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53. Probably Doesn't.
Sun Jun 23, 2024, 11:22 AM
Jun 23

I’d bet it was one of the few times that whole speech where he was actually reading from his Teleprompter.

Almost funny coming from such an egregious candidate. Amazing he knows the word. dutch777 Jun 23 #1
Thinking the same! Freddie Jun 23 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author eppur_se_muova Jun 23 #22
I'm surprised he can pronounce it. louis-t Jun 23 #23
Or He Greekus GreenWave Jun 23 #45
Ask him to spell it. mpcamb Jun 23 #86
Lawyers use the word egregious all of the time and we know he has so, so many lawyers. Just my guess on how he iluvtennis Jun 23 #44
Yes, my first thought as well PatSeg Jun 23 #48
Probably Doesn't. GB_RN Jun 23 #53
He Doesn't Have the Skill to Count the Syllables in a Bigly Word Like That The Roux Comes First Jun 23 #55
Even worse than horrible Milwaukee? Ocelot II Jun 23 #2
Way to charm the biggest city in a crucial swing state. Dulcinea Jun 23 #62
Probably some big city in a swing state. ShazzieB Jun 23 #71
Right, keep GOING! elleng Jun 23 #78
Is this word even in samplegirl Jun 23 #3
If he's not using a teleprompter, bet he's got flunkies holding cue cards Warpy Jun 23 #24
Ear pieces are getting less conspicious, maybe even wireless? Attilatheblond Jun 23 #37
Wireless signals can be interfered with sdfernando Jun 23 #69
That could be a LOT of fun Attilatheblond Jun 23 #72
Let's face it. "Voter fraud" is a dogwhistle for letting "those people" vote. Girard442 Jun 23 #4
Yes. . .non straight, non-WASP voters are always commiting voter fraud to the Group Of Perverts right wing AZLD4Candidate Jun 23 #13
Let's back up..."so they used Covid to cheat"... agingdem Jun 23 #58
Arrogant New Yorkers dissing Philadelphia are EXTREMELY unpopular in Philadelphia bucolic_frolic Jun 23 #5
I think it's... 2naSalit Jun 23 #12
I would be saying "Fine, our police will be elsewhere. Provide your own security and crowd control" ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 23 #57
There are times when he sounds like Jerry Lewis to me... MiHale Jun 23 #6
I hear the same thing when he talks and yes it sounds like Jerry Lewis ! kimbutgar Jun 23 #56
DJT is the only political candidate that insults the people who come to his rallies. n/t Jacson6 Jun 23 #7
Except for a handful who live in NE Philly and South Philly BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #10
Beauty. mahina Jun 23 #73
No wonder he thinks Philly is egregious! ShazzieB Jun 23 #77
"Has he badmouthed Detroit or Atlanta yet?" BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #80
Thanks! ShazzieB Jun 23 #85
philly as 80% Blue in 2020. riversedge Jun 23 #79
Egregious" Paladin Jun 23 #8
Oh, lordy. Who gave him a Word A Day calendar? tanyev Jun 23 #9
Someone must have used that word around Trump in the previous 8 hrs captain queeg Jun 23 #11
"egregious" applies to actions, not places nuxvomica Jun 23 #15
Best line ever Farmer-Rick Jun 23 #46
Thank you! His misuse of language, written... 3catwoman3 Jun 23 #63
and his knowlege on the history of that place sux. it was the birthplace of this nation for crying out loud. AllaN01Bear Jun 23 #16
He also tried to get one of the city's casino licenses BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #21
Is that a building or just a giant, broken drill bit stuck in the ground? Hermit-The-Prog Jun 23 #27
Looks like BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #47
That reminds me of pulling taffy with my siblings when I was a preschooler Hermit-The-Prog Jun 23 #51
Well remember that is just a snapshot rendering BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #54
Never having an original idea, I take this as Trump alluding to the fake story from 2008 underpants Jun 23 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author underpants Jun 23 #18
I made a vow to never watch Trump speak again, so I have to ask: how badly did he mangle the word? sop Jun 23 #19
I normally mute whenever ANY source (TV or radio) play him "talking" BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #25
One silver lining to being Deaf. I have to make an effort to hear his voice at all with headphones and suchlike. ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 23 #59
I have my TV set for closed-caption BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #65
Trump's transcribed words make absolutely no sense whatsoever. sop Jun 23 #76
I guarantee that if someone asked them what he just said BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #81
Lol you should see autogenerated captions on YT ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 23 #89
I've seen those too BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #90
Between Trump and Bobert MuseRider Jun 23 #20
Presidential campaign consists of insulting as many US cities as possible. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #26
Voting procedures are his point. His explanation is odd. jimfields33 Jun 23 #30
His explaination is odd, how? You think Biden won Pennsylvania only because of "voting procedures"???? marble falls Jun 23 #39
I have no idea his thought jimfields33 Jun 23 #64
What would his concern be about the voting process if he didn't feel his election was stolen? His ... marble falls Jun 23 #87
His point is to be as nasty and insulting as possible. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #43
"Voting procedures are his point. His explanation is odd." BumRushDaShow Jun 23 #49
I love how he goes to these cities to tell his crowd how much they suck, and the local MAGAts Wingus Dingus Jun 23 #28
'Egregious' as if TSF knew the word on the Teleprompter Traurigkeit Jun 23 #29
Pardon Me, Sir or Madam, But Does TSF Stand for "The Sh*t Face? Could You Please Tell Me What This Acronym Stands For? panfluteman Jun 23 #33
TSF the sick f*ck UniqueUserName Jun 23 #41
TSF references the way Biden described Trump in a conversation Attilatheblond Jun 23 #42
What President Biden calls that homunculus in privare Traurigkeit Jun 23 #61
As a Malignant Narcissist, Donald Trump Takes Everything Personally: panfluteman Jun 23 #31
Trump incites violence and then, of course, blames others. twodogsbarking Jun 23 #32
I'd love to see how his aides write these big words for him. COL Mustard Jun 23 #34
TFG lying publicly is what's egregious. marble falls Jun 23 #35
Stray dog shits on rug, film at 11... The Unmitigated Gall Jun 23 #36
Where is Egregia? SarahD Jun 23 #38
"You're taking away my right to run for president!" jmowreader Jun 23 #40
Trump thinks "egregious" means "too many Black People." Martin68 Jun 23 #50
Awww wryter2000 Jun 23 #52
Mr. "I know words. I have the best words" doesn't know how to use this one properly... 3catwoman3 Jun 23 #60
He meant to call Philadelphia "dangerous" Ritabert Jun 23 #66
Thank you, because while it's a technically Dark n Stormy Knight Jun 23 #92
"So horrible and so beautiful in so many ways... I go there to watch..." Blue Owl Jun 23 #67
Milwaukee, Philly, any swing state city Prairie Gates Jun 23 #68
Considering Jilly_in_VA Jun 23 #70
Now available! The new drumpf dictionary, only $99! truthisfreedom Jun 23 #74
That oughta help him 🤔 sandyd921 Jun 23 #75
That's quite a campaign strategy Diaper Don's got going there. blue neen Jun 23 #82
'STUPID" is still ''STUPID.' (sarcasm) Stuart G Jun 23 #83
Holy shit, Donnie! That's three syllables! bif Jun 23 #84
Watch the people behind him... looking at phones, watching the monitor.. bored IcyPeas Jun 23 #88
Philly gave him an "Unwelcome Rally" BigmanPigman Jun 23 #91
All the other issues with this insult aside, Dark n Stormy Knight Jun 23 #93
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