know your BFEE: Nazis couldn’t win WWII, so they backed Bushes. Octafish Jul 2015 #459
Here's an approved site! Teamster Jeff Jul 2015 #62
The Flock of Money Octafish Jul 2015 #64
Yeah, it's cited all the time BainsBane Jul 2015 #122
Lol. That's quite a stretch don't hurt yourself Teamster Jeff Jul 2015 #139
Are you saying you haven't seen that? BainsBane Jul 2015 #140
Idea from the approved site: Zorra Jul 2015 #480
First they came for the passive-aggressive, and I did not speak out. Starry Messenger Jul 2015 #70
Then they didn't. kwassa Jul 2015 #238
Good! Cause those peeps are annoying! nt LostOne4Ever Jul 2015 #330
I'd want to hear what you said, even if you disagreed with me. Octafish Jul 2015 #467
first they came for those who criticized consortium news fishwax Jul 2015 #91
And that's putting it lightly! zappaman Jul 2015 #93
Does CounterPunch's publishing right wing authors mean we can not trust their left wing writers? Agnosticsherbet Jul 2015 #101
CounterPunch has good and bad, some stuff I read, most I like I skim, and lots I skip. Octafish Jul 2015 #303
Kicked and recommended! Enthusiast Jul 2015 #104
You are most welcome, Enthusiast! For Gary Webb and Media Manipulation, from Beverly Bandler... Octafish Jul 2015 #346
+1, thank you for that. One has to wonder about the current heroin epidemic. Enthusiast Jul 2015 #349
And the meth epidemic. Octafish Jul 2015 #363
So much sounds so familiar, so often, that it has become deja vu all over again, again. Enthusiast Jul 2015 #399
First they came for Octafish... Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2015 #108
And I laughed... Octafish Jul 2015 #142
I sometimes wonder if this is performance art Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2015 #162
I have wondered that myself. zappaman Jul 2015 #165
I dunno. Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2015 #167
No, I post because I want to preserve Democracy. Octafish Jul 2015 #166
I believe in science Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2015 #168
So it should be easy to show where I post any of that. Octafish Jul 2015 #172
See here... Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2015 #173
So, you can't show where I'm wrong. Octafish Jul 2015 #175
This thread is a prime example. Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2015 #179
You know he is going to now use that against you in the future as you admitting to being a paid stevenleser Jul 2015 #181
Yeah, I've seen the barage against you for appearing on Fox News... Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2015 #182
Show where I do that to '''win' arguments,'' stevenleser. Octafish Jul 2015 #189
When ad hominem is all you have, you don't have anything. Octafish Jul 2015 #185
Hey, you're just making me money here... Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2015 #204
Speaking of which... zappaman Jul 2015 #214
No, but does that surprise you? Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2015 #237
This thread is all kinds of awesome... SidDithers Jul 2015 #119
Very well could give the Dr. Oz thread a run for its money. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #129
It may end up becomming as legendary as Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2015 #177
Bush's 'Perception Management' Plan Octafish Jul 2015 #390
Uh... Android3.14 Jul 2015 #131
How so? Can you be more ambiguous? TIA! Octafish Jul 2015 #456
Were you sincere in offering your apology? Android3.14 Jul 2015 #478
I'm puzzled -- Consortium News is still there... brooklynite Jul 2015 #132
Are you really puzzled or are you using that as a rhetorical device? Octafish Jul 2015 #457
Ah, now I remember where I've seen this before. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #135
Why post Glenn Beck NAZI crap on DU, NuclearDem? Octafish Jul 2015 #458
You didn't actually watch the video, did you? NuclearDem Jul 2015 #471
Why waste my time? Octafish Jul 2015 #476
You're buddies with Lewis Black? zappaman Jul 2015 #483
You monitor every post I write? Octafish Jul 2015 #485
Lol! zappaman Jul 2015 #486
It helps when you want to know what you're talking about. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #487
To be fair, it's easier to just make things up. zappaman Jul 2015 #493
That's classic! tammywammy Jul 2015 #474
This is some kind of guerrilla avant garde performance, right Godhumor Jul 2015 #149
You would think so. The kinds of issues one would need to have... Well... Lest... stevenleser Jul 2015 #240
This is a good exercise... CanSocDem Jul 2015 #151
Democracy is one idea worth defending, no matter what. Octafish Jul 2015 #278
Wow, is the stupid multiplying? Hydra Jul 2015 #154
It's all going according to GOP-NAZI plan exposed in 1988... Octafish Jul 2015 #203
Great thread, Octafish. polly7 Jul 2015 #169
Right wingers on his Secret Service detail said they wouldn't protect JFK. Octafish Jul 2015 #199
Wow. polly7 Jul 2015 #321
Only ~20 more recs to get this to the front page of DU! TacoD Jul 2015 #170
It's like a popularity contest at the Grand Jury. Octafish Jul 2015 #201
I'd hide my face with a hat too if I authored zappaman Jul 2015 #202
History is on your side, huh, zappaman? Octafish Jul 2015 #219
Dupe Octafish Jul 2015 #220
K&R of pissing off all the Right people! Rex Jul 2015 #174
They live happily in the times Frank Church warned us about. Octafish Jul 2015 #197
Did I miss something? What happened to ConsortiumNews? Blue_Tires Jul 2015 #176
Nazis.... Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2015 #180
Some DUers seem to want ConsortiumNews censored as a news source. Octafish Jul 2015 #194
Well Parry's "useful idiot" schtik aside, Blue_Tires Jul 2015 #195
Anything to say about what Parry wrote, Blue Tires? Octafish Jul 2015 #198
I've easily refuted his Ukraine stuff in previous threads...Search away Blue_Tires Jul 2015 #222
Great, but Parry reported Team PNAC, not President Obama, who push for war in Ukraine. Octafish Jul 2015 #241
So you truly believe Nuland is a rogue Blue_Tires Jul 2015 #514
Truly, that is a great question. Octafish Jul 2015 #515
Calling Blue. Come in Blue. elias49 Aug 2015 #525
We got a possible Code 666 Violation. Octafish Aug 2015 #529
Care to revisit this now? Blue_Tires Mar 2018 #543
I must say this whole thread is fuckin' gold in 2018... Blue_Tires Mar 2018 #544
What? No RT? Might as well get them all in there. nt Adrahil Jul 2015 #186
RT airs interviews with former SEC regulator William K Black, whom the Bush-Obama DoJs ignored. Octafish Jul 2015 #191
Then there's this... Major Nikon Jul 2015 #251
That's not William K. Black, though. Ever hear of Russell Tice? Octafish Jul 2015 #272
I'm sure whatever you think is happening is JUST LIKE THE HOLOCAUST!!11 REP Jul 2015 #187
That must be why I posted: Who enabled NAZI Germany to round up the Jews? Think IBM. Octafish Jul 2015 #190
"Trashing ConsortiumNews is just like gassing millions of innocent folk!" struggle4progress Jul 2015 #196
No. ConsortiumNews sheds light on those responsible for the Holocaust. Octafish Jul 2015 #200
... tammywammy Jul 2015 #211
Kinda affirms what you always suspected... zappaman Jul 2015 #216
I might have missed something dreamnightwind Jul 2015 #213
You may be correct, as CN and CP post articles critical of politicians. Octafish Jul 2015 #408
Didn't know about the DU - Parry link dreamnightwind Jul 2015 #445
Henry Gonzalez: A Great American...was ready to fight E Howard Hunt, mano a mano. Octafish Jul 2015 #448
Yes, Gonzalez was truly heroic dreamnightwind Jul 2015 #449
Know Your BFEE: Poppy Bush Armed Saddam Octafish Jul 2015 #450
Thanks dreamnightwind Aug 2015 #516
April Glaspie affair exposes pro- anti-BFEE divisions within the Establishment. Octafish Aug 2015 #518
I think that is why the message coming from 3 channels said something to me dreamnightwind Aug 2015 #522
First they came for surprise... Dr. Strange Jul 2015 #225
You win! zappaman Jul 2015 #226
And so we all lose when such ridicule and name calling... dougolat Jul 2015 #236
K&R CrawlingChaos Jul 2015 #229
Why All This Matters: Leo Strauss' Philosophy of Deception Octafish Jul 2015 #269
I can't say this often enough Octafish CrawlingChaos Jul 2015 #325
I have been listing internet media that people should follow instead of the TV and JDPriestly Jul 2015 #235
I put that principle in action when I remember what Gen. George S. Patton said long ago... Octafish Jul 2015 #263
Another insightful quote to hold close these days. seafan Jul 2015 #242
Thank you, seafan! That is one of the great Democratic quotes of all time. Octafish Jul 2015 #253
I guess there's no hope we'll ever find out the truth about chemtrails and UFOs Major Nikon Jul 2015 #247
Because nothing says ''Democracy'' like Secret Government. Octafish Jul 2015 #250
Are you kidding? I love your UFO posts Major Nikon Jul 2015 #252
You think associating me with them somehow damages my reputation? I stand behind them. Octafish Jul 2015 #255
No, frequently promoting anti-Semitic writers and this OP... zappaman Jul 2015 #257
Are you speaking for Major Nikon, now? Octafish Jul 2015 #268
You are being Un-Democratic! Major Nikon Jul 2015 #299
Well apparently... zappaman Jul 2015 #302
No, I think they are hilarious Major Nikon Jul 2015 #294
Great. What entertains you, others may find informative. Octafish Jul 2015 #295
I don't think you understand Major Nikon Jul 2015 #296
Well, coming from you, that really means something. Octafish Jul 2015 #297
It means I think your UFO posts are hilarious Major Nikon Jul 2015 #300
A USAF guy I met mentioned he'd lose his pension if he answered my question about UFOs. Octafish Jul 2015 #304
I'm surprised they didn't use an EMP weapon on him just for saying that much Major Nikon Jul 2015 #306
!!! zappaman Jul 2015 #307
EMP? So primitive. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #332
Ah, the unnamed anonymous USAF guy. What command and unit was he in? What was his job? nt stevenleser Jul 2015 #348
Why would I tell you something told to me in confidence? Octafish Jul 2015 #361
Because those wouldn't identify him since he is retired, right? stevenleser Jul 2015 #366
Thanks for the UFO lesson. You make a logical fallacy, however. Octafish Jul 2015 #368
Nope, those are pretty much the only guys who would know stevenleser Jul 2015 #369
So they would break their secrecy oaths for SCI? Octafish Jul 2015 #372
Well that's your claim isn't it? That one of them told you something that broke their stevenleser Jul 2015 #398
I didn't claim anything. I explained why I said what I did. Octafish Jul 2015 #403
and boom goes the dynamite...nt SidDithers Jul 2015 #373
No, it was a cigar. And it blew up in your face, SidDithers of DU. Octafish Jul 2015 #379
That's gonna leave a mark. zappaman Jul 2015 #385
Yeah, dude. ''Trolling is a art.'' -- SidDithers of DU to zappaman Octafish Jul 2015 #400
You better believe it! zappaman Jul 2015 #401
If that's the best you got, wow. Octafish Jul 2015 #407
If that's the best you got... zappaman Jul 2015 #409
No, actually. Here's how Rupert Murdoch helped maneuver America into war on Iraq. Octafish Jul 2015 #414
I agree that tequila can be good for you. zappaman Jul 2015 #416
You've been reduced to babble. Octafish Jul 2015 #435
It has as much to do with the thread as the post I replied to except zappaman Jul 2015 #437
It's still online Cali_Democrat Jul 2015 #259
Guess my post worked. Octafish Jul 2015 #267
Was it ever offline? Cali_Democrat Jul 2015 #277
If some DUers had their way, it would. Octafish Jul 2015 #279
Not true. zappaman Jul 2015 #284
No offense, I don't take your word on anything, zappaman. Octafish Jul 2015 #288
No, it wouldn't. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #293
Right, just Tag Team DU into submission. Octafish Jul 2015 #298
Propagandists are never wrong, and the people that say they are are just teaming up to silence them. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #301
No kidding. That's why I encourage people to read ConsortiumNews and CounterPunch... Octafish Jul 2015 #305
I'm sorry, but what military's basic training includes lessons on what is and isn't censorship? NuclearDem Jul 2015 #309
They worked it in between folding your drawers in a 6" square and making hospital corners Major Nikon Jul 2015 #310
Oh, so *that's* what they were shouting during drill... NuclearDem Jul 2015 #314
Well, the source was you. Octafish Jul 2015 #365
No, but you are yet again. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #406
Are you a veteran, my friend? zappaman Jul 2015 #315
Is your name Sarah Connor? Octafish Jul 2015 #364
So , that's a no then. zappaman Jul 2015 #384
What a lovely bunch of people responding to this OP. elias49 Jul 2015 #262
It does show. Octafish Jul 2015 #266
relentless harassers and cyberstalkers carolinayellowdog Jul 2015 #335
You do have to be careful around the Anti-Tacos... NuclearDem Jul 2015 #345
It certainly appears that some have it in for Octafish. JEB Jul 2015 #285
All the usual characters who have always run interference on those who dare ask questions. nt ChisolmTrailDem Jul 2015 #290
yes, a veritable who's who grasswire Jul 2015 #308
What's their deal? Thinking people can read and decide for themselves. JEB Jul 2015 #327
not without the assistance of partisan thought police, they can't carolinayellowdog Jul 2015 #337
Yes. Don't ask questions because there is nothing to see here. Enthusiast Jul 2015 #402
KICK and effin REC!!! hifiguy Jul 2015 #311
NPR news chiefs deny they knew of Army interns Octafish Jul 2015 #391
White I would not necessarily agree with the analogy nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #316
And their goal seems to be that somethings are not told. ..nt dougolat Jul 2015 #317
Or sites are not linked to nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #318
DURec leftstreet Jul 2015 #323
Jean Seberg and the War on Terror Octafish Jul 2015 #447
HUGE K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Jul 2015 #329
Most important thing I've learned on DU: George Herbert Walker Bush in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. Octafish Jul 2015 #405
WOW !!! - Bookmarked !!! WillyT Jul 2015 #411
Godwin Hyperbole much? nt LostOne4Ever Jul 2015 #331
No, not if you know history. Ask Hannah Arendt. Octafish Jul 2015 #347
I am proud to reveal Mira Jul 2015 #342
Thank you for sharing that wonderful connection, Mira. Octafish Jul 2015 #344
Thank you for your reply Mira Jul 2015 #354
There have been some great articles on counterpunch over the years Gothmog Jul 2015 #351
There really have. Octafish Jul 2015 #440
One might think this thread is edhopper Jul 2015 #353
One might. Octafish Jul 2015 #355
You see edhopper Jul 2015 #356
Speaking of Crack: Washington Post’s Slimy Assault on Gary Webb Octafish Jul 2015 #357
That's good edhopper Jul 2015 #371
So what? Where did the media fall-in when the story broke in 1996? Octafish Jul 2015 #375
Tell me more about the group that took down edhopper Jul 2015 #377
I've spent enough time helping you, edhopper. Octafish Jul 2015 #378
Oh! edhopper Jul 2015 #394
No the demands are the reason I answered that way. Octafish Jul 2015 #396
Watt? edhopper Jul 2015 #397
You are toxic as well. Maedhros Jul 2015 #502
My first ignore! edhopper Jul 2015 #510
You left out RT daredtowork Jul 2015 #367
Good point. It was also mentioned upthread. Here's why even Putinasta-filled RT matters... Octafish Jul 2015 #376
Colleen Rowley was one of Time's Persons of the Year in 2002... SidDithers Jul 2015 #380
Is your name daredtowork, too? Octafish Jul 2015 #386
But octafish of DU, I was merely pointing out... SidDithers Jul 2015 #393
Yeah, that must be why daredtowork didn't answer. Octafish Jul 2015 #395
I was afk and now I'm confused about claims Sid is me? Huh? daredtowork Jul 2015 #410
SidDithers responded to a question I posed you. Octafish Jul 2015 #412
I think people should read/watch whatever they want with a critical eye daredtowork Jul 2015 #413
Thank you! I don't want you to think what I think. I want you to think for yourself. Octafish Jul 2015 #430
Glad (and amazed) my age comes off as so ambiguous! nt daredtowork Jul 2015 #442
Alex Jones' favorite mouthpiece! Major Nikon Jul 2015 #389
K&R #112 Many are responsive to their perception managers, others are employees brother. n/t bobthedrummer Jul 2015 #381
DU owes a great deal of gratitude to you, bobthedrummer... Octafish Jul 2015 #383
...! KoKo Jul 2015 #388
...! zappaman Jul 2015 #404
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2015 #415
We close our eyes, we never lose the game... SidDithers Jul 2015 #417
Ewww. zappaman Jul 2015 #426
C'mon... SidDithers Jul 2015 #427
Perhaps you should go west! zappaman Jul 2015 #424
Censorship is un-Democratic. Octafish Jul 2015 #428
Sorry, but your buddy left the building. zappaman Jul 2015 #429
Does that mean his or her rec disappears, too? Octafish Jul 2015 #431
Not sure if recs by trolls stay. zappaman Jul 2015 #432
Not important enough to take up their time. Octafish Jul 2015 #433
!!! zappaman Jul 2015 #434
UBS Octafish Jul 2015 #438
You mean IBS? zappaman Jul 2015 #439
No, UBS. You should know the Swiss bank received at least $100 billion from US taxpayers. Octafish Jul 2015 #441
Sorry your script hasn't sold. zappaman Jul 2015 #443
Kick, Octafish. Thank you again. polly7 Jul 2015 #436
Beware Cass Sunstein, who explained why DoJ must let Bush and Cheney off the hook, all legal-like. Octafish Jul 2015 #451
DU is already absurdly insular, conforming will just make it a mouthpiece. NuttyFluffers Jul 2015 #446
That's about the only reason worth putting up with the abuse of asshats and the emoticon army. Octafish Jul 2015 #452
Well they are entertaining to us that have been here the longest. Rex Jul 2015 #454
*You* have made the years fly by, Rex. Octafish Jul 2015 #460
They can try and omit history, but fail to remember humans are curious by nature. Rex Jul 2015 #468
^^^this^^^ eom Purveyor Jul 2015 #479
I like to pretend the popularity of a website is simple conspiracy too LanternWaste Jul 2015 #461
Wish I said something when the asshats and emoticon brigade went after Will Pitt. Octafish Jul 2015 #462
Thought police swarming Will Pitt as we speak. JEB Jul 2015 #464
Nothing says ''Democracy'' like SHUT UP! Octafish Jul 2015 #465
I dread to imagine JEB Jul 2015 #466
What is the common thread? Octafish Jul 2015 #477
#123 robertpaulsen Jul 2015 #472
Something never on TV: Nixon assigned a murderous Secret Service agent to protect Ted Kennedy. Octafish Jul 2015 #482
Shocking, yet fits perfectly with what we know of Nixon's paranoid tendencies. robertpaulsen Jul 2015 #509
You know.. not every opinion is equal. X_Digger Jul 2015 #484
Both sides, like the time the New York Times did what CIA wanted? Octafish Jul 2015 #489
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jul 2015 #496
Mass Media ignoring 'RFK Believed in Conspiracy' shows corrupt nature of America's Press Octafish Jul 2015 #499
Thank you for the kind words, Octafish. Uncle Joe Jul 2015 #513
then they came for the twitters, but I did not tweet nt HFRN Jul 2015 #501
What if they come for your retirement? Whatchagonnado? Octafish Jul 2015 #503
Rec ced as usual. Thanks Octa. Mc Mike Jul 2015 #511
Wall Street and War Inc. are where the really Big Bucks go to get made. Octafish Aug 2015 #536
Thanks for the links. All the info is excellent. Mc Mike Aug 2015 #540
Wikileaks showed State Department wheeler dealing, too. Octafish Aug 2015 #541
Everything for sale. Including national security. Mc Mike Aug 2015 #542
It's been 10 days...have they come for anyone? brooklynite Aug 2015 #517
''...or are we just talking about criticism you happen to disagree with?'' Octafish Aug 2015 #519
Who wants to shut them down? brooklynite Aug 2015 #521
As far as I can tell, all of those sites are still up. NuclearDem Aug 2015 #520
Checking in... NuclearDem Aug 2015 #524
When it comes to the point, you really are there. Octafish Aug 2015 #528
I would have thought given the truly grave threat against CN and CP NuclearDem Aug 2015 #530
Where did I post ''Holocaust nonsense'' that ''was just tasteless hyperbole'' NuclearDem? Octafish Aug 2015 #537
Invoking Rev. Niemoller after someone said something not nice about CP or CN NuclearDem Aug 2015 #538
Seeing how I didn't write anything anti-Semitic, that makes your statement false, NuclearDem. Octafish Aug 2015 #539
Well, it's been a couple of weeks Blue_Tires Aug 2015 #526
The worst kind of flies are drawn to shit. Octafish Aug 2015 #527
By all means, keep posting Parry's stuff to your heart's content Blue_Tires Aug 2015 #534
No offense, but I don't recall you proving Parry wrong about anything. Octafish Aug 2015 #535
Which must pi** you off because elias49 Aug 2015 #531
"prone to censorship" NuclearDem Aug 2015 #532
I ignore and insult Parry because he's wrong on everything these days... Blue_Tires Aug 2015 #533
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