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12. Northern New England and Mass. Can't argue with that.
Sun Jun 23, 2024, 09:58 AM
Jun 23

I do love Boston, love Cape Cod (off season), love the concentration of top notch universities, love the cutting edge biotech, but please leave the Mad Max driving at home when venture to your northern neighbors. Above all, don't tailgate. Outside of Burlington (Mass north) it's considered extraordinarily rude.

I live in Delaware, I don't hate New Jersey but it's drivers are the rudest in the world and ours are the most polite Walleye Jun 23 #1
Florida hates Florida, LOL. malthaussen Jun 23 #2
Now wait just a doggone minute... SARose Jun 23 #5
Oh Yeah? Wonder Why Jun 23 #16
Lol SARose Jun 23 #17
Nah! Tie. Wonder Why Jun 23 #22
You got it. Timeflyer Jun 23 #20
Saw that! 2naSalit Jun 23 #11
Same with S. Carolina! 2naSalit Jun 23 #13
Well, I do have a dim view of Ohio, lol, but a lot of that has to do with the Michigan/Ohio State catbyte Jun 23 #3
I'm in NY and think TX might be NY's most hated state Sanity Claws Jun 23 #4
Although many of us do dislike NJ drivers EverHopeful Jun 23 #34
Who does SC hate? unc70 Jun 23 #6
Nebraska, no it's Ohio dweller Jun 23 #9
Looks like they hate Ohio for some strange reason. paleotn Jun 23 #10
A lot of Ohioans vacation in SC Marthe48 Jun 23 #23
Ohioans keep their economy going. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #41
That and New Yorkers buying guns from SC. marble falls Jun 24 #54
People in Ohio love Myrtle Beach SC and say how friendly people are there yet they hate doc03 Jun 23 #7
Nobody hates Pennsylvania!? Freddie Jun 23 #8
Northern New England and Mass. Can't argue with that. paleotn Jun 23 #12
I live in NC... bless your heart! MyMission Jun 23 #14
You must not live near any of the borders. OldBaldy1701E Jun 25 #62
I'm actually not far from SC or TN. MyMission Jun 25 #63
Yep! Know that one well! (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Jun 25 #64
Nope. WestMichRad Jun 23 #15
I've driven around a lot of this country, everywhere except the far north east. lark Jun 23 #18
We don't hate Illinois here in Wisconsin... Archae Jun 23 #19
Ha I just made the same kind of comment. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #42
No one realizes Wy is actually a state... Hikerchick57 Jun 23 #21
Talked to a few people in Colorado Marthe48 Jun 23 #24
I'm a Texan who hates Colorado. Paladin Jun 23 #33
My younger brother moved there right after h.s. Marthe48 Jun 23 #36
None of your family had to work for the same prick that I did in Colorado. Paladin Jun 24 #52
Glad you got away Marthe48 Jun 24 #53
That's a damn good step to take. Paladin Jun 24 #57
When I lived in Colorado we hated Texans. BluesRunTheGame Jun 24 #55
Don't really hate Texas up here in the north country Arthur_Frain Jun 23 #25
Some hates seem sports-related. Yes, LSU country hates Alabama. Croney Jun 23 #26
Yes Ohio/Michigan rivalry is about football. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #29
Indiana and Tennessee both hate Kentucky over basketball. It has been that way for years yellowdogintexas Jun 23 #35
In Ohio we don't even say the word Michigan. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #37
I saw a show a few years ago about a border dispute between Oh and Mi Marthe48 Jun 23 #43
Oh yes. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #44
If it was sports based, CA, TX, FL, and NY would all be tri-colored. Iggo Jun 23 #45
TOO SILLY!!! elleng Jun 23 #27
Iowa hates Nebraska? Hell, the western third of the state IS Nebraska. rsdsharp Jun 23 #28
There's a pattern. Jeebo Jun 23 #30
Well the hate for CA is because people move with more money Tree Lady Jun 24 #47
I've lived in KY my whole life and never heard 1 person say they hate TN. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 23 #31
I suspect at least some of the "hate" is college sports rivalries, which often lead people to trash nearby states. highplainsdem Jun 23 #32
New Jersey hates everyone. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #38
Why does SC hate Ohio? Irish_Dem Jun 23 #39
Wisconsin hates Illinois. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #40
FIB Skittles Jun 23 #46
Yep this is exactly what the farmers hate. Irish_Dem Jun 24 #50
heh - well it wasn't so much flashing Skittles Jun 24 #56
We probably don't want to talk about drinking in Wisconsin. :( Irish_Dem Jun 24 #58
LOL Skittles Jun 24 #59
California, LOL! JoseBalow Jun 24 #48
I've had a liberal friend in Texas for 4 decades, and transplanted liberalish Texan friend for about 20 electric_blue68 Jun 24 #49
The Dakota's hate each other. OAITW r.2.0 Jun 24 #51
Glad I found this again. I want to comment on Iowa rurallib Jun 24 #60
Hawai'i: DFW Jun 24 #61
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