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66. Truth is its own reward.
Fri Jul 31, 2015, 12:36 PM
Jul 2015

If you wonder why Parry is an outstanding journalist, no amount of explaining will help you understand.

Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jul 2015 #1
Gotta set things straight around here... MattSh Jul 2015 #4
at the core of so many questions reddread Jul 2015 #5
k&r Ghost Dog Jul 2015 #39
Yes, Parry is one of the best journalists we have, and I'm glad to see him sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #47
Huzzah!! Well deserved! RufusTFirefly Jul 2015 #2
Kick! elias49 Jul 2015 #3
Well earned malaise Jul 2015 #6
LOL... SidDithers Jul 2015 #7
I probably shouldn't bother, but this comment of yours is what I usually see of yours. Lars39 Jul 2015 #8
Substance requires reason, Uncle Joe Jul 2015 #10
Well said, Uncle Joe! Lars39 Jul 2015 #11
It must have been for his most excellent reporting on the MH-17 shoot-down... SidDithers Jul 2015 #17
That does not mean that you "eat your own". Lars39 Jul 2015 #18
Uncritically publishing the Kremlin line on Ukraine isn't being a "liberal voice." NuclearDem Jul 2015 #20
Dissing the man's entire body of work sure as hell is. Lars39 Jul 2015 #21
Yet absolutely nobody is doing that. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #23
Laughing smiley every time the man's name comes up in any context is doing exactly that, Lars39 Jul 2015 #24
No, it's not. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #25
But those same people of nuanced thought are dissing him in a thread that honors his past Lars39 Jul 2015 #26
Because some people can recognize an agenda when they see it. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #31
Are you suggesting this isn't a legitimate newsworthy article? n/t Uncle Joe Jul 2015 #33
Absolutely not what I'm suggesting. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #34
Well if it's a legitimate newsworthy article as you contend, then logic dictates it should Uncle Joe Jul 2015 #35
er, you did read the OP, right? Lars39 Jul 2015 #37
Yes, I did. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #38
Exactly... SidDithers Jul 2015 #64
It makes no difference what the OP's motivation is, the fact is Parry won the award, Uncle Joe Jul 2015 #67
First they came for ConsortiumNews....nt SidDithers Jul 2015 #28
Sly Sid, always zinging. Lars39 Jul 2015 #29
Because as we know, identifying and acknowledging bias NuclearDem Jul 2015 #32
I have no idea what you just said. Lars39 Jul 2015 #36
I don't know why that post bothered SidDithers of DU? Octafish Jul 2015 #45
I'm happy about this too, Sid. Parry is one the best journalists sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #48
And he deserves it for Iran-Contra. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #9
His reporting on Ukraine should disqualify him for anything... SidDithers Jul 2015 #27
He's getting the award BECAUSE of his reporting over all, including sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #49
Vice, Moscow Times, and Novaya Gazeta have done terrific work covering Putin's little war. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #51
RT and AJ have lost journalists too. Some of them tortured and brutalized sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #57
Oh, the Iraq analogy. You're still getting it deliciously wrong, Sabrina. NuclearDem Jul 2015 #58
I did replace the 'pootie lover/saddam lover' garbage. I see you sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #60
Considering Poland and the Baltics have all asked for NATO assistance NuclearDem Jul 2015 #61
Funny they don't mention a single thing he's written in the last decade. nt geek tragedy Jul 2015 #12
Does that mean his coverage of Iran Contra, Oliver North, Uncle Joe Jul 2015 #13
Certainly they were, just like Oliver Stone deserves geek tragedy Jul 2015 #14
jeezuz, what drivel. Comparing him to Oliver Stone is laughable. Lars39 Jul 2015 #15
Stone did great films early in his career. nt geek tragedy Jul 2015 #19
I don't know of any journalists, producers, directors or actors Uncle Joe Jul 2015 #16
sometimes directors rediscover the magic. geek tragedy Jul 2015 #41
And yet just over the past 12 years, Coppola has been given these awards recognizing him Uncle Joe Jul 2015 #42
I agree. nt geek tragedy Jul 2015 #43
I appreciate your reasoning, geek tragedy. Uncle Joe Jul 2015 #44
Except those who have continuing career of exposing the lies we are fed on sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #50
And that's the key. Something happened to him 8-10 years ago, like a stroke or something. stevenleser Jul 2015 #40
Wow! Got a link to that 'opinion'? Btw, that's the kind of thing a lot of people sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #53
This post jumped up to the top of my "MyPosts" but I don't see a response stevenleser Jul 2015 #54
Yup. That's what happens... SidDithers Jul 2015 #65
Too bad they don't have Blue_Tires Jul 2015 #22
It's the same Robert Parry, no one in any occupation is perfect, that doesn't Uncle Joe Jul 2015 #30
Well, his current 'work' is undoing his legacy pretty quick Blue_Tires Jul 2015 #62
Apparently the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard doesn't agree and I honestly don't Uncle Joe Jul 2015 #63
Being an apologist for Russia's unprovoked war of aggression in Ukraine should have given the Nieman stevenleser Jul 2015 #46
Being an apologist for the neocon coup in Ukr would not have gotten him any awards sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #52
Woo boy... MattSh Jul 2015 #55
Yes, war crimes are so funny. Hardy har har. nt stevenleser Jul 2015 #56
Whoosh! Right over your head. MattSh Aug 2015 #70
Awards look good on resumes, I think. MineralMan Jul 2015 #59
Truth is its own reward. Octafish Jul 2015 #66
moreso if it leads to punishment, correction and redemption reddread Jul 2015 #68
K & R! Parry rocks! robertpaulsen Jul 2015 #69
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