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this MFM008 Feb 2017 #1
watching cnn now mnmoderatedem Feb 2017 #2
add some context so we know what the hell you are talking about dembotoz Feb 2017 #3
Post removed Post removed Feb 2017 #5
Actually there is. Maybe get YOUR facts straight LibraLiz1973 Feb 2017 #16
WHO IS REPORTING THIS? Not on CNN! anneboleyn Feb 2017 #4
No one is bigdarryl Feb 2017 #6
Oh, yes, they are. AP, for one. randome Feb 2017 #10
or as betsy devos says: 50% :) Marthe48 Feb 2017 #48
MSNBC is pinboy3niner Feb 2017 #11
Bwaaaaahaaaaahaaaaa. JTFrog Feb 2017 #47
Local news broke in with this etherealtruth Feb 2017 #12
No, it's only being reported by News organizations. TrollBuster9090 Feb 2017 #33
45, you are the biggest loser ever! randome Feb 2017 #7
Overall GPA 💩 Initech Feb 2017 #25
Lower than zero! Brilliant! randome Feb 2017 #27
That was a joke on the movie Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Initech Feb 2017 #35
Cue the Orange Histrionics Drahthaardogs Feb 2017 #8
Twitter storm warning! workinclasszero Feb 2017 #20
Winter storm Loser Marthe48 Feb 2017 #49
Que the Trumpster divers hoping for an attack to blame on this. n/t brewens Feb 2017 #22
Post removed Post removed Feb 2017 #9
Huh? onenote Feb 2017 #15
It's on MSNBC and AP is reporting it Connie_Corleone Feb 2017 #17
Ruling is actually out n/t TubbersUK Feb 2017 #18
Give it a break on YOUR bullshit, Listein and watch Old Vet Feb 2017 #21
Lol, Donald is that you? nt JTFrog Feb 2017 #45
Great day for America. ISIS is sad. nt Blue_true Feb 2017 #13
Listening to the local San Francisco news/radio station unitedwethrive Feb 2017 #14
what the fuck is up with Wolf? mnmoderatedem Feb 2017 #19
Wolf "So Poor and So Black" Blitzer is about as smart as a bucket of latex rubber. TrollBuster9090 Feb 2017 #32
Tomorrow: "Sean, can we expect more insults aimed at the judiciary after this?" randome Feb 2017 #23
LOLOL. Pretty good! - nt KingCharlemagne Feb 2017 #28
Oh, to be a fly on the White House wall right now... Hayabusa Feb 2017 #24
woohoo! fishwax Feb 2017 #26
THE SO-CALLED PRESIDENT! That's what he have to keep calling him. If that's what he calls a Judge. TrollBuster9090 Feb 2017 #29
I like blotus ailsagirl Feb 2017 #31
That works, too. But 'So-Called President' is one they can't defend against, TrollBuster9090 Feb 2017 #34
I call him SCROTUS*, it sounds more disrespectful, lol catbyte Feb 2017 #38
This is true, TrollBuster9090 ailsagirl Feb 2017 #44
I wonder how many of the federal judges he can fire marlakay Feb 2017 #41
Appointed for life. mentalsolstice Feb 2017 #56
Yay!!! 2naSalit Feb 2017 #30
Eagerly awaiting the tweet storm! johnp3907 Feb 2017 #36
Whoohoo! lark Feb 2017 #37
9th circuit, what did you expect? malthaussen Feb 2017 #39
Actually I think we're safe either way. Amimnoch Feb 2017 #40
That's what I was wondering fountainofyouth Feb 2017 #46
Yep, 4 justices to issue cert. Amimnoch Feb 2017 #50
I think that is an accurate assessment Skittles Feb 2017 #54
A unanimous decision would indeed be sweet... malthaussen Feb 2017 #58
I don't think it would come back a tie. Volaris Feb 2017 #43
I tend to agree here. Amimnoch Feb 2017 #51
It would be sweet indeed. Volaris Feb 2017 #53
You've been trumped... Sancho Feb 2017 #42
Cleaned Trump's Clock Submariner Feb 2017 #52
This is a win (finally)! Tatiana Feb 2017 #55
#Loser! Cha Feb 2017 #57
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