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Barack Obama

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Sun Sep 15, 2013, 11:15 AM Sep 2013

How Obama Derangement Syndrome is unlike that of Bush [View all]

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This is the Barack Obama Group.

...Obama Derangement Syndrome is different because it’s all-consuming. Nothing that he does can be credited. Everything he does must be deligitimized. He has to be shown as an empty suit, a buffoon, a clown, an incompetent, someone good at entertaining with speeches but completely out of his depth at governing...

...But from even before his inauguration, Obama has had to face an insurgency to his left. This is a left which hasn’t had power in this country to any great degree; it’s a Left which exists to live in opposition; it’s a Left which has as maximalist a position as the Right, where anyone who doesn’t adhere strictly to every ideological tenet is not only suspect, but “not a real liberal”, a “centrist”, a “third wayer”. It’s a Left represented heavily in the blogosphere, and to a small extent in the Democratic caucus in Congress. It’s a Left which believes it elected Obama, and demands that he hew to its precepts. When he doesn’t—when he often strikes out on his own path towards what he thinks is best for the country—it turns apoplectic, calling him the kinds of names one thinks is the purview of the Right. Because Obamacare wasn’t single payer, it encouraged Democrats to stay home in 2010, handing the House to the GOP. Because Bush lied us into war in Iraq, it immediately thinks that Obama is doing the same with Syria, and will take the word of a Russian leader who passes laws stigmatizing gays and who jails journalists to its own president, who has spent the entire Syrian civil war keeping the US out of it. It’s a Left so unknowledgeable of the ways in which politics work that it believes if it screeches loudly enough the nation will swell behind it. It is a Left as distrustful and condescending towards the black guy in the White House as is the Right...

In the end, Obama upends the grifts on both sides. He puts paid to the Right’s notion that Democrats are incompetent, corrupt, and have no love of country. The Left would rather be in opposition and keep the money rolling in; it doesn’t know what to do with power, so when Obama works on fixing the things the Left screeches about, he takes away their raison d’etre. He is a threat to the careful political dance which has obtained in DC since the days of Ronald Reagan. It’s the job of his supporters, and of any American who wants to see a country which is more just and doesn’t lurch from crisis to crisis, to make sure that he continues to succeed.


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K & R Scurrilous Sep 2013 #1
The backlash against Bush was based on reality rurallib Sep 2013 #2
+1 n/t Triana Sep 2013 #4
"when the left criticizes Obama for legitimate purposes...they get thrown in with the RW crazies" BumRushDaShow Sep 2013 #7
I see many of the purist's same arguments against Obama Cryptoad Sep 2013 #14
Yes, the real crazy was when DADT repeal passed treestar Sep 2013 #43
There's a way to fix that rlegro Sep 2013 #22
This is posted in The Barack Obama Group. We are a group not a forum. sheshe2 Sep 2013 #64
+1,000,000 Dawson Leery Sep 2013 #27
Absolutely. Obama hasn't lied us into war gopiscrap Sep 2013 #58
Hahah. Awesome... SidDithers Sep 2013 #3
Beware: The OP doesn't want debate, just provoking to get advertising hits from traffic to his blog. Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2013 #5
This is the BOG Coolest Ranger Sep 2013 #53
It does not offend me. The OP comes to DU to promote his blog and that is the only thing. Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2013 #61
With respect, you don't know the owner of the blog. Coolest Ranger Sep 2013 #63
Yes, There is that kind of left, and that kind of right. Nt Sand Wind Sep 2013 #6
People will reject this thoughtful essay out of hand bc of where it came from mcar Sep 2013 #8
+1 SunSeeker Sep 2013 #10
wrong Coolest Ranger Sep 2013 #55
How is he continuing to succeed (your summary sentence)? DhhD Sep 2013 #9
Could it be by listening to the Right, We the People, and to the Left in Congress DhhD Sep 2013 #12
Warning! This posted in the BOG. We are a group not a forum. sheshe2 Sep 2013 #66
K & R SunSeeker Sep 2013 #11
oops, didn't see this was the bog. KG Sep 2013 #13
Thank you KG. sheshe2 Sep 2013 #73
He's a different kind of President... fadedrose Sep 2013 #15
For eight years I thought they were extremely unhappy with bush...... George II Sep 2013 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author SylviaD Sep 2013 #17
It's never the same behavior though treestar Sep 2013 #45
This is a BOG post. We are a group not a forum. sheshe2 Sep 2013 #65
Nailed it... SidDithers Sep 2013 #18
Exactly! +1000 VanillaRhapsody Sep 2013 #26
Malcontents. FSogol Sep 2013 #33
I don't think "screeches" is a useful word bhikkhu Sep 2013 #19
There is a LOT of truth here, BUT DonCoquixote Sep 2013 #20
This^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Mahalo DonCoquixote Cha Sep 2013 #70
Tasty! Hell Hath No Fury Sep 2013 #21
Like comparing apples to plastic oranges LiberalLovinLug Sep 2013 #23
there is nothing "moderate" about them... VanillaRhapsody Sep 2013 #28
Yes because it is so radical LiberalLovinLug Sep 2013 #48
we GOT a change to the healthcare industry...it's not as radical has you had hoped...but there it is VanillaRhapsody Sep 2013 #49
No he did not. sheshe2 Sep 2013 #67
This message was self-deleted by its author marmar Sep 2013 #24
This is a BOG Coolest Ranger Sep 2013 #52
Why even use a phrase used by right wingers n/t Tveil Sep 2013 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author Pholus Sep 2013 #29
Again this is the BOG Coolest Ranger Sep 2013 #39
Oops, you are absolutely right. My apologies. Pholus Sep 2013 #40
The thing that gets me is when Mr.Bill Sep 2013 #30
Good analysis. Much ODS feels like Glennbeckistan. freshwest Sep 2013 #31
I wish you would stop promoting that blog on DU. If people want to read that blog totodeinhere Sep 2013 #32
Now that I can see this thread Coolest Ranger Sep 2013 #36
I specifically said that I am not a mod. So why do you accuse me of pretending to be totodeinhere Sep 2013 #41
Trash the group by clicking on the trash can Coolest Ranger Sep 2013 #50
No one is putting a gun to anyone's head to read Summer Hathaway Sep 2013 #42
That's what makes me angry Coolest Ranger Sep 2013 #54
I love when they slink off to ATA to complain... SidDithers Sep 2013 #56
It still blows my mind away that they did that Coolest Ranger Sep 2013 #59
Hi Coolest. sheshe2 Sep 2013 #72
Maybe I should spend some time there. I don't pay attention to it as this one Coolest Ranger Sep 2013 #76
Well, as I've said before ... Summer Hathaway Sep 2013 #71
Why is it wrong to promote a pro Democratic blog on DU? treestar Sep 2013 #46
Because that blog hides behind support of the president as a means to attack progressives. totodeinhere Sep 2013 #47
well if you don't like what we post in the BOG Coolest Ranger Sep 2013 #51
What the real left is about. A post from 'Time For Change", go west young man Sep 2013 #34
I wanted to post one other article go west young man Sep 2013 #35
A REMINDER TO ALL YOU NAYSAYERS Coolest Ranger Sep 2013 #37
edited - did not notice this was a BOG post, sorry!!!!! djean111 Sep 2013 #38
Fortunately, his real "supporters" have always had his back, which is the.... Tarheel_Dem Sep 2013 #44
Great post gopiscrap Sep 2013 #57
derangement= claiming to be anti war and then angry and bitter there is no war JI7 Sep 2013 #60
Obama Derangement Syndrome can be cured shenmue Sep 2013 #62
I rec'd your OP but am still putting out an SOS to mods to terminate the troll invaders. IrishAyes Sep 2013 #68
There was no such thing as Bush Derangement Syndrome. Hissyspit Sep 2013 #69
Why does this remind me of the"War on Christmas" . . . snot Sep 2013 #74
AMEN!! When I use the term, it is nothing like how it was used in reference to Dumbya! Liberal_Stalwart71 Sep 2013 #75
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