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Which will be worse for Russia than NATO IronLionZion Apr 22 #1
Lavrov can go pound sand. Ray Bruns Apr 22 #2
... ruet Apr 22 #3
Sergey, you've been hitting the wodka too hard again, bro. lastlib Apr 22 #4
The sound of constant threats from Russia and the Amercian GQPs.................... Lovie777 Apr 22 #5
My guess is this is a diplomatic tantrum sparked Torchlight Apr 22 #6
Accurate guess jimfields33 Apr 22 #13
You can add to that the US REPO Act and similar European moves to divert frozen Russian funds to Ukraine Emrys Apr 22 #22
Russia can't beat Ukraine but wants to challenge NATO. The only thing he could do is use nukes and that would be MAD. Chainfire Apr 22 #7
Trump and Pope Francis are eagerly trying to fill the role of Neville Chamberlain. nt Gore1FL Apr 22 #9
"The only thing he could do is use nukes ." Yes. speak easy Apr 22 #26
Russia and China are the counties pushing the world in that direction. cstanleytech Apr 22 #8
Dear Pootie-poot: oasis Apr 22 #10
More empty threats! PortTack Apr 22 #11
I doubt if it's an empty threat if Crimea is envolved womanofthehills Apr 22 #14
The ATCAMS we are going to send them are for more long range, so the US military knows the Kersch bridge PortTack Apr 22 #15
So, if Russia invaded the US, would we be willing to give up Alaska in the interest of peace? TomSlick Apr 22 #20
Crimea is involved Emrys Apr 22 #23
We know republicons would LOVE to surrender Ukraine to pootin RandiFan1290 Apr 23 #33
The unmitigated gall LiberalLovinLug Apr 22 #12
Exactly!! PortTack Apr 22 #16
All hat and no cattle. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 22 #17
Old news. What else is new? onetexan Apr 22 #18
so what... myohmy2 Apr 22 #19
Promises, promises... JoseBalow Apr 22 #21
Guess who loses orangecrush Apr 22 #24
Ooh, ooh, I know, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 22 #25
Chicken dinner orangecrush Apr 23 #40
Yawn (not at you for posting it but for Lavrov's stupidity). Elessar Zappa Apr 22 #27
More saber rattling from Poot-poot? sakabatou Apr 22 #28
No doubt Russia has enough functional nukes to turn large parts of the globe into slagheaps. Aussie105 Apr 23 #29
Our military has all scenarios covered. Their whole posture is Shakespearean. ancianita Apr 23 #30
Considering how neglectful he was of the Russian miliary, Putin shouldn't be sure of that JHB Apr 23 #32
Would rather "clash with Russia" over Ukraine than no_hypocrisy Apr 23 #31
he's just pissed that his repuke assest are dimwits. LOL nt Javaman Apr 23 #34
More empty threats? Happy Hoosier Apr 23 #35
! Marcuse Apr 23 #36
That was early on Trump's term Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 23 #37
Lavrov said the United States and NATO were obsessed with the idea of inflicting "strategic defeat" on Russia. Botany Apr 23 #38
I don't believe Putin would survive a battle with NATO. the_sly_pig Apr 23 #39
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