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2016 Postmortem

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Sun Jun 5, 2016, 11:00 PM Jun 2016

USA TODAY: Secretary without honor [View all]

Secretary without honor
Phillip Jennings 6:46 p.m. EDT June 5, 2016
When I hear people say Clinton emails don't matter, I remember a young Marine captain who owned up to his career-ruining mistake.

Apologists for Hillary Clinton’s alleged criminal mishandling of classified documents say that it doesn’t matter, that she really did nothing wrong, or nothing significant. But the real question is not so much what she did as how she has responded to being found out.

Once during the mid-1960s when I was on active duty in the Marine Corps, I was the air liaison officer for a battalion of Marines aboard 11 ships in the Mediterranean. As the air officer and a senior captain, I had a rotating responsibility for the nuclear code book, kept in the safe in the operations room of the lead amphibious squadron command ship. I shared that duty with another captain, a squared away young man, liked by all he commanded and the son of a very high-ranking Marine.

On the day our ships were leaving the Mediterranean, we met the new amphibious squadron near Gibraltar and made preparations to transfer security codes and other sensitive material to the incoming Marine battalion. The young captain was on duty and went to the operations office to pick up the code book. He was alone in the office. He removed the code book and placed it on the desk while closing the safe. In a rushed moment, he stepped across the passageway to retrieve something he needed from his quarters. Seconds later, he stepped back into the operations office and found the operations sergeant having just entered, looking down at the code book.

Against all regulations, the code book had been out of the safe and unattended. It mattered not that it was unattended for only seconds, that the ship was 5 miles at sea, or that it was certain no one unauthorized had seen the code. The captain could have explained this to the operations sergeant. He could have told the sergeant that he “would take care of it.” He could have hinted that his high-ranking dad could smooth it over.

But the Marine Corps’ values are honor, courage and commitment. Honor is the bedrock of our character. The young captain could not ask the sergeant to betray his duty to report the infraction, no matter how small. Instead, the captain simply said, “Let’s go see the colonel...”

SNIP (Please read the article to find out what happened to the young officer. I must edit it for fair use.)

...Clinton is the antithesis of that young captain, someone with no honor, little courage and commitment only to her endless ambition. This has nothing to do with gender, party affiliation, ideology or policy. It is a question of character — not just hers, but ours. Electing Clinton would mean abandoning holding people accountable for grievous errors of integrity and responsibility. What we already know about her security infractions should disqualify her for any government position that deals in information critical to mission success, domestic or foreign. But beyond that, her responses to being found out — dismissing its importance, claiming ignorance, blaming others — indict her beyond anything the investigation can reveal. Those elements reveal her character. And the saddest thing is that so many in America seem not to care.

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You want Trump to be President? upaloopa Jun 2016 #1
YOU must. YOU are supporting the Candidate that LOSES to him... AzDar Jun 2016 #11
Hillary DOESN'T lose to him. Stop lying. -nt- Lord Magus Jun 2016 #86
Looks like you do. 840high Jun 2016 #41
No lancer78 Jun 2016 #54
Ding done! THREAD WIN! pinebox Jun 2016 #78
WONDERFUL THREAD...REC, AND LOVE TIMES 2,000,000 AikidoSoul Jun 2016 #96
Better of two evils doesn't take into account that one of the evils hedgehog Jun 2016 #103
that's all you got in response to this? tk2kewl Jun 2016 #66
No. That's why I support Bernie. Herman4747 Jun 2016 #85
11 days MFM008 Jun 2016 #2
Yes, 11 days warrprayer Jun 2016 #4
Not hardly. I stopped "ignoring" because we're Hortensis Jun 2016 #65
USA today stories will be allowed in 11 days, wow, you hill..... Logical Jun 2016 #20
Wingnut propaganda is what you want to promote? Dem2 Jun 2016 #21
USA today is a real news source Logical Jun 2016 #23
So you like promoting pig Republican warmongers who say Vietnam was a success in defeating Communism Dem2 Jun 2016 #25
Let us know which opinion pieces will be allowed Logical Jun 2016 #27
You know you're not thinking when you take 2 seconds to defend using right-wing gutter warmongers Dem2 Jun 2016 #31
FFS, do you whine a lot. So NYT is right wing to you also? Logical Jun 2016 #36
Right Wing War Mongers? bahrbearian Jun 2016 #92
That's now the Democratic presumptive nominee Dem2 Jun 2016 #93
Its Odd that a Democratic Party would vote for a war monger , Clintons changed that too. bahrbearian Jun 2016 #97
Only stuff from media matters, correct the record and other sources merrily Jun 2016 #51
Dont forget the unceasingly impartial BlueNationReview! Kentonio Jun 2016 #58
Right-wing op-eds are not. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #87
Lol, you can be the DU editor then nt Logical Jun 2016 #88
you url shows the piece is in the OPINION section of the paper.. Bill USA Jun 2016 #104
that's not news, it's pure Mccarthyism. Allegations based on zero evidence. Bill USA Jun 2016 #90
Lol, take it up with USA Today. Nt Logical Jun 2016 #91
if you are not able to recognize an opinion piece, you've got a serious intellectual disability. Bill USA Jun 2016 #94
Yes, because no one else has issues with Hillary's irresponsible email mess except right wingers. nt Logical Jun 2016 #98
if you will notice, the url you put in OP shows the article is in the OPINION section of the paper. Bill USA Jun 2016 #99
So now Bernie fans link to a right wing investment banker opinion piece MattP Jun 2016 #3
Yeah, one would have thought k8conant Jun 2016 #7
+1000!!! EXCELLENT!! n/t Herman4747 Jun 2016 #75
... KingFlorez Jun 2016 #5
You know Scar was the bad guy in that movie right? Ash_F Jun 2016 #59
Yes KingFlorez Jun 2016 #71
I find this coincidence rather amazing Tarc Jun 2016 #6
I wonder after the 16th how many will be frequenting that site from here still_one Jun 2016 #13
Yeah...they had some fun Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #16
huh Dem2 Jun 2016 #19
Lol, the first fucking link is to USA today, quit making shit up Logical Jun 2016 #22
Um, I didn't say that it wasn't Tarc Jun 2016 #26
Even a bigger coincidence! Hillary voted for the Patriot Act that Bush created! pinebox Jun 2016 #79
Why, hello there, non-sequitur Tarc Jun 2016 #80
K 'n' R tularetom Jun 2016 #8
not to worry. I'm sure the pardon letter is already drafted. ReasonableToo Jun 2016 #9
K&R dchill Jun 2016 #10
I still have my hand receipts for the authentication codes. Downwinder Jun 2016 #12
It's always interesting watching the commentary of Team Hill to these types of things Hydra Jun 2016 #14
At least they're getting paid . . . right? pdsimdars Jun 2016 #68
Rightwing article by Republican also Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #15
It seems it mattered to Hillary in 2007. Source: herself. Allowed after June14? floppyboo Jun 2016 #44
Ah they all do it meme. Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #62
I thought about it floppyboo Jun 2016 #73
The plot thickens. AtomicKitten Jun 2016 #17
Still peddling the Frank Hugenard libel? Tarc Jun 2016 #28
Article was redacted? felix_numinous Jun 2016 #35
Thanks. Read the 840high Jun 2016 #43
Bernie should have vetted her. AtomicKitten Jun 2016 #48
Major WINGNUT alert!! This guy is pro-war - how in god's name can you use sources like this? Dem2 Jun 2016 #18
Uh, Her Majesty is as pro-war as any other neocon. But then you know that. BillZBubb Jun 2016 #29
Hey, thanks for acknowledging the massive hypocrisy I'm pointing out here! Dem2 Jun 2016 #34
Absoloutley disgusting source Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #63
Sure, leaving the nuclear codes applicable to the entire theatres arsenal is equivalent to stevenleser Jun 2016 #24
There you go Steve--rationalization right out of the chute! BillZBubb Jun 2016 #32
Well, then it's on you to show how the nuclear codes and Hillary's emails are the same stevenleser Jun 2016 #39
Her Majesty signed an SF312. She swore to protect classified information just like the military. BillZBubb Jun 2016 #42
You should go explain this on Fox News and Newsmax Now Matt_in_STL Jun 2016 #77
Or Bernie can. Go bother him if you don't like people appearing there stevenleser Jun 2016 #81
He's not a contributor and hasn't collected a paycheck from Murdoch Matt_in_STL Jun 2016 #82
I've told you this several times now. At this point you are stalking me. I am not a contributor stevenleser Jun 2016 #83
Divide and conquer us liberals right? kimbutgar Jun 2016 #30
How do you know the story is bogus? Because it puts Hillary to shame? BillZBubb Jun 2016 #33
No because I'm tired of bullshit outrage about stuff all politicians do to advance their careers kimbutgar Jun 2016 #37
I think you better aim that bull shit meter at yourself. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #69
Any story telling the TRUTH about HRC is bogus to them bkkyosemite Jun 2016 #38
Exactly, cultists can't stand the truth, it is to be mocked, dismissed, disparaged and ignored. BillZBubb Jun 2016 #40
They outright deny the truth. It's astonishing they fancy themselves progressives... JudyM Jun 2016 #45
If you are a Bernie supporter, why does your profile say your favorite group is "Hillary Clinton". FourScore Jun 2016 #47
They all lie just like their leader. They say whatever they think you should hear. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #70
Wow. A Bernie supporter whose favorite group is the Hillary Clinton group. djean111 Jun 2016 #57
another day another right wing hit piece dlwickham Jun 2016 #46
Excellent OP. Clinton cannot place any principle or authority above her own ambition. senz Jun 2016 #49
for shame, hillary clinton! hopemountain Jun 2016 #50
I do not want Trump to be President, but I hate to say that I agree with this. And what is worse, so highprincipleswork Jun 2016 #52
"...which means they apparently do not believe in honor either. " DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2016 #60
Yeah well this is posted on Free Republic Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #64
This message was self-deleted by its author Chicago1980 Jun 2016 #53
The same guy... Chicago1980 Jun 2016 #55
Is this one of the guys who just happened to be in John Kerry's swiftboat? ucrdem Jun 2016 #56
Over 60 recs for an editorial written by a Trump supporter. sufrommich Jun 2016 #61
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #67
We've already seen important talking heads refuse to twist logic to help Clinton Babel_17 Jun 2016 #72
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #74
If not indictment, then definitely impeachment. The Republicans have libdem4life Jun 2016 #84
pure McCarthyist BS, charges without any basis. article is an example of abject iniquity. Bill USA Jun 2016 #89
Hurry up FBI lmbradford Jun 2016 #95
Phillip Jennings is right wing nut. arely staircase Jun 2016 #100
The 16th can't come soon enough still_one Jun 2016 #101
No shit. It will be a fun day.nt arely staircase Jun 2016 #102
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