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radical noodle

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17. Some cars can give details
Thu Jun 13, 2024, 12:57 AM
Jun 13

That's what finally caught Alex Murdaugh in his lies about what he did the night his wife and son were killed. His car logged the real details. It logged where he was, what speeds he went, when he started and shut off the car and anything else related to the car. It was a Chevy Suburban, so not an out-of-the-ordinary car.

Yep. Happens even five seconds. jimfields33 Jun 12 #1
A fender bender usually doesn't require both cars to be towed and enough Jun 12 #4
"Traveling at a high rate of speed" Miguelito Loveless Jun 13 #41
As a Veteran of That Stretch of Road Deep State Witch Jun 12 #2
This. durablend Jun 12 #5
Exactly Farmer-Rick Jun 13 #32
Sorry, I do not understand excusing speeding Miguelito Loveless Jun 13 #42
OK, maybe I'm being hypersensitive... slightlv Jun 12 #3
I live right up the road Angrybob2001 Jun 12 #6
One thing I learned from years of going back and forth through MD from PA (via DE) - BumRushDaShow Jun 12 #10
A lot of PA drivers are rude on the highway - I see it all the time FakeNoose Jun 13 #39
Do cars have black boxes? Driving data recorders? JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 12 #7
Some cars can give details radical noodle Jun 13 #17
Unfortunately the answer to that is possibly yes rpannier Jun 13 #22
Thanks for that info. I didn't know my car was constantly collecting data for LexisNexis. JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 13 #25
Not only that. Hope22 Jun 13 #27
Yes DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 13 #30
Depends on the car Miguelito Loveless Jun 13 #43
Love my cruise control - set it, and forget it. Talitha Jun 12 #8
Cruise Control! Dyedinthewoolliberal Jun 13 #35
LOL I think I have been past that location BumRushDaShow Jun 12 #9
Cue the House inquiry in 5, 4, 3 ... (n/t) DJ Synikus Makisimus Jun 12 #11
Rear end collisions are generally Deminpenn Jun 12 #12
What's "well over" 70 mph? maxsolomon Jun 12 #13
The unofficial PO rule is... Mawspam2 Jun 12 #14
I can't believe people are defending his speeding. LisaM Jun 12 #15
I agree hamsterjill Jun 13 #16
+1. we gotta' learn to take our lumps when we're in the wrong stopdiggin Jun 13 #18
How do they know he was speeding? orangecrush Jun 13 #19
Can't say, but both cars were towed and everyone went to the hospital, so he wasn't driving Miss Daisy. padah513 Jun 13 #21
Don't know. rpannier Jun 13 #23
He was driving a Chevrolet Traverse, not a small car. LisaM Jun 13 #24
Thanks for the info rpannier Jun 13 #33
The other day, I hit an impala in my cargo shorts. mahatmakanejeeves Jun 13 #34
... orangecrush Jun 13 #40
All modern vehicles have data recorders, similar to the "black box" on aircraft DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 13 #31
I totally agree. He was speeding and hit someone. He was stupid. Novara Jun 13 #29
Gotta Agree RobinA Jun 13 #36
Bad decisions while driving? Aussie105 Jun 13 #20
Sometimes, you are just "multi-tasking". ... JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 13 #26
Maybe not newsworthy, as you suggested, True Dough Jun 13 #28
I've Made My Share RobinA Jun 13 #37
I still like the guy, but given his medical history... Bucky Jun 13 #38
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